Not Your Birthday

Being a teenager means counting down the days to the day you were born. Birthdays are major milestones in teenage years. When you change from a measly 12 year old to the big 13, you're officially a teenager. When you hit 16, everybody expects an extravagant birthday party fit enough to contend with the excessive spending of those on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen. Then you hit 18 and you're an adult, you can purchase lottery tickets, and cigarettes. You're big bad, grown, and your parents technically aren't responsible for your wildness. But birthdays can also be some of the most stressful days of the year, and planning for them as well. Ruining birthdays, perfect birthday gifts, and facebook wall birthday posts, it's not your birthday.

The worst thing that can happen on your birthday is for it to be ruined. From personal experience many of mine have been ruined so I've learned to put to much emphasis on them at all. There's been the dropped cakes, people forgetting it's your birthday, and all the birthday madness in between. Seeing people you can't stand, getting into a car accident, and not getting what you want on the one day of the year that's solely yours can keep you sour for another 365 days. Surprise parties are an art, my friends and I just have one recently for my best girl friend. For two weeks we went behind her back sneakily plotting and planning to get together and surprise her. Best one I've ever done for sure, she had no idea and it was actually really hard not to bring it up in conversation whenever I'd speak to her. She jumped back and was truly astonished, no acting necessary. I'm sure it's something she'll never forget. But I have been to other surprise parties where the birthday girl/boy has known and it's pretty ridiculous. If you find out about your surprise party, it's kind of a courtesy thing to at least act surprised. Telling everyone you knew about it is pretty much rude, and disrespectful, good for you Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy, you figured out the big secret but you've wasted our time and ruined your own birthday. Birthday parties should be a good time always, one thing I cannot stand is whenever a friend goes to a party and doesn't have a good time and makes a scene because of it. You're attention whore ways are not needed right then and there. Even if you want to leave, you stay, and pretend to be loving it, taking attention away from your friend on their special day is selfish, petty, and plain old foul. It's most definitely not your birthday.

Receiving birthday presents is pretty much the only reason birthday parties are even had. If you think about it you spend way more money on planing the party than you get back from your guests, kind of a mess. Choosing a good birthday present can sometimes be a complicated process. First of all, it depends on your closeness to the person, I would say there's 3 different levels of presents. Level 1, Acquaintances, not really close with the birthday person but close enough to be invited to the party. Level 2 is friends, you know the person and talk to them regularly, and know enough to get a decent present. And on level 3 you have best friends, as in, you're expected to know exactly what they want and deliver. If you're on level 1, a birthday card with a $10-$20 gift card is all you'll need, nothing to elaborate. If you're on level 2, figure out their favorite stores to shop in and get them a gift card with a cheap toy and card, teddy bear or something like that. Your price range is $15-$20 for your buddies. If you're on level 3, be prepared to go all out, that means heartfelt birthday card, a main present, minor present and candy as a filler. You're shooting for between $20-$30 for your gift, these people mean a lot to you and your present should reflect that.  Great birthday presents are clothes, small jewelry, CDs, and games. Never buy anything you wouldn't want, chances are if you don't like it, they won't either. Let it be known that you should never go to a birthday party without a present, unless the invite says explicitly, no presents accepted - it's embarrassing and super sketchy. It's for sure not your birthday.

When the greatest day ever comes, as in your birthday, you've got to prepared for the digital firestorm that will overtake your facebook profile wall, and your twitter timeline. It geeks me out that your brithday is the only day that over 75% of the people you're facebook friends with will write on your wall. It's easy to tell who barely knows you because they'll write the generic, "Happy Birthday." The more people know you, they'll write better things, like a nickname or a message. Me, personally, if I have never talked to a person, or don't like a friend on facebook, I'm not writing on their wall. That's called being fake, and on your birthday you don't need ghostface randoms writing on your wall. Facebook wall posts are a true measure of popularity, the more you have the more renowned you are. Everybody counts them, it's a teenage secret we love to keep. Now when it comes to thanking people you first need to write a general status about your birthday. Secondly it's up to you whether or not you want to go to each person's profile and thank them, or comment and like their post on your wall. I, for one, will only be commenting on the ones I find interesting, sincere or funny - I don't need lame haters scribbling all over my wall. If you're on twitter, getting a celebrity or athelete to mention or tweet @ you is always amazing. My brother got Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets and John Wall from the University of Kentucky to shout him out. If you can get #happybirthdayyourname to trend you know you've made it. This past week Cameron Quiseng from AllStar Weekend celebrated his 21st birthday and had 2 trending topics about it. You do you and I'mma do me, but it's legit not your birthday.

Being a teenager means marking the days until the day you turn one year older. Birthdays a special day where the world belongs to you. You can do anything to want and there should be no regrets. At the end of the day, thank your parents for first of all having you, and secondly making your birthday a day that you'll always remember. Tantrums and freaking the freak out are not cool on birthdays, keep calm, and try your best to have a good time, especially if things don't go exactly as planned. If you're planning a party try a theme, dance parties are always sweet. If you're in the summer, pool parties, luaus, and barbecues can get the job done. Water balloon wars, water gun fights, and blowing bubbles will keep your guests happy. If you're in another season, renting out your local clubhouse or even having a house party with either a DJ or a great playlist on your IPod can do the trick. Lots of food and little games like Dance Central or most Wii games, with prizes and competitions will make your guests remember your special day.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you wish for on your birthday?
Well if I tell you, it won't come true, but when the clock hits 11:11 and I notice it I wish for a bright future, at a great college, with lifelong friends.


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