Burning Bridges

Being a teenager means being pushed to your limits on a weekly basis. It's a daily struggle to have to tolerate people's ignorant crap. Let me tell you, the things people say these days is just plain rude, it's inconsiderate, it's just uncalled for. The worst thing that can happen to you is when your alleged friends get you constantly heated. Little things here and there, that build, and it becomes more and more apparent that you truly cannot stand the person. Finally, the tension between you is too much and you flip the eff out on the person, effectively ending your friendship. The bottom line is... if your friends do you more harm than good, as in they annoy you, make fun of you maliciously, belittle you, or treat you generally like a second class citizen, it's about time you light the fuse and burn some bridges.

Adults, and like other people, over the age of 21 - just kidding, twenty somethings aren't that old, but once you hit the three-oh, you're officially like a geezer - like to use cliches like nobody's business. Listen here oldie, you're pulling this crap straight out of your buttox right now, and I'm not buying it. I wasn't born yesterday, I'm like 17 and a half, so your words of wisdom, you can eat it old timer. The saying, "Don't burn your bridges, you never know when you might need to cross them again" is kind of ridiculous. Okay, yeah it makes sense that you need to keep good relations with most people, but what about people you'll never see again, or who serve no purpose in your life. I say, set a bomb and this place about to blow. Seniors in high school, I don't know about you, but truthfully I cannot stand the majority of my petty classmates, all their snide remarks, their gross misconduct, and their generally superficial tendencies flat out sicken me. If you think I'm going to stay in contact with that mess of STD ridden future dropouts via text message or even facebook, you must not know me. I'm most deff deleting a lot of them once I've made new friends in college (I need to at least appear like I'm not a social pariah and have some fbook friends). I don't want to see, hear or smell those people ever again. I'm pretty much pouring the gasoline and torching the bridge to our nonexistent friendships. If you barely know someone  and are 80% sure that you'll never encounter them again, and they've ticked you off, you have the right to give them a piece of your mind. One thing I really like about my parents are that they tell it how it is, they cut the crap and get to the point. They don't beat around the bush, and they don't lie, they speak the truth and people always listen. It's that trait I'm happy to bear, I'll give it to you whether you like it or not. I'm going to let you know what kind of person you are, what's wrong with you, and why you need to change it. Take it or leave but consider this acquaintanceship hardcore peaced out. You've officially been chopped and screwed.

One of the hardest things to do as a teenager, hell, at any time of your life is to burn bridges with your friends. Burning bridges always entails some sort of animosity, as in, the fight you've been waiting for treaty, in that case both sides back down and walk away, only to be less than friends but if partnered or forced to collaborate, your mutual tolerance for each other will get your time stuck together. When you have to burn bridges with a good friend because they've gone too far, they've wrong you,  and you need them out of your life, there are a few things to consider. First of all, can you see your life without the person, if yes, then move on. Have you tried confronting the person about their inappropriate behavior, if you talk to them and  they start something, cool off, fall back or fall back. Tell the reason for your impromptu conversation with them and ask whether or not they're willing to change their ways to maintain your friendship. If you get a no, then they're not as dedicated a friend as you, and it's time to chuck the deuces to them and keep on keeping on.If your friends ridicule you in a non-joking manner, if your friend is a super bossy control freak, and if your friend doesn't listen to your input. It's time to burn that bridge and build a new one with someone who's worth your time and will only bring you up. 

When you're talking to those who apparently have no age, as in those high and mighty older people, it's important to remember who you're talking to. The worst place to burn a bridge is at your workplace or even more drastic school. If your teacher, boss or co-worker does not like you it can make the time you spend there a living hell.  Too many times have I heard teens freak the freak out on an adult, the name calling, getting in their faces, and talking to them like one of their homies. Slow your roll original gangster, these are barely your colleagues, these are people who deserve respect, not your diminutive groupies that follow you're every beckoning call. Watch what you say or do around teachers, they're not deaf nor dumb. If you want a true rumor mill talk to a heavily involved, cool teacher, they know mostly everything about everyone. The stories of your crazy weekend, your hot and steamy sleep around, and your obscene tendency to pick your nose, fix your bra, or relocate your family jewels are quit noticeable. Keep in the back of your mind at all times, if I'm going to make it, I'm eventually going to ask from help from these people. If you've left them with a bitter taste in their mouths from previous attitudes, apologize and get back in their good grace. You're going to need a good letter of recommendation and someone to talk you up in the future, and burning bridges with those with connections is like missing your flight to your destination. Without these people, you ain't gettin nowhere, Y u no common sense?

Being a teenager means you'll eventually have some conflicts along the way out of high school. Only the heavens know how many arguments, tell-offs, dirty looks, and sharp comebacks I've dished out in my day, but I know when to attack and when to relax. Not everybody is your enemy, and just because someone pisses you off doesn't mean you have to go in on them. You might be working with them in the near future or potentially need something from them, burning a bridge like would be like stranding yourself on an island. Burn those bridges wisely and think long term, but if your relations with your friends just isn't cutting it, line them up, knock them down, and get on with your life. No sense in having useless backstabbing friends, mmkay. We're teens, not dumb beasts.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what will you not miss about your high school?
For me, the petty pathetic attempts at being noticed that people come up with. Also the ignorant comments, just because your school lacks diversity doesn't give you the right to say out of control things, I'm over here foolish child.


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