Dance On Sunset

Being a teenager means getting ready for the biggest night of teenage life. If you don't know by now, prom season is well upon us. That means renting your tuxedos, and purchasing dresses. Dolling your self up and swagging yourself out to make one night one you'll never ever forget. This upcoming Saturday is my senior prom, and I'm sure that I will be making my presence known both on and off the dance floor. For most people, the noun dance means awkwardness and a lack of expertise. I'm here to give you some pointers and get you over your fear of hitting the dance floor and truly having a good time. Here's the bottom line, if you go to a dance, and you don't dance, then you shouldn't come in the first place, you're wasting your money, and you're most deff not going to have a good time. It's about time we all dance on sunset.

Dance on Sunset was this short-lived Nickelodeon show where the cast of six dancers, including Good Luck Charlie's Shane Harper (who just released his debut album today, btw, it's really good, check out the link for an album listen through - Shane Harper Album  ) would create new, easy to follow dances. First of all, to learn how to dance it's a good idea to play some of those dance games. Let me tell you, I seriously love Just Dance 2, I'm like really good at it, and it's actually a ton of fun. It's hilarious to follow the moves, but it really teaches you just some simple moves that you can put to good use at most dance-type situations. You can always play DDR just to work on your footwork, of course, I play on the hardest level with that as well. Just let it be known, that I love dancing and most people would agree I'm naturally good at it. If you've got Xbox Kinect, Dance Central is your best bet to get yourself up and moving. Once you get pretty good at those games you'll have the basis for dancing without being prompted. Games like that keep you stiff and don't really allow you to bust the type of moves you'll need to wow your date at a dance. Time to break it down and dance it out on sunset.

For upbeat songs, like most top 40's music and a majority of your prom playlists, you'll need some go to moves to get you through them. If you're going to be bobbing up and down, please make sure your own time with the beat, if you're out of sync, you're for sure going to look a mess. The most embarrassing thing about dancing is that everybody else is watching you, and mentally judging you, once you can ignore the observing looks and just have fun you'll be on it. One thing I know that definitely helps is knowing the lyrics to the song your dancing to. Check out billboard top 100 and the top 20 songs are pretty likely to be played, familiarize yourself with them and you can sing them with your friends on the dance floor. Pop music is easy to get in to, little gimmicky dances that are usual jokes are what you'll probably be doing. All you have to do is be yourself and shake it. Unless you're being super awkward, I promise that if you put your back into it and get down with the rest of us, you'll be dancing on sunset.

For slow songs and most hip-hop, rap, and r&b you're going to have to slow things down. What makes this music different from others is the prevalence of a banging beat. It's what's going to keep you in tune with everybody else. You've got two options, either get yourself to grinding (I don't do that, it's kind of like foul as hell and a little to close contact for my preferences, especially if your date is a friend, and nothing more) or you can dance together. You're going to need to know the dance crazes and the little in between moves. The cross arm snap, will keep things together for most songs. You're going to be pretty much bouncing and dipping low. Slow your roll and vibe with everybody around you. If the song says drop it low, you'd better get your ass on the ground, if it says put your hands up, then I'd best see your palms up in the air. If we're all screaming, you open your mouth and shout like never before. The more you're in to a song, the more fun you'll be having dancing. The best dances is when you're barely conscious of your surroundings. Now, the more complicated step, if a song comes on with a specific dance, you can either do the dance or step aside with your whack moves. Look up instructional videos for walking it out, dougeying, moving like a bernie, jerkin, cranking that, chicken noodle soup, and the cupid shuffle, the list goes on and on. It's always a plus when everybody stops what their doing to watch you hit your moves in synchronization. If you can't do a dance, make up your own, but make sure you never stop moving, it's called dancing on sunset for a reason.

When a slow comes on, you're either going to be getting in to close contact with your date or taking a break. If you're going to be brave and dance with your date, make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh. If you're super sweaty carry a handkerchief and dry off a little. Guys your arms go on your date's hips, no lower, we don't want any hanky-panky here. Girls you're going for the shoulders. Slow dancing is about being intimate without being intimate with your date. It's a time to kind of circle around and rest a little bit but not stop dancing. If you're not that close with your date it's the perfect time to get a drink, hit the bathroom to take a whaz or powder your nose, or go and socialize with other friend-status couples. If you're in it to win it, guys make sure you lead your date and just sway with them. It's not a Dancing with the Stars Waltz so no fancy footwork is required, keep the dips and what not to yourself. This is prom not the Cinderella Ball, unless you theme is a glass slipper ball, ooph #thatsawkward. Now, when the natural or forced (as like by deejay) you can either be the observant onlooker or you can take a plunge and show off your sick nasty moves. If you're going to be wild and jump in the circle, make sure you have a little bit of an idea of what to do, and make sure you take your date or a partner. It makes it so much less weird, but by you having the courage to do it, people will for sure remember you. Get loose and get freaky in there, there's no holding back and there's no whickety-whack crap in there. Keep it simple or go elaborate, but keep moving or else you'll be booed out of the circle.

Being a teenager means dancing your heart out whenever it's possible. I don't know about you, but I will dance anywhere. In hospital elevators, in the aisles of the grocery store, the parking lot, in a restaurant and most appropriately at a dance. If you need practice with dancing, hit up a local teen club or a mixer, you know I've blogged about those things before so type it in the search box and read up. It's great to mingle and prepare your arsenal of awesomeness. Prom is a time for magic to happen and dancing is a major part of it. If you never dance, I beseech you, take it upon yourself to do it, just for me, I solemnly swear that you'll be up to no good afterwards. It'll make your night dancing on sunset just that much more over the top.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite song to dance to?
I have some favorites for sure. Britney Spears, "Till the World Ends" just screams my name. Ester Dean, "Drop It Low" always gets me. "Move Shake Drop (Remix)" takes me there.


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