Spring Break Glow

Being a teenager means using your Spring Break to get as wild as humanly possible. For most people, that's heading down to some coast with a group of your friends, laying out on the beach, getting sick wasted in your rental house, and of course hooking up with any locals, or better yet natives. Today was my school's first day back from SB11' and apparently it was straight wild as hell for the majority of people. For me, it was a restful time but still tons of fun, you already know about that mixer from Adding to the Mix and Off the Cuff, and my group outting for prom. I went swinging with a good friend, talked and made fun of people, blew some cherry Jelly Belly jelly bean bubbles into the wind and hit up Sonic for some slushes and corn dogs. It was just what I needed a break from school, but for the majority of people boarding planes and joining the rest of teenagedom down in Florida is where it's at. Time to discuss the post spring break glow.

After Spring Break everybody comes back tan. Here's the thing, I'm African-American, as in both my parents were born in Ghana, which is West Africa #smh, and immigrated here, so I'm like pretty dark skinded, yup skinded, and it's literally laughable for people to come back looking like burn omelets. If you're going to go tanning, which I don't recommend, whatever color you are, stay that way, use some sunscreen. If I'm walking behind you in the hallway and your skin is peeling off, falling out everywhere like it's snowing dead patches of your fried skin, that's most deff gross. It's called sunscreen for a reason, get your pasty self some and get with the program. Correction pen red is not a natural skin color, mmkay. If you come back with your tan lines everywhere like some sort of bad coloring book, you might be a mess. If you're going to tan, tan evenly. Rotate like the rotisserie chicken you are. I want to see that even coverage before you can ever come step to all this fine dark chocolate. Spring Break doesn't have to mean you're going to sunbathe, you can keep your clothes on and still have a good time - take that however you'd like. If you're roaming the beach in a bikini and your beer belly is hanging out, you might need to stop your pre-gaming. Girls, your gut hanging out is for real not cute, but you should be ashamed to be wearing a two-piece if you don't have the body for it. One pieces can be just as classy and way less revealing. If your bobangas are trying to make a guest appearance every time to take a step on the boardwalk or beach, you might be out of control. You need to be wearing what works for you. Bros, this includes you, speedos are never in, keep your board shorts on and your private parts covered. It's all about that post SB glow.

Spring Break is a time notorious for throwing caution, common sense, and relationships to the wind. I know you all remember Jamie Lynn Spears in Zoey 101: Spring Break Up and that musical movie, From Justin to Kelly, and heck, even the TV movie Big Time Beach Party. We've seen the embarrassing antics of too wild teens and young adults in compromising wet tee-shirts contests, drinking contests, and boardwalk brawls. If you've got a relationship, Spring Break can be a tumultuous time. It takes true trust to allow your significant other to pack up and hit the beach. The temptation to get a  Spring Break hookup is always there. If you do forget your gf/bf back home, please show them some respect and tell them of your dirty deeds, we all know it's bound to come out. End the relationship or keep on cheating you sketchy scum bag. However, if you're living the single life, feel free and plus as much ocean chicken as you'd like, and intentionally throw your Frisbee to the good looking chick/bro on the beach. Get your flirt on and get some numbers, and of course a real name. Before you start swapping spit, why don't you check the person out on facebook, you'd hate to find out you're the other woman/man in a classic Spring Break affair. Enjoy your time and make the most of it, if you're not feeling somebody, move on, there are plenty of desperate girls/guys on the beaches looking for a tanned body to cuddle with. Get yourself some and a little bit of that spring break glow. You know someone has had a SB hookup when they come back perpetually smiling, okay you dirty dirty girl, we all know you're easy but keep your giggly smile to yourself, you're not seeing that guy you slept with anytime soon. Fail.

Spring Break is for teens to let loose and get wild. If you're heading out on your own to a coastal city or town, make sure you come prepared. You're most definitely going to need a first aid kit, there will be blood. Who knows where and when. Make sure you all can swim, and let it be known that open water and open bottles of booze do not mix. If you drown, you mommy and daddy are going to be super depressed, so keep your inner alchy for when you're indoors. Don't act like a tourist, pretend you belong there, and check out the lesser known spots. Make your own fun, bonfire on the beach, toes in the sand, and boardwalk carnival rides are so picturesque. Do something different everyday and take tons of pictures. If your pictures don't appear on facebook for me to creep on, then it didn't happen, that's the teenage truth. Be smart, don't do anything you wouldn't regularly do, no episodes of "I Don't Normally Do This" should be playing with you starring. We all remember the epic Spring Break that was Greek with the Hotness Monster and all the deceit and sneaking around. If you do something bad, you're going to get caught. Sound the alarm, go insane, throw some glitter make it rain. Keep on dancing till the world ends. It's all about that post spring break glow.

Being a teenager means making memories. The most annoying thing about coming back to school from Spring Break is everybody's stories. Uhm, I could care less, I had a good time and you're boring me with your stereotypically dumbassness. Keep your crazy nights stargazing and laying around with your SB boo to yourself. Let's get back to business and pray for the summer. Y'all know we're ready for that.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite part of Spring Break?
I love being away from school, waking up whenever, and doing whatever is what it's all about.


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