All About a Boy

Being a teenager means seeing the love of your life and having your heart leap out of your chest. Everyone and I mean literally of us who are living the youthful life have come across someone they've found plain as heck sessy. I mean, scrumptious, appetizing and mmm good, looking. They get you hot and bothered, and make you want to act the fool and do anything to get with them. Your heart soars when you're around them and you will pretty much do whatever it takes just to be near them. It's going out of your way to get their attention, or even catch a whiff of they're hella fine scent. It's lingering long enough to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous facial features, the full lips, that on point skin, and that perfect smile. It's being semi-creepy, but also super sentimental when it comes to matters of the heart. For us, this lovegame is always being played for keeps and once we've locked our sights on a target it's all about a girl/boy.

Now that prom is over, my teenage life seems to be careening toward my penultimate moment, as in graduation. But between now and then, I'm working on a plan to get with this fine little mami, the Dream Girl, that I've had my eye on. She's got her brown skin popping like a Chris Brown lyric, her long luscious looking hair, some skin tight jeans or booty shorts. She's on her preppy girl swag, and she doesn't appear to be cuffed. She's khold as ice, and hot as hell at the same time. She's about to be my Justin Timberlake summer love up in this thing. But when what you're thinking is all about a girl/boy, you get easily distracted. You have your perfect mental picture of them, and your trusty facebook creeper flow to keep your image of them fresh and current. You know what you like about the person, and the crush you have on them just grows and grows daily. Even the little things turn you on and spark your interest. I don't know if I'm just awestruck or little baby cupid has shot me with one of his arrows, but I'm in puppy dog infatuation mode. This sassy diva is constantly on my mind, like why are we not dating, spending every waking moment together and planning out our future family (JK, if you're going that far, that's on that stalker ish, slow your roll crazy). Homework doesn't get done, and daydreams come and go like nobody's business. She's running through my mind and she doesn't know it, but she's most deff got my heart. Time to shift into overdrive.

The thing about crushes is, that for the most part, they're just that, a crush. Someone who you have a thing for, but most people don't make a move on it. Then there are people who fall in love with friends. Multiple people have brought it up, what do you do when you have a crush on a friend. It's the epic battle between the just friends status, and taking it further to making a move. First of all, if you're not on your Shane Harper (Just Friends is just for you) Jesse McCartney music flow, then you'd best get right on that, they've got tons of songs that speak to this classic teenage predicament. So you've got a friend, you never really noticed but they're kind of cute in a friendly way, no, they're looking real good today, aw shoot, they're smoking up in here, damn, they're actually super sexy. But you're just friends, and you don't know if they like you the same way and nobody wants their heart broken. Here's what you do. You feel the situation out, if you're really good friends, let it be known that the best relationships start out as friendships first. Figure out if they've got their eyes locked on to somebody else, if not, try and discover if they could ever actually like you. Are you their type? You obviously have a lot in common, conversations come easily, and you enjoy each others company but is there a spark. Are y'all touchy-feely, kind of flirtatious and a whole lot of goofy? Do you feel free to be yourself, do you tell them all your secrets, and have you ever wanted to plant a kiss right on them? If so, you might be in love with a friend. If you can get the deets from other people if you match what they're looking for, or if you can muster the courage to act on your feelings, ask your friend out to be alone together. If you guys can do it, next time make it an official date and see where it goes. The most important thing is that you guys stay friends, whether your life becomes all about a girl/boy or not that's up to you.

Dating is hard. Well, the thing is, #neverhaveiever been cuffed or dated before, but you know me, I'm absolutely personable and my advice is always totally solid. I do my research, personal (or friendly) experiences, and combine it with my obsession with television to provide you all with the best teenage blog posts around. One thing I've noticed recently is how many couples there are everywhere. Everytime I walk down a hallway, they're always a guy and a girl prancing like they're in a rainbow of hugs and kisses. I'm thinking pull the love train over, those of us living the single life don't want to see you go at it. One of the biggest murderers of friendships is love. Uhm, yeah, you read that right, I said it, L.O.V.E. love. When your friend gets a significant other and their entire focus becomes all about a girl/boy, you can loose a friend. They stop making plans with you, they're always busy, and whenever you do hang out with them, their love comes along with them. You know I've had personal experience with this. It's annoying as hell, because I never like any of my friends significant others, they're weird, awkward and make no effort to get to know me. If you're going to be around, at least pretend like we're not complete strangers, but rather estranged acquaintances. If your friend is being taken away from you by their relationship, you're going to have to confront them about it. Let them know that you miss their companionship and site examples of them bailing on you. Guilt them in to hanging out and if they bring along lover boy/girl, at least try to show them some of that good old friendly charm. If you cannot stand the plus one, ignore them but be civil, no need to make your friend choose, just yet. If it seems like good lips is going to be in it to win it, and y'all don't get along, you can either try and bury the hatchet, peace out on that friendship, or break them up. The latter requires tons of plotting, scheming, manipulating and playing a dangerous game but let's face it, lovestruck friends are no fun. Get some proof of cheating, undeniable flirtatious behavior, or do what you gotta do to chuck the deuces to Romeo & Juliet. If your friends are all abut a girl/boy, let them know that they're becoming too involved and you're concerned, if they get defensive, drop it. They'll come crawling back eventually, JMac's song "Told You So" say so.

Being a teenager means always being involved in the game of love. It's about being on the lookout for that new person in your life. Your main squeeze, your boy toy, you're baby girl. It's about making the right moves in all the right places (take that how you want). It's for sure imperative you get yourself some and find the love of your teenage life. But when your life starts to become a boring obsessive fest, you're done. Keep it real, and keep your love alive. We're such teenagers.

My blog post question for the day is ... have you ever had a crush on a friend/acquaintance?
Not going to lie, yes, for sure. A pretty girl is a pretty girl, whether or not we're friends. And once we're friends, and your personality gels with mine, I'm wondering why we're not dating, but crossing the friend line is a tough one to play.


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