Make It Special

Being a teenager means taking things one step at a time. It means living day by day, and taking things as they come. We're teens, we're going to be overwhelmed with tons of homework, semi-ridiculous parents, and of course the wildness that is our generation. But the people who truly enjoy their teenage years are the ones that make the most of them.

Making things memorable means being only where you are, if for only a few moments, the only thing that matters is where you are, what you're doing, and who you're with. Make It Special comes from one of Jesse McCartney's unreleased songs, one of the lines goes, "Tonight, we're living in the moment tonight" and it's generally a party song about hanging out with your friends, forgetting everything and just having fun. As teens, that's a lesson that we definitely need to learn. The worst thing in a group of friends is a party pooper, or a complainer. I will, and will always be, the voice of reason, if it seems out of control and we could potentially get in to trouble for it, I will for sure be the one to speak up, and speak out against it. But if we're all just vibing, telling jokes, laughing, having a classic teenage good time and you're bringing us all down with your whiny complaints, you're harshing my mellow and you might as well up and go. If you have nothing to add to the conversation, and your comments bring everyone to an awkward silence, you might be ruining the night. Let me tell you, many a nights have been spoiled but unwarranted, unnecessary, random comments that completely uncalled for. Making it special means leave your troubles behind, and your petty drama at the door. This a drama repellent, a cease fire, a treaty of sorts, and if you bring all your baggage in with your derogatory attitude, you're incessant yammering is like a minuscule Chihuahua nagging at my heels, and I'm finna kick you out. Either be prepared to have a good time, or flip the bird and the index finger follow, deuces.

When you're on a date is should always be a memorable night. Sometimes it makes me laugh about couples's ideas of a good date. If you're sitting at an action movie texting your other friends about how annoying your bf/gf is, then you're not making it special. If you're doing the same thing, staying in for reruns of the George Lopez Show and stanky old stale popcorn, you're just not doing it. If your relationship is starting to become predictable, you're becoming fed up, and you're eyes start to linger for someone new, it's not that you're a lusty harlot, you just need to make it special. My idea of a perfect date, fellas, I'm not trying to steal your woman, but she might be getting with all this after this experience, is dinner at a restaurant, me paying of course, then bowling, rollerskating, hitting up a mixer, before slowing it down, grabbing something sweet to share, and walking you to your door for a single seductive kiss. That's making it special. If you're kissing somebody and they're eyes are open, looking at a text message, their watch or up in the air like they have something better to be doing, that's super awkward. You've got to keep things fresh, keep it silly, and keep it real. Making it special doesn't always have to be heading out for an eventful night, it can playing board games, cooking your own dinner, and just talking on the phone until you fall asleep. Making it special in a relationship is making every moment count, every minute last, and every smooch meaningful.

Prom Night is coming up, next week Saturday, for the juniors and seniors at my school, and it's most definitely going to be a night that I'll never forget. Last year, I went with one of my closest friends, and while our table wasn't perfect, we made a pact to have a good time regardless. We made our way in and had some of the best times of our lives. I can still picture it to this day. Kids from our school still come up to tell us about how wild we were dancing in the huge dance circle. Prom is all about making your own night. It doesn't have to be all sappy and romantic, but it definitely has to be something special. It's only as big as an event as you make it. It's something you NEED to go to, with no regrets. Make a promise to your date to have fun, and for once have no limits and no holding back. If you're in a relationship, don't be afraid to let your gf/bf loose to dance with other people, it's perfectly fine and means nothing. The more you get around and the less you worry about other people judging you, the better a time you'll have. Making it special was literally made for prom.

Being a teenager means making it through a week of boring teacher banter, general warfare with your parents and jobs, all to make it to the weekend to shout to the world that you're young, good looking, and free, if for a few days. Make the most of this time. Try new things, and get out there. You may not have discovered your best friends yet, and the best times happen in the most random places. Let me tell you, this past week, my prom table met up at Chipotle (my first time) and we're a close bunch of friends, but we had some new kids join our block, and we literally laughed so hard we were crying. You know your night is memorable when people start falling from their chairs or have to go outside to get air from laughing. It was an amazing time. We deff made it special.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your idea of a great Friday night?
Hitting up Steak and Shake with friends, then back to one of our houses to play Apples to Apples and make fun of people on facebook. Literally perfect.


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