Habitual Linesteppers

Being a teenager means knowing your limits. It's about knowing when to stop, realizing your whereabouts and adjusting to the situation. It's always really embarrassing when you're having a semi-private conversation and everybody quiets down and you say something out loud that was not for everyone to hear. Then there are the classic kids who take a joke way too far and cross the line. There's a huge difference between getting something wrong and belting out, "aw shoot" and dropping the F-Bomb, one is funny and quirky, the other, inappropriate and cause for washing your mouth out with soap. There are just some things that you cannot say around certain people. For example, one of the girls in my class, when we were all applying to college had the nerve to say to me, "Oh, don't worry, you'll get in... because you're black" - and I was like, "First of all, I'm not black, I'm African-American, there's a difference, get it Right. Secondly, I'll get in because of my high ACT score, my solid extracurriculars, excessive volunteerism, good recommendations, and a heartfelt firework of an essay." Out of control and uncalled for, that would be like me replying "You won't get in because you're average, and your skin is a sickly ghostly white, good luck with affirmative action bia." Teens just love to say and do the darnedest things, correctly deemed habitual linesteppers.

Today, after fifth period, everyone came coughing out of a stairwell. I thought, you know, people love to exaggerate. Some bro probably just let one rip in the windowless hot house that is the secret staircase (let me tell you, it's not a secret anymore, there are four in my school, and it's the smallest but the one with the most traffic, fail). Nope, opened the door to the stairs and the fresh smell of newly smoked cigarette secondhand smoke hits me in the nostrils real good. It was completely foul as hell. You could tell that the dirty wrongdoer had just escaped the scene of their environmental crime. Not going to lie, I think smoking is one of the trashiest things ever, it's most definitely not good for you (check back to my Smoker's Cough post) and it stinks everything and everyone up. Girls were coughing like nobody's business and I just held my breath and walked those stairs as fast as possible. Nobody knows who it was but I for sure have some suspects in mind. It's literally pathetic that someone at my school cannot wait an entire school day without smoking one of those death sticks. You need a nicotine patch and some oxygen therapy, have fun with that cancer, mmkay. I feel bad for the kids whose parents smoke, that cannot be avoided, what are they supposed to do, live on the street? It gets all over their clothes and they smell, but it's not their fault. But those who do it themselves, I have no sympathy for, you're choosing to ingest toxic chemicals and smell like a bar fight, that's on you. You are most definitely a habitual linestepper.

Everybody knows someone who just says the most ignorant things. Whether it be slightly racist or completely uncalled for, they have no problem crossing the line and always get called out when they do it. It's always funny to me whenever I hear stories of people's drunken weekends and how people are not friends after the things they said while intoxicated. Just because you're drunk of your ass, stumbling around, saying who knows what, does not give you a forgiveness pass for whatever heinous junk you might say. If you call someone a skank, slut, whore, harlot to their face, you're going to start something. If you refer to a guy as a punk ass tool, you might get your lights knocked out. If you hit on somebody's girl/boy, and they catch you - you can expect a drink to be poured on you. And is you call someone a plain fat ass, even if they could stand to loose a little weight, you don't say things like that out loud, they might sit on you (JK, but they will be heated and eat you - okay seriously, they're going to give you a piece of their mind). Habitual linesteppers don't understand the concept of keeping things to themselves, we all think things in our heads. Heck yes I find a ton of people annoying, gross, or weird but it's not necessary for me to tell them. Keep away from the edge of no return or you could just be thrust right on over it.

Habitual linesteppers can be found everywhere. Creepy bosses who ogle you while you're working. Immature preteens who obsess over you. Guys that walk up behind girls and cop a feel. Girls you spank strangers' butts. It's a wild world out there. Teens just love to take things to far. If you get to the point of where you physically have to whoop somebody's ass, then you've missed your stop and gone too far. If words turn into fists, then damn you've overshot your target. What you need to do is relax and not cross the line. Teens who bring weapons to schools, hell yes, you've crossed the line. Uhm, okay, so you've been bullied and that's terrible, but killing somebody else is so far over the line that you might be out of this millennium with all that crazy. Getting revenge is whatever and so are playing pranks. But if your prank or plot results in someone being hospitalized, you might be a habitual linestepper. For example, on the first of 90210, Jen, one the character's sisters, slept with her little sister's boyfriend after prom (in her bed) just because she disobeyed her and threw an after party. That's going way too far. Habitual linesteppers don't understand the concepts of acceptable social behavior.

You you've gone to far when what you've said or done leads to you being grounded, reprimanded with detention, suspended or expelled. There are just things you should not say or do. We've all got a conscious for a good reason, and it's good to know when to stop. Better to be safe then drive off the lonely road to nowheresville.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the most ignorant thing you've ever heard someone say?
Well it didn't happen in real life, but on Degrassi last season, one the guys (Riley) yelled to a girl across the hallway, "you can't cure bitch" - after she wouldn't sleep with him. Deff awkward.


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