How Do You Sleep

Being a teenager means sleeping whenever and wherever possible. Just like black people love chicken, white people love homemaking, Latinos enjoy hopping borders, and terrorists take pleasure in wreaking havoc, teens love to sleep. It's our thing. Over the past few years of high school my total hours of sleep has greatly decreased. Y'all know we need our beauty/handsome sleep, unlike some people who can just hop right out the bed and turn their swag on. All the nights spent writing essay last minute, searching for stupid quotes to cite, creating entire projects, and studying for impossible tests and quizzes has left some side effects. Teenagehood is defined by our energy, effervescence and general fervor for the youthful life, but the real question is how do you sleep?

Here ye, here ye, let it be known that Jesse McCartney is hands down my favorite musician and his song "How Do You Sleep" is my favorite song of all time. I have 6 versions of the songs, but my most played is the rhythmic remix with Ludacris. I listen to that song at least once a day, and every single day. It makes me happy, and is most deff the first song I played after receiving college decisions. Any who, how do you sleep, I ask. Here's the answer to that, me, I'm a light sleeper. I can force myself to wake up out of dreams, and I can speak full conversations (that I do not later recall), but whenever I hit the hay it's always restful. The problem I have is I don't rest these dark brown eyes until after midnight, usually before 1 am, and then arise again to the sounds of my favorites playlist at 5:30 am. In total, that's just over 5 hours of sleep nightly, and that depends if I have to finish homework when I wake up. It's a tough act to pull off, but somehow I manage. At school, I'm usually awake, alert and chill, but every once in a while I'm doze the heck off, never to be caught though. When Friday comes, if I don't have a prior engagement to hang out with friends, I somehow pass out before waking up to eat and then sleep until Saturday morning comes. Now my Saturday sleep is no joke, it's what rejuvenates me and keep me pretty much alive and it's almost always over 12 hours, wa-pa. This week I realized just how sleep deprived I truly am, I feel asleep blogging on my keyboard, woke up with the homekeys asdfgh impressioned on my forehead, drool dripping down, and eyes crusted shut- not a pretty sight. I know I'm a mess when I fall asleep unintentionally with my mouth open, foul as heck. Now that you understand my complicated burning the midnight oil lifestyle, it's time for some slumber tips.

One of the things I always hear is that people are tired. Well here are the reasons you're yawning up a storm. First of all, if you're going to crack open your mouth, cover it, it's rude especially to a teacher, it's like body language for this class is a bore, and no one wants to see your uvula wiggling in the back of your mouth. Napping, both a gift and a curse. It's okay to take a mid-afternoon nap every once in a while, but only if you set an alarm to wake you up after an hour or two, any longer and you won't be tired for when you crash at night. If you're bored, that doesn't mean you should sleep. Figure out when you usually go to sleep, and try to make it around 10pm, I know, it might be impossible but on a weeknight, that'll give you just enough time to turn over skin cells, get rid of those unsightly wrinkles, fantasize about the hotness monster you've been crushing on, and get the recommended 8 hours of sleep in. Sleeping consistently at the same time will give you more energy and allow you to make it the whole day, wide awake and attentive. Sleeping usually means dreaming, when you dream you're undergoing you're best sleep (check out my previous posts on "Dreams" and "Wide Awake, and Dreaming") - and you're in control of a place that's just for you. Never should you ever pull all nighters, rarely, if you really have to knockout a project, but not sleeping at all is not healthy. It leaves you cranky, in a pissed off mood, and the bags under your eyes are not a good look (I would know, I've had mine ever since I started high school, #effmylife).  Let me so those imaginary z's cause I'm wondering how do you sleep.

The process of hitting your bed should be a relaxing one. We're teenagers, if you're up all night (whole crews in here) with some sort of insomnia, you might be a mess. I'mma need you to brush your teeth, put on pajamas, a robe, boxers/lingerie or climb in your bed butt naked, nobody's judging you here. Then you need to figure out what works best for you. Reading a book until you zonk out is a popular method. I grab one of the lastest copies of the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Mysteries and put on an album of music on my IHome. Music, another great option, set a sleep timer for about half an hour and play your favorite songs, better for them to be slower (if you're playing clubbing music at bedtime, you're going to want to get up and shake your whammy-fammy not hit the hay, sit yo self down and slow your roll dancer extraordinaire) and listen to them to fall asleep. As of now, Shane Harper's "Hideaway" & "Rocketship" ease me into slumber - listening to love songs before bed is so romantic and usually gives me thoughts of the temptress known as the "Dream Girl"  to run through my mind. Lay your head on the side, and fluff that pillow, get covered up all nice and tight and find that sweet spot to pass out. If you've got a special someone, a honey-bunny, a snuckems or a stud muffin, falling asleep to the sound of their voice can work to, and it's super romantic. Clear your mind of your daily troubles, shake it off and leave them behind, you can't rest with stress/drama bugging you. Relax, chill, close your eyes and chuck the deuces to the Real World for a while. If you're super difficult to get in bed (take that how you want) you can shower right before bed, drink some tea or milk (not soda, or coffee - no need to jazz up before beddy-bye) or lay in pitch black silence, whatever floats your boat. All I know is, get comfortable and you'll start loving to answer how do you sleep.

Being a teenager means taking your sleep wherever you can get it. Sleeping in the car is one of my favorite things to do, but if you're sleeping in a weird position, on your hand or straining your neck, you're going to be a tensed up mess when you get up. Your bed is the best place for you to pass out, not the back seat of a car, not on a forest floor, not in a bathroom stall or on a bud's couch. Take your sleep seriously, put away your homework, put down your cellphone and sign off of the computer - disconnect and recharge your body.
Sleep is vital to staying healthy, and you grow when you sleep, haven't you ever woken up and were surprisingly taller? How Do You Sleep?

My blog post question for the day ... how do you fall asleep?
I told you, books and boom-boom music.


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