Adding to the Mix

Being a teenager means being in a perpetual melting pot. I don't know what it is, but whenever another teen sees me they always stare and we like catch a glance of each other, like I'm acknowledging we're approximately the same age. Why yes, I understand, I'm insanely good looking, but you a head nod or the up and down is enough recognition, we can move on now. Teenagedom means getting out of your comfort zone and shaking things up. Mixers are the perfect occasion to meet new teens, mostly kids from other schools, broaden your friend base and get to see some new faces. Trust me, being in high school gets tedious, the same annoying as heck, foul as heck kids you share the halls with. Learn how to act around new teens, and proper club etiquette. It's about time you start adding to the mix.

On Saturday night, I was in the middle of a wild as heck mixer. This story is pretty much epic, let me start from the beginning before we dive into some teenage advice. So we pull up to this interschool mixer in the suburbs of Cincinnati, and we roll down the windows to get pumped and dance to Chris Brown "Yeah 3x" of his F.A.M.E. album (btw, that thing is the ish, get that, download it, deluxe version, so worth it, super chill) and we check ourselves and then wait in line the cold for half an hour to be let in. The conversations going on around us were out of control, girls screaming like they hadn't seen each other in decades, all looking exactly the same. Discussing tampons, and the tools behind us talking about pussy popping and getting it in. We finally got inside, and to this dance. I love dancing, but I cannot stand not having enough room to bust a move. If rude douchebags come barreling they're way past me with them elbowing my back, one guy picked me up and moved me, or prissy wenches push past me, they're going to get an earful. You know I gave it to them, loud and clear, it's called an excuse me and a sorry. So eventually the fog started blowing and the fire alarms went off, we had to evacuate the club, jumped over a bar and might have busted the balls. My girl friend pretty much feel and this creep was catching all the girls copping a feel, such a mess. We went back inside literally 5 seconds later after utter chaos, and then the catastrophe happened. That techno song "Sandstorm" played and we tried to evacuate the dance floor, but it got too wild too fast, we were separated and effectively trampled. We've got the bumps, bruises and scrapes to prove it. From there we began our quest to dance with the best looking people there. For my other girl friend, she wanted this surfer looking dude, my best girl friend was set on Mister Popular and Mister Pretty Boy, and me of course my Dream Girl. So we kind of followed them at a distance and danced near them, as in, dropping it so low, shaking it so wild, and doing whatever it took to get their attention. No such luck, they glanced at us and gave a look of contemplating coming to get some, but didn't happen. Fail of a night, but the experience was too fun. It all ended with an at least 100 teenager long grind line. It's one of those things I'll never forget. We were just adding to the mix.

Mixers are great because you are forced to meet new people. But there's deff a certain way to act around stranger teenagers. We all might be the general same age, but maturity level is a major part of keeping your cool. When you approach a female to dance grabbing waists is going to get your balls kicked and your face slapped. You dog, give a little warning before going at it. Girls, watch your flank, butt slappers are everywhere. If you grind with someone either peek over your shoulder or have a friend make sure they're not creepy or ugly looking. Dance for a couple of songs at least and then start talking, get a name and where they go to school. Random dancing can lead to relationships later on, or just awkward moments. Once you're done, separate and walk away, it's super weird to be stuck next to each other after that. If you're feeling each other's vibes you can get a number or something, but if you're going to start making out, I'm going to judge you. That's kind of sick nasty, you barely know the person. If you are swapping saliva with multiple partners in one night, you might be a walking disease, that's foul as heck. If you're grinding keep it simple, if you are off beat you look like an awkward tidal wave, bring it back on the beach with the rest of us. If you are creating earthquake with your gyrations and your ass is bumping in to everybody you need to slow your roll. If you start losing clothing, flat out undressing, you might need to get a hotel room. If you start vibrating like a lawn mower you're moving too fast. If you are texting and grinding, it's so disrespectful, put your phone away and enjoy the moment. Girls, if you're going to whip your hair keep it under control, I don't need your mane of lioness hair smacking me in the face, that's just plain gross. You've got to add something to the mix.

Being around new people can be nerve racking but you just have to relax and be yourself. The girls who go in the club looking all scared are the ones who no one wants to dance with. The guys who look super awkward just observing people have fun creep us all out. Join the fun, get in the mix, and do you. Don't be picky, take what you can get, but keep some standards, a warm body doesn't mean a lap dance, ugly is still ugly. This an ogre free zone. If you're going to a mixer, take at least two friends, you'll have back up and you'll have way more fun, I guarantee it. The larger the group the better, you can stay together and then branch off if you meet someone likeable, and they can rescue you from weirdos and back dancers. But make sure you try and dance with someone new, don't just stay with your friends. At the end of the night you should be adding at least one new facebook friend. Go after the big fish, the super divas and the pretty boys who everybody knows, what does it matter to be rejected by a stranger. If someone doesn't want to dance with you that doesn't mean they're instantly a bitch, relax with the vulgarity, chill and walk away. We're teens not potty mouths, stop being a sore loser and move on, you may never see they ever again. You're there to have a good time, first and foremost. Add yourself to the mix.

My double blost post question for the day is ... what do you bring to the mix?
I bring lots of free spirit dance moves, a great sense of humor and pretty much the entire party, who am I kidding. JK, but I'm definitely a good time.


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