No Regrets

Being a teenager means living life with no regrets. It's going all out, pushing the limits, and being outrageous whenever possible. Living with no regrets means always pushing forward towards the future and never looking back. Now that senior year is winding down, it seems all my classmates are in nostalgia mode. It's hilarious to cycle back through old facebook albums and wonder, "what were we thinking" when you see the clothes you were wearing and the things you used to do. A trip down memory lane is warranted every once in a while, but then there are people who only live in the past. Traumatic events, missed opportunities, and bad times seem to be the only things they can ever talk about or remember. I'm absolutely sure your teenage years are filled with amazing memorable moments, and it only appears that the rough times outnumber the good ones. It's useless to dwell on the past, you cannot do anything about it and it's only going to bring you down. Use your past failures to create a brighter and better future. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well I might be dumb as eff. No need to make the same mistakes twice, and no regrets.

Teenagedom warrants that every once in a while you're going to get pissed off, as in you're going to erupt as a stressed out peeved volcano of adolescence. It's what we do, people bother us, they annoy us, and push our buttons and we retaliate by freaking the freak out. Now, if you're constantly going off the handle, throwing things, cussing out people, and getting in to physical or verbal fights, you might need anger management therapy. Some people say that when you're angry or drunk is when you're the most truthful. Others always take back what they say in the heat of moment. I, for one, side with the first one. If you're in a shouting match and you've got something to say, you're going to say it. It's usually the cold, harsh, truth, and it's been festering for way too long, and your confrontation was the perfect time for it to come out. People will be shocked with the things you say, and most people apologize saying they didn't mean it, or that they wish they could take it back, but I for one, live without saying sorry. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it, and what's done is done, you've got to face the consequences. There are no take backsies and the repercussions for your actions are coming whether or not you're ready for them. No regrets means getting everything out in the open, removing whatever you're harboring, and clearing your slate. Once your done with the situation, you'll most deff feel better and you can have the weight lifted off your youthful shoulders. There's no way to move on until you let go of the past for sure. No regrets.

It's about that time for Spring Break, where everybody goes their separate ways and gets wild for a little over a week. SB11' is a time to let loose, get wild, and stay crazy. Before you depart for your good time, you need to make a set of rules for yourself and for everyone around you. If you're braving the world with just your friends, with a major lack of parental supervision, you're going to be trusted to be on your best behavior. You need to know your limits and set them up in your head, do not, I repeat, do not do anything you wouldn't normally do just because you don't have your parental units around. If it's something you're wary about, as in it's sketchy as hell, or shady. If your conscious tells you no, and you have to debate whether or not it's a good idea, then you probably shouldn't be doing it at all. Spring Break is notorious for leaving people ravaged with regrets. Teens falling off balconies because they were underage drinking getting sick wasted of their asses, out of control car accidents, and even plain old drowning. Florida may be the sunshine state, but you won't be sunbathing getting you tan on if you're dead and gone. Spring Break is a time for no regrets, you get to unwind and get out your frustrations before heading back to school to finish off your year. But keep in mind whatever you do on Spring Break does not stay there, everyone and I mean everybody will hear the stories so unless you want to become a legendary rumor think things through. Hooking up with the locals, loosing your trunks or bikini, and tons of alcoholic beer pong can lead to compromising facebook pictures. Spend your time having fun and being safe. No regrets.

Being a teenager means being yourself and staying true to who you are at all times. One thing I pride myself on is that I never compromise who I am for anyone, anybody, or any place. We are who we are and everybody can take it or leave it. I'm all about self empowerment and self discoverance because once you know you who are, life and teenagehood gets so much easier. If you're going out or even staying in, your personality and your actions should not change. We're teens living with no regrets, and if you move on from high school and turn around to survey your progress and wish you had or hadn't done certain things, you've hit the mark of a true teenager. Nobody is perfect, not even me, your blogger extraordinaire, but what sets certain teens apart from the rest is their attitude and knowing what they're capable of doing at all times. No regrets means showing your true colors, being young, wild and free. Going all the way, with no regrets. It's about being youthful, a little bit awkward, and whole lot of unique. We're such teenagers.

My blog post question for the day is ... what is your biggest regret so far?
I would say for me, my only regret is not becoming good friends with my current circle of friends sooner. Freshman and sophomore year would have been a hella lot more fun, but I wouldn't change those years for the world, thank goodness I had my bromance to keep things chill.


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