Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat

Being a teenager means causing a ruckus whenever possible. It's about being loud, being proud, and pissing people off. My favorite thing about blogging is knowing that people find my posts, read them and it makes them think. Either they take my advice and apply it, or else they completely disagree with it and it hardcore angers them. The best thing is when I get a comment, like the rude one on my Post-Prom post, "A Trip to the Moon" about me having an oversized ego. First of all, if you're going to call me out, take my previous advice and start something, but don't do it anonymously. Name calling on your part, is petty and pathetic. If you don't like my blog, or me as a person, you can totally like get over it, because I deff could care less, mmkay. You are not forced to read my teenage rants, so if they bother you, don't read them, but giving me your readership is great, so keep the fire coming. My better than you conceited narcissistic personality apparently sickens you. Sorry I make you projectile vomit, but real writing moves you, and I guess I just do my job a little too well, my bad. I suppose it might be time for me to sit down, cause I'm for sure rocking the boat.

Sit down, you're rocking the boat comes from 90210 and it's all about causing a huge scene. You all know I love being over the top, taking people down, and letting my presence be known at all times. It kills me when cowardly nobodies, as in people who don't matter because they are afraid to reveal themselves, have something to say. Until you stand up and back your opinions, you're incessant buzzing is nothing more than a pest waiting to be squashed. The people that make a difference are the ones who actually put themselves out there and fire people up. We make a ripple and cause a tidal wave. We speak our minds and provoke thought. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Abraham Lincoln, NPR News, Peter Jennings, Oprah, and even President Obama, they had/have something to say and they always say it. So here's your ultimatum, either get with the program or get a life. It's an opinion blog, it's all about the content not the person, mastermind, behind it. We're strangers, and you might not actually exist. I put my thoughts, advice, and entire person out there, feel free to do the same, K thanks.

If you think I'm a sheltered spoiled ignorant brat, well shat, that's good for you. Ooph, this is awkward, because you for sure judged me correctly, I've never left the house, nor held money, nor read a newspaper in my entire life. The world is a sphere, mind-blowing. Money doesn't grow on trees - can't be. Not all white people belong to the KKK - impossible. Seriously, for your information, I'm not obligated to fill you in on my entire life,  but then again, you cannot judge me, just as I can't size you up because you don't know me, or know anything about me. Uhm, but that's your personal opinion and what sets me apart from most teens is I'm not insecure and not being liked means nothing to me. I don't thrive off peer approval, I'm doing me, and you can do you and handle your business elsewhere, partner. Please continue to run your mouth, type your meaningless words, and throw around some weakly clever sentences, what's your point. Would you like me to cease and desist posting my blog? Uhm, never going to happen. As long as I've got readers, and I can write on relatable topics for teens, I'm going to keep cranking these posts out. So you can see my middle finger and the index finger follows, deuces to you, hater.

Rocking the boat means causing a hubbub, an uproar and resulting in an outcry. If I'm shaking you up, I'm doing my teenage duty quite well. If you don't have anything constructive to say, then feel free to keep your unnecessarily disrespectful comments to yourself. The Youthful is about being young, wild, and free, but within reason. If you can't handle the truth, then you can skedaddle. You're not always going to like everything that you read, and that's perfectly fine, but what you need to know is how to bite the bullet and get over it. There are tons of things in this world that I can't stand, like fake people, parents who abuse their kids, crackheads, and alcohols, the list goes on and on. But some things you can't change, and you're eventually going to have to learn to bite your tongue and chill out. The things that should be making a major impact in your life really shouldn't be my teenage blog, but rather the worldly and even local news. What I'm saying is, you might need to focus your apt attention somewhere else. And I will never sit down, because I'm always rocking the boat.

Being a teenager means being who you are no matter how people judge you. Label me all you want, call me all the names you can think of. Stick and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me. Come at me bro, start something, get loud, and initiate a revolution. You can do whatever you want. Continue to read the youthful life, or don't, the bottom line is it's no skin off my nose. I'm such a teenager. Lol.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you deal with haters?
As you can see, I'm not one to lie down and take a swig of hatorade. If you're going to be the one to start something, I will be the one to finish. Done deal, ba-da-boom, ba-da-boom.


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