Gettin' Paper

Being a teenager means always living the youthful life. Hanging out with friends and looking good while doing it requires a hefty loaded wallet/purse. If you want to go out every night, eat at restaurants and wear the brand-name clothes we all do, you're going to have to do something possibly outrageous. Unless you're like me, the spared few of who ask our parents for money and and it's given to us on the spot- you're probably going to have to get one of those new gangled things, uhm, what do they call it again? A J.O.B- job. To continue to flourish in the lifestyle of the young, restless, and the unfamous, you'd better fill out some applications, submit a resumé and start getting your money up. It's unfair that some of us don't have to work, but just because your parents have more than enough to go around doesn't make you a spoiled brat, don't you ever dare label me that. Life isn't fair, but the truth is, instead of blaming your less than ideal environment, you can do something about, as in you need to learn to deal with it. And that's real. Start gettin that paper.

So the other day, I did the most outrageous thing, like ever. My friends and I had to take a long trip, first of the all the journey was wild, jamming to Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. album, passing by this teenage girl who was singing to herself alone in her car, bawling her eyes out, and not really knowing where we were going, made it memorable. We have to help out this lady who's baking our cakes for prom, we start moving stuff, and I thought we'd be cooking, like I'm really good at cooking. Name it, and I can probably make it, with directions and the supplies. We all know women love a sexy man who can ignite their inner flame and curb their hunger, mmkay. Nope just moving stuff around like dusty ass raggedy tables, leaving must and mess all over my clothes into spider infested back rooms. Then we had the crazy task of scrubbing clean; let it be known that I DID NOT wear gloves, a bajillion baking pans. I'm talking about 57 pans, it was crazy. We were doing the dishes, and I literally felt like I was in a movie. That cliché scene where you can't pay for your dinner so they force you to work off your debt by washing dishes in the back, yup that was us. Aprons in all, it was the foulest thing I've probably done in a long time. It was degrading, it was sick nasty, and it was utterly vile. Like uhm, I don't need this, my dad has three jobs, count them, and I will not be working until I start getting paid for residency when I'm in my late twenties, so this was a turn for the worst. Hell no, I didn't tell my parents about it, they would have freaked the freak out. They for sure, did not come to America to have their son clean dishes. All in all, after 4 hours of wildness, we finished and received some pretty good miniature cupcakes and cookie bars. Not totally worth it, but that's life. You gotta do, what you gotta do to keep gettin' paper.

Getting a  job makes you, at least in my opinion, like kinda sort of, an adult. To the start the dreaded process, get a work permit from your school if it's necessary. Do some research on the types of jobs you can have and those boring blah blah regulations on how long you can work. Next find some teachers who can vouch for you; those peeps that have your back and hold you down. Your ride or die recommenders. These will be your reliable references. If you fill out a resumé and you use your ma or pa or Auntie Lanisha or Ray Ray, your cousin the barber, you're not going to be getting a job. Draft a resumé listing the general facts about who you are, as in, potential employers want to know that you're not sketchy as hell with a juvenile delinquent record. D.O.B. not B.o.B, place of residence (your crib), your ridiculous high school and your highest level of edumacation. You should list all your activities, them extracurriculars, and those cushy volunteer hobs. Once you've padded that thing real nice, especially with prior work experience, you're ready to being your job hunt. First of all, take it to the web and hardcore the heck of the the thing. I mean get in that search box and literally type in teen jobs, summer jobs, or part-time positions. Have in the back of your head (is ridiculous) what type of work you're looking for. Whether tha be the Spongebob Squarepants fry-cook at your local burger joint, the naughty library assistant, the scandalous teenage receptionist, the cheddar cashier, the dirty busboy, or the cutsie waitress. But you gotta be able to take what you can get, depending on your level of desperation and need for cash, all within people. It's all about gettin' that paper.

Once you've found the job you're applying for, put in an application in person, let them see your pretty face. We all know that you'd rather be served by somebody who's attractive, it just makes your experience, better, and that's the truth. Going in, shows them you're serious and you really want the job. Follow up after a few days with a call or email to the hiring manager. If and when you get an interview, dress appropriately. I'm talking dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, and good shoes - no cut off lax pennys and varsity shorts allowed. Girls, a classy skirt and a nice top with a sweater over it is great - do not have your goodies hanging out, please and thank you. Be firm, direct and truthful, your potential employer will like that about you, and score you some of those brownie points (not real brownies, let down). If you get the job great, if not, ask them what you could add or do differently and thank them for the their time. Try a new place, there are so many jobs, you've just got to the find the right one for you. It's all about bossing yourself up and gettin' that paper.

To roll with the big boys you've got to have that big money. If you can't get a job, then you can find other ways to save. Instead of spending everything you get, put some of it away. There's always going to be things you want but you just gotta go for the necessities. Instead of always going out with friends, stay in and have your own get together. Cheap fun is more fun than real fun because you're not spending anything. Great teen friends can have an amazing time, no matter their whereabouts. Get it in and popping, people, and squad up and splurge, gettin' paper.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your dream job?
Obviously, neonatologist and social worker. Helping infants and children/teens will make my life so worth it. If possible, a restaurant that serves high class food to normal class people at an affordable price would be great as well.


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