Time Stands Still

Being a teenager means going through some of the hardest times possible. We're hammered left and right with crazy things come at us. We try and move forward, and keep a smile on our faces, but there is always coming that you are never prepared for. Nothing you can do can brace for the impact. If for only one moment, the pressure builds up in your eyes, you can hardly breathe, you hear the news, your heart drops and time stands still. There so many instances where you are literally dumbfounded, shocked, astonished, and caught off guard. Death, as in the angel of darkness, taking someone you know, ringing the clock tower, and leaving you behind, is one of the few thing that always looms over our heads. It hold you back, it knocks you down, and freezes time. As a teenager, death plays a powerful role in our lives, time to discover how time stands still.

Teenagedom represents youth, being young, wild and free. Death is always present, and it can take any one of us at any moment. No one is exempt, it's the only thing that keeps us all equal, all of tied down. I know from personal experience that whenever I'm watching the news and I hear of a murder, or a suicide, I think to myself, I don't know the person. I shrug it off, and move on. I have no emotional attachment to the news story, that's just it, a story, without a face, without a soul. When death passes by and takes away someone you know, it's a whole different story. We all think, why, why now, and this could never happen to someone I know. It's getting to close, it's taking everyone. This can't be real life, I didn't really just hear that, this is a dream of phantasmagorical proportions. It's like you step out of your body and watch yourself breakdown. Time slows down, everything stops moving, nothing else matters, your heart sinks and time stands still.

Dealing with death, and loss is one of the hardest things any human being, young or old will ever have to face. There's nothing that compares to it. It's the realization that you will never see or hear from that person ever again. It's the finality of the entire thing, it happens, and there's nothing you can do about it. You start by rejecting that it's actually happened. You finally accept it, but your whole world seems to stop spinning. You plead, and beg, you moan, you cry, your heart leaps, it's filled with genuine sorry. Never will you ever cry more than one someone close to you passes away. No amount of sorries, no condolences, nothing compares to that feeling. It's undeniable, it's unbelievable. Being a teenager, the loss of a parent or sibling or even a friend is life changing, it's devastating. Mark it on the wall, if I ever lost any of the 7 of us, my parents or my brothers and sister, I would literally stop living. They are all I live for, my entire life. Without them there's no way I could ever go on, and that's the truth, it's real. If any ones of my friends was taken away from me, I'd be broken, never to be made whole again. Separating for college is one thing, but them never to be seen again, would send me over the edge and put me at my breaking point. There's only so much a kid can take. No matter how old we pretend to me, no bother to how mature we supposedly are, we're children, we're teens, we're young and the people we know are everything to us. Time stands still.

Death is coming to terms with the loss of another human life. On TV, deaths completely change storylines, alter plots and every character has to deal. The most famous episodes of Degrassi, would for sure be "Time Stands Still" which is where Rick after being bulled pulls a gun and goes on a shooting rampage, paralyzing Jimmy, aka Aubrey "Drake" Graham and ultimately ending his own life. It changed the entire show and made it what it is today. In season 6, when JT was stabbed outside the party and died, none of the characters were ever the same. It really is eye-opening, human life is so fragile. It's not something to be played with, it's a gift, that can be taken away. On the CW, the Vampire Diaries is such a crazy show because characters die all time. It's mind blowing, and on 90210 last season when Silver and Kelly's alcoholic mother died from cancer in "To Thine Own Self Be True" I cried with them. On Smallville, Jonathan Kent's death changed the show, along with that of Lionel Luthor and Lex Luthor too. The entire show of Roseanne, was based upon a death, her husband and how she imagined life without him. There's no emotion like that of sorrow, of true inner pain. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it, some people cry, other's remain silent. Some people put on a brave face, while others scream and yell. Death is the most unforgiving force known to man. It has the power to make time stand still. But death is just that death, it doesn't mean your life is over, you have to pick up the pieces and move on. Time doesn't stop forever, it'll tick on, and so must you. It may seem like the end of the world, but I promise, times get better, and life goes on.

Being a teenager does not mean your invincible. Death doesn't have any rules, and it can take anyone, including each and every one of us. Do not play with it. It may be Spring Break, but that doesn't mean you have to do dangerous things. There's way too many teens who have lost their lives over simple accidents after getting too wild. Alcohol poisoning, falling off of balconies, and car accidents. Death is all around us, look at all the celebrities who are dead and gone recently, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Bernie Mack, Peter Jennings, DJ Megatron, Soulja Boy's little brother, Mr. Miyagi, the list goes on and on. Time stands still if only for a moment, live life to the fullest and with no regrets, you last memory might just be that, your last.

My blog post question for the day is ... have you ever lost someone close to you? Who was it, and how did you deal with it?


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