Pretty Boy Swag

Being a teenage boy means being on your best behavior at all times. It entails being on the prowl, on the hunt, on a perpetual search for the perfect girl to either chill with, date, or mess with. Teenage guys, all we want is a beautiful girl to vibe with. I'm not going to lie, we want tons of food constantly, video games keep us occupied and sports are a necessary staples in our lives. However, teenage girls play a special role in our lives. Girls are like games, fun to play with, sometimes easy to conquer, and other times impossible to deal with. When you find one that can keep you interested, a girl who creates a challenge, who can handle all this good looking sexiness, then you've achieved the epitome of teenagedom. But to get the girl you first have to get yourself bossed up and dapped up. Get a little bit of that pretty boy swag, the appearance, the apparel, and the persona of a top catch.

Lets start with your physical appearance. I mean, there's not much you can do, you've got two parents, and they create you, and you just hope that their best genes kick in. I for one, am super lucky, I have great genetics, but enough of me. You have to make do with what your given. First of all, let's start with the face, acne and blemishes are not doing you any good. If your face as has meteor sized crates filled with puss, blood, and general teenage breakouts, you need to get something to keep it under control. There's no girl who's going to want to get with you if you're a walking pimple. It's whatever to have one every once in a while, some females might even find it a little cute, but otherwise, wrangle that ish back. Showering, it is not optional, it should be at least an every other day thing, if not daily. It keep you fresh and clean. The foulest smell known to man is man stench, hands down. If you smell like a defecating cow, or testicular cancer you might need to take a shower. Girls love good smelling guys, it's a proven fact. Get a body wash and go to town, get behind your ears and in them as well (earwax seeping out is just plain nasty) and in between your toes as well. Showering takes me a good half hour, don't judge me. While you're all lathered up, wash your hair, hair is pretty much the deal breaker, you either have amazing flow, normal hair, or raggedy mop hair. Girls love to play with hair, if you've got luscious locks, you're going to be getting a girl sooner or later. Greasy hair is a no no, and the spiky look chucked the deuces a while ago. For all you bros whipping your hair is chill, keep it the perfect length, too long and you achieve the shaggy dog, too short and you look like a skin head. Once you're out of the shower shave your face, beards are cool on certain people but for the most of is the grit stashes have got to go. Clean shaven keeps you looking young. Apply ample deodorant, something strong to protect against your natural wetness and general odor. I'm telling you, set those pheromones loose and the ladies will be beggin on your knees. If you've got glasses, try for contacts, literally will change your life, and bring out your face. Lastly fingernails should be clipped, if you nails are longer than your girls, you might be a crow, clip them, don't bite them - oh and teeth, the whiter and straighter the better. The perfect smile will make all the girls swoon. Time to move in with your pretty boy swag.

Now what you look like on the outside can scare away potential customers, women be shopping, mmkay. If you're on the lookout for a future girlfriend you need to look the part. Girls want a guy who looks good, I'm not going to lie, it's plain and simple. If you look a mess, you're not going anywhere with any girl anytime soon. Your wardrobe should be a reflection of yourself but also the times. Plaid shirts are in, v-necks and plain crew-necks are what's popping as well. Screen printed t-shirts are great, but if they have corny or even vulgar references on the you're going to look like a tool. Phrases like "It's panty dropping time" or "you + me = sexy time" are not going to cut it. You need the essential khaki shorts, and the regular straight or slim jeans, skinny jeans are for New Boyz and baggy jeans make you look like a hoodlum. Polos are always fresh but tie-dye just looks out of control. Get your shoe game up with some Sperry's, Jordans or some low dunks, but make sure they're not dusty. If you're going to wear a hat, always keep it backwards and make sure it fits, no big heads wanted. Watches keep you looking classy, necklaces only work for some people and sunglasses as in dark black ones, probably Aviators, will keep your cruising through your teen years. Your clothes should fit you, not too tight and not to loose, cut off shirts need to go and athletic apparel keeps you looking like a sports crazed jock. Look presentable, once you've mastered your wardrobe you can move on with your pretty boy swag.

Once you look the look, you've got to walk the walk and talk the talk for sure. Being a pretty boy means your a girl's cutest dream, as in you have women pining after you just for a look but don't touch. You have to give them a taste of what you're all about but keep them wanting more. You throw your line, but reel it back before catching the big fish, comprende? There's two types of pretty boys, the ones who use all their game at once, they're annoying, they may look good, but good looks can only get your so far, and the others are the ones who have mastered the art of womanizing and keeps the ladies on deck, swag just bursting at the seams. It'll benefit you to be the later of the two. Pretty boys are known for being notorious heartbreakers, they're players, they take hope and shatter it for fun. The guys that make it in the long run put away the facade of untouchable attitude and get real. You have to have a personality, that means a sense of humor, some sort of intelligence, compassion for your girl, and loyalty. Being down to earth is the chillest thing ever, and once a girl finds out you're super pragmatic and easy to get along with, your pretty boy swag can just take you over the top. Let it be known that pretty boy swag can wear off or even disappear if used improperly, it's an abuse of power to hookup with every girl just because you've got the moves, if you soil your reputation and become nothing more than a pretty face with the Abercrombie smell and really good hair, girls will eventually catch on to your devious ways. Once you've been labelled kold (adj. - meaning icy, or fine, sessy)  or bad (adj.- the ish, hot as hell) in a good way, you're on your way to swagg surfing on a daily basis. Play on player. Dip out and in, chuck the deuces to your haters, and turn your swag on. Pretty boy swag lasts until your early twenty-somethings so use it while you've got it.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the first thing you notice on somebody good looking?
I'm all about eyes on girls, if they look longing and sweet, they might be calling me out, then and there


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