Off the Cuff

Being a teenager means doing things out of the ordinary. It means being wild, free, and just a little bit out of control. It means thinking with your heart and not your brain at certain times. It's doing what you feel like doing and dealing with the consequences later. It's winging it, making it up as you go, and pulling crap out of your ass. It's being random, a little crazy, but a whole lot of fun. This past weekend started my Spring Break, as in SB11', a time to get off of school, let loose, and hang out with friends. I kicked off my time away from the hell hole known as high school, but attending a local mixer. Let me tell you, it was wild as heck, but that'll be the other blog post for the day, as of now, it's time to talk about going all out, talking to a crush, and breaking up couples. Time to go off the cuff.

Going all out is getting in to the moment, being care free, and just being yourself. Pep rallies are a great example, there are the kids who are just too cool to care, crossed arms, sitting silent looking peeved in the corner, and then there's the rest of us who go all out to show our school spirit. We put on the ridiculous outfits, we scream and yell, and do our best to get our teams to win. When you're a playing a sport or participating in an activity you have to go all out. It's embracing when coaches have to yell at teens to actually try, are you like not motivated or something. Why would you get in the game if you had no intention of trying to win. Get that out of here. Now, when you're teen clubbing, like I was this past weekend, going all out means feeling the music and making a scene. It's getting all eyes on you, being the center of attention, and getting miss/mister good looking to notice you. The Dream Girl from old post, we met again, and I went all out to showcase my dancing moves. My friends and I made a couple passes near her to get her attention. If you're at a dance and you want to dance with someone, make your way over to them, break out your best moves, shake it a little bit harder than usual and bump in to them a little bit. I promise, it works, you'll at least get a glance if not a head nod to acknowledge your existence. I went all out and worked out a storm to get that girl to notice me, never do I ever work hard for a girl (she might be one of the first girls I've ever been infatuated with) but I had to go off the cuff to get her to even look at me.

Talking to a crush takes some improvising, as in going off the cuff. So this dream girl, is looking sexy as hell. I mean, she looks like she's on fire, she's smoking, she's real good looking. Her friends were kind of cute, like appetizers, but she was definitely the main course and I was feening to take a bite. My best girl friend, and I are making our rounds trying to distance with this sessy people. We made a quick promise that if she went to grab one of the dashing players she was pining after that I'd have to do the same and ask my dream girl to dance. She walks up the flushed cheek one and right before she gets up to him, he walks toward his friend, not seeing her at all. And the other dude with the classic backwards hat might have danced with every girl there, as in hundreds, always had a new one to grind with. On our quest for her to get some, failed. So I was super nervous, I don't think I've ever had to approach a crush, but I got a boost of confidence and strolled on up to her. First of all, she looked like a major bia, like a queen bee, super dramatic diva type chick. Again her clothing was pretty classy, and she might be the hottest girl I've ever seen in real life. I tapped her, she turned around, gave me the up and down, and I managed to belt out, "Would you like to dance with me" and she replied, "I would, but I have a boyfriend" - defeated but not down and out, I walked away with a "thanks anyway" only to hear her friends giggle, "He was really cute." The girl of my dreams is cuffed, she's taken by another. I am still yet to find her name, might need to do some hardcore facebook creeping, but the fact that we had some contact is a major step. Next time we meet at a club, she'd best be single, and I'm going to sweep the girl off her feet. Talking to a crush means doing whatever you can to make a good impression, and I sure did, she saw me dancing and hitting my steps right quick, and I asked her like a gentleman not crept up behind her and started gyrating. I went a little of the cuff.

These teenager  years can really pull on your heart strings. Half the time miss right, or mister future husband, has some sort of relationship they're allegedly in. We all thinking, you could be getting with all this fineness and instead your with mister boring or douchebag or miss skank or good girl. Going off the cuff applies to coming up with elaborate plans to break people up. Is it wrong, uhm heck yes, playing with people's love lives might be super underhanded, sneaky and dirty, but the game of love doesn't have rules and anything goes. The greatest breakup plan I've ever read/seen was from Robin Wasserman's Seven Deadly Sins series, one couple broken up, two new couples formed, one friend betrayed, and another friend sleeping with a teacher and a bad boy. You know it didn't end well once the plot was discovered, ending in one the seven's deaths. Take this advice, don't meddle in a relationship unless there's already a problem with the relationship, abuse, cheating, or constant fighting, and the daters are on the verge of calling it quits. Wait your turn and pick up the pieces. If it all seems perfect and in la la land, you're either out of luck or you're just going to have to play dirty. Rumors, lies, and compromising texts/photos can ruin any relationship, take that however you'd like. Play it close to the chest, and off the cuff.

Being a teenager means being a little bit of so random but a whole lot of fun. Dancing in the rain, yelling out of car windows, and getting with someone you've just met. We're teenagers, we like to do whatever, whenever. You're only young once, so you might as well go off the cuff. Let it be known, that you'll be hearing about the dream girl in the near future, end of April, she'll hopefully bring her gorgeous self to another mixer, and I'm going to be getting a number and a relationship, or a hangout session or something. So teenage.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's the most random thing you've ever done?
I would say, well recently, I went to a train museum, but just to the see the fun house that was inside of it. Absolutely random, and then ate multiple 25cent hot dogs. Don't judge me.


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