Roll Up

Being a teenager means deciphering wild high school verbiage. Apparently, I missed the memo or the message made out of blunts, that today is a major holiday commemorating in the out of control behavior of despicable druggies. After roaming the halls during school today with people randomly belting out "4/20", J.E.T.S. and plain blazing - I finally figured out that it was like national smoke weed, pot, or just narcotic stupidity day. All the obnoxious facebook statuses and semi-obvious tweets regarding lighting up and celebrating being a burnout killed me. People are having get togethers to pass around bongs, pipes, and other sketchtastic drug paraphernalia. I just thought their shadowy suppliers were having a BOGO sale or something. Ooph, well all I know is I'm most deff above the influence and those people who roll up.

Rolling up means living a super sketchy life hiding from parents, running away from the law, smelling like rancid garbage, and dressing in trashy latino type ponchos like a wannabe cholo. Y U No Speak no Mexicana, aye papi? It's not a lifestyle most teens want to live but there are lot that unfortunately do. This was the year that I foud out just how truly gross and fatally flawed people really are. Apparently the train to druggieville is overbooked, overflowing, and overrun with good kids gone bad, along with long haul riders of highs. Taking hits of good weed, hotboxing in grocery store parking lots, and passing the magic stuff around in a shady community clubhouse parking lot (like we all don't see you're trifling druggie ass). If you hide in the woods, paddle a canoe out to a lake/river, or zone out to Bob Marley like some sort of Caribbean drug addict, you might be high as hell. The only rolling up you should be doing is that which concerns Fruit Roll-Ups.

There is absolutely no excuse for being smoked out on crack, huffing glue/incense, or doing acid (btw, wte is that, it makes me think of battery acid). People claim it helps clear their minds, relax bodies and take them away from their problems. Even on 90210 on the characters, Ivy, has been doing weed to get over her anxiety over surfing after almost drowning. Medical marijuana is a plain joke, not even a cancer patient needs that, it only suppresses the pain and does nothing for the real problem. That's both cowardly and pretty pathetic, and I'm calling you the hell out. Not only should you face the drama/stress in your life head on, but you doing drugs greatly complicates your life. Don't complain that you're life is hard if you have to sneak out to blow smoke in your clubhouse, that's not okay. Instead of wasting money to complete a sketchy and not-so-sly drug deal just off school-property, or the classic locker to backpack exchange, that sets you back a huge chunk of change, drop the drugs, check into rehab and get back to reality. Always living in fear that you'll be caught with needles, cocaine lines, LSD/PCP, and even crystal meth will keep you healthier and safer. It literally makes me sick when people will steal prescription pads and pills. First of all, my dad is a doctor, and people who come in wanting Oxycontin and Vicadin just to abuse or even sell are a disgrace. Get your crazy self out of our sight, medicine is supposed to make people feel better and then be done with it. It's so underhanded, so twisted, and such a mess and those people deserve to serve time for their crimes.

I don't if teens are just super dumb, or if they don't really understand the side effects of drug abuse. It's for sure not cool to look like you're seventy-five when you're really seventeen, and besides it's a proven fact that white people don't age well, so you're going to need all the help you can get. Overdosing, if you're popping pills like their candy, and downing them with tons of alcohol, you might be cruising to just plain pass the heck out and die. Yup, die, like kick the damn bucket, hardcore peace out, and chuck the deuces to life forever. A teenage body can only take so much abuse and if you're nervous & cardiovascular systems are so slowed down that they fail to work, well buddy you're out of luck. Bad highs are like getting some fungus infested food, it's like food poisoning. You shiver and shake violently, and puke the freak out and feel like straight ish. Apparently it's a horrible sensation. If you snort things, your nose can be rawed out and it can even hurt to breathe. Not to mention killing brain cells, and if you're dumb enough to do drugs, you're going to need all you can get of those. Plus you look like flat out garbage, and that's real. People like that reek, they smell, there is an odor that clings to them and all of us clean kids judge you. Take a shower, brush your teeth and look normal. The infestation of disgusting following you is not a good look. Stop the roll up.

Being a teenager means knowing how to be safe and say no. Roofies are getting popular and so is date rape, so watch your drinks y'all, and guys can get raped too. Not everybody does drugs, so don't think you must do them to fit in. The cool kids, like me, are the ones who can have fun without any substances necessary. Druggies think they're sweet because they look up to Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa who are most deff the scum of the Earth, their music is garbage and they are literally walking vulgarity. Clear the smoke, get a life and stop rolling it, it's for sure not hella legit.

My blog post question for the day is ... when was the first time you were ever exposed to drugs?
I really didn't know a lot of people smoked out until this school year, and now it's everywhere. It's my biggest concern about my future college, because apparently everybody does it and doesn't get in trouble for it, uhm sketchy.


  1. Just to let you know, its not quite as uncommon as you seemed to think in your rediculously sheltered life. One in three people in the United States over twelve admit to smoking marijuana. In addition, recent studies confirmed that marijuana itself does literally no damage to the body, and the most recent studies have shown that it even reduces the size of lung cancer tumors and reduces the rates of cancers in the head and neck. It actually helps with cancer!

    The man who was responsible for the illegalization of marijuana, Harry J. Anslinger, who sereved as head of the narcotics bureau, actually knew that marijuana laws would be impossible to enforce and so created something called "Reefer Madness" to scare people out of the use of marijuana. He was an open racist, convincing the public to illegalize marijuana with quotes such as "Reefer makes darkies think they are as good as white men," and “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” There are also large ties to the timber industry funding the illegalization, as hemp was poised to replace wood as a source of paper.

    In Ohio, it's not as "sketch" as you claim. In fact, in Ohio, it's considered partially decriminalized, as the punishment for anything under 100g is the equivalent of a traffic ticket. It does not even go on file and has a max fine of $150. To go further, medical marijuana has helped millions with serious problems (and admittedly many without such problems) and has a 73% approval rating in the state of Ohio. That's right, 73% of Ohioans support medical marijuana. Just thought you ought to know that before you go ahead and bash the stuff. For someone who wants to be a doctor, you sure seem to be ignorant about this. I can easily post citations and referances for all the facts I have stated and more, just ask. Sincerely, me.


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