Taking A Break

Being a teenager means defining all your relationships. It's all about labelling and letting everybody know what you've got. Spring has sprung and love and at least hook up season has busted wide open. Everybody's looking to get themselves a main squeeze, a shawty, or a ride or die chick. Then there are people who have been dating for a while now and the new relationship glow is just about wearing off. Eyes start to wander and suddenly who you're with is not what you want anymore, but instead of a clean split you suggest "taking a break." WTE (what the eff, for all you new blog readers, get with the lingo) does "I think we should take a break" mean? Always wondered the rules of pausing a relationship, seeing other people, and mutually exclusive meant. Just call me your teenage dictionary. I wonder if we should take a break?

Taking a break means two things, for some people it's like, we're stop seeing each other for a while, giving me a get out jail free card to be falsely single and get with as many girls/guys as possible before I'm put back on girlfriend/boyfriend lockdown again. If you're dating someone who's a flirt, or a top catch, as in you know people be looking thirsty thirst around them, like they're in the desert and your girlfriend/boyfriend is an oasis - then don't be surprised that on your vacation from each other that some dirty deeds do go on. Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. People play dumb with, if we're on a break, it's not cheating or so and so will never find out about this. Let it be known that if you know someone is pretty much in a relationship, and if they're separated (lol, teenage divorce court) and you fool around with mister or miss playa pimp that you're an accessory to the crime you commit. Do not, I repeat, do not be surprised when the person's significant other finds out about your throrough pat down of their private property and busts yo ass, wa pa, pow-pow the end. You know their situation and you're taking advantage of it, slow your roll tiger cat, dial it down and wait for the battle before over before you attack what's left for sloppy seconds. Taking a break doesnot mean your nothing but a vulture ways are warranted.

Taking a break can also mean it's a chance to miss each other in hopes that you'll realize you need the person and should get back together, or figure out it's going nowhere fast and push the evacuate button. Teenagedom is all about looking for that special someone, but how do you know if you're with that person or not. Taking a break can seem truly foolish at times but in other cases, it is actually a feasible idea. It's better to test your relationship than walking around on tiptoes like your gf/bf is a hot sandy beach. Dig deep and find the treasure or else surf out to the waves and catch another mermaid/merman. If your relationship is going nowhere, then don't waste your time doing nothing, end it and get up out of there. But if you find a gem/glimmer of hope that this might actually work out, chase it down for all it's worth. We all saw the #RoyalWedding between balding but classically stately Prince William and thin, elegant and proper as ever - new Princess Catherine were dating on and off for the past 8 years, as in they took multiple breaks and look at them now married, kissing on balconies, riding in carriages, and generally just trending on twitter like it's #NBD. Taking a break does not have to be the kiss of death for a relationship if you don't want it to be. If you love your girl/guy fight for them if you don't want an ending.

Taking a break is one of those teenage terms that can be applied to multiple things. This week on the youthful life has been all about relaxing, chilling, and hanging out. Taking a break can most definitely help you get your life back on track if need be. Taking a break can be put towards anything that causes you hardship. If something is messing with your flow, it needs to go - words to live by. Friends bringing you down, cut the cord like a newborn baby and dip the heck out of there. Stuck in a neverending fight with your arch enemy, hell we all have one, take a break from the drama and call a truce. Drugs and alcohol getting you into a little bit too much trouble, reel back in and take a break from the smack, Special K, rasberry Ciroc and other general wildness. Talking back to your parents got you grounded, take a break from the smart ass replies and take their harshness. Taking a break doesn't have to be all bad, it can save you from tons of difficulties if used correctly. Taking a break is all about setting yourself aside, getting your mind right before you get your head back in the game, rise and grind.

Being a teenager is all about choosing how you relate to everybody else. If you're tired of the constant shouting matches with seniorita or monsieur attached at the hip, call a time out, pause the game, and hardcore peace out for a while. Longing makes the heart grow fonder, or it's like a cold bucket of water poured on your head, wake up you're relationships like going down an up escalator and you ain't going nowhere. Take a break already.

My blog post question for the day is ... have you have taken a break?
#neverhaviever taken a break, I stay on my A game at all times. Boom.


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