The Big Kaboom

Being a teenager means that sometimes your life will spiral out of control. It's like you're on autopilot and your engine stalls, you'd better strap yourself in and brace for impact. Teenagedom entails that you're not always going to be having the time of your life. While we all like to avoid them, there are going to some days that are just plain and simple terrible, horribly awful, and full on unbearable. At the end of the year, and even at random times of the year, people are most definitely going to get on your nerves, and I mean literally drive you up the wall, so much that you want to push them down a flight of stairs, drown them in soda, or pop them right in the kisser. But before you set off the huge fuse that will either set off a small explosion or a friendship ending bomb, you'd better be ready to face the consequences. Tick tick tick, the big kaboom.

This past summer one of the shows that makes teenagedom so worth it is Teennick's Degrassi. Let me tell you, I love me some Canadians, most of my favorite actors/actresses are from that maple producing place up north. Degrassi turned their show into a sort of soap opera/novella, as in, they showed a new episode every single weekday for seven weeks, under the title the boiling point. It was literally amazing. Thank goodness, they'll be doing it again starting in July for season 11. Boiling points are when you've reached your maximum, add any more heat or even a smidgeon more pressure and whatever's been cooking boils over, and let me tell you, it's for sure not pretty. The boiling point for us is when we've attained the point where you're under major stress from academic life, and then you're friends or even random people come and agitate you, just sending you over the edge. You freak the freak out and there begins your reign of terror. Everybody has that certain day in the year where they just get fed up with literally everyone, they even have no desire to speak to their friends. Everything about everyone irks you, pisses you off, and you wonder, "why am I even here, I hate everyone." Trust me, we've all been there, and I get to that point multiple times per year, a la "the Winter Look" and "Spring Break Glow." But before you unleash hell on Earth for those around you, step off the ledge to teenage insanity and take it down a notch. It's perfectly fine to get to where you're going to erupt, but the actual volcanic eruption takes things way too far. Lava destroys everything and everyone in it's path, and in the lives of us teens, that means all relationships, both friendly and romantic. Slow your roll and defuse the situation before the big kaboom.

Friends torturing you and pushing you to point of insanity? Parents breathing down your neck and harshing your mellow? Teachers and generally the man blocking your flow? Don't blow your top just yet, I've got a few choices for you. At this point, you've got two options and I'll run through them both, flip the script and let it all out in a destructive rage, or else chill the heck out and come back down to Earth. I suggest the latter. When people are constantly bothering you, their little remarks, the dirty looks, and the rude shoves, it's really hard not to spew some vulgar strand of sassy fire that'll scorch their eyes out. When teachers assign mountains of homework, and ma and pa pile on some chores or even ground you, you're going to feel like you're life couldn't get any worse. One more snide comment and this place about to blow. No need to take it that far. If you are getting tired of your friends, I suggest taking a break, like yeah, from your besties. Spending too much time with them can make them dull, boring, and annoyingly repetitive. Hang out with other people, or just kick it alone by yourself. If you come back and they still rub you the wrong way, find the source for the conflict and tackle it head on. Bottling things up is for classic Coca-Cola, we're human beings and we need to let it all out. Address the problem, is it something they do or say, and suggest how they can change to better suit your needs, and also you do the same, because I'm pretty sure they'll be at wits end with you as well. Come to agreement and move on with your lives, but beat around the bush and get ready to cut some cords, burn hella a lotta bridges, and destory your safehouse. Keep your tone calm, and don't attack, keep it lighthearted and fun, but don't forget to be real and resolve the problem. If you do some namecalling prepare for a fight and a potential decrease in facebook friendships. If your parents or teachers are the stopping the party train, talk to them rationally and plead your case. Most of them are rationally and will reduce their sentence. No need here for the Big Kaboom.

Now if the craziness does take a turn for the worst, and you explode into a bajillion pieces, read on so you can tell how to get things down and dirty. Explosions are dangerous and when you're about to light the Big Kaboom, it's hard sorting through the aftermath. When you're angry, frustrated, and a little out of it, you're bound to say things that you may or may not mean. Personally, I think angry words are the key to true freedom because you cannot constrain your true feelings. You'll start by taking people out one by one, letting them know what you cannot stand about them, and how they added the madness that is your life. At this point, you're beyond caring, and you're stuck in attack mode. Let it all out, do not keep your hardened burdens within you. Do what you gotta, and say what you gotta say to undwind and simplify your life. This process is not highly recommended because it causes impaired judge, not to mention fights, physical and digital that can become the talk of the school. Never should your conflicts every reach for violence, punching, kicking, screaming, are no-nows, back it up and decide whether or not the person deserve your time. Keep it together, keep it cool, and calm down. The big Kaboom has passed.

Being a teenager means carrying your homework and other stressful loads on your back,while wearing your heart on yoursleve. It's about knowing it's okay to be a mess every once in a while (not everyday, that'd be a problem). You're free to cool down, chillax, and the wire that detonates.

My double blog post question for the day is ... where was the last place you caused a scene?
Whenever I make an experience at one of those mixers I go to, I'll be the first person to call people out for not saying excuse me, or shoving me out of the way. Not on my watch buckaroo, all eyes on me, when I run train on you.


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