Until the End of Time

Being a teenager means finding out who your true friends are. It's about seeing past what you usually see and looking within people to find the friends that you're going to be close with for your entire life. Your best man or a bridesmaid, the people you make Godparents of your kids, the people you hang out with even when you're old, as in over 22. Friends that not only withstand the test of time but the ones that learn to know you the best. The people you share your entire life story with. Those that understand you, sometimes better than you understand yourself. They read you like and open book. They know what makes you and you the same for them. Friends for life are the ones who show you everlasting loyalty, undying companionship, and drama proof bonds.

I don't know about all of you but the thing that's blatantly missing in the world we're living in is loyalty. I'm talking the kind of loyalty that the Secret Service has towards President Obama, as in the bullet blocking kind. People are snitches, they're convenience friends, fleeting and they'll dip out right quick when you're in trouble. They'll see you out for any offer they get. Fake friends spread rumors, gossip, and talk behind your back. Loyal friends keep their mouths shut and your personal life behind closed doors. If we're supposed to be friends and I hear you spraying some kind of cockamamie garbage about me after smiling to my face, I'm going to give you the old one, two bunch. You're faker than Tyra Banks latest weave in. Get that ish out of here. Do not tell me you're a ride or die homie if I catch you flirting with my girlfriend. Bros, don't mess around with a bros ho, capiche compadré? Loyalty is lying through your damn teeth for your friend if need be. It's never turning in your buddy and taking the rap and never copping out. It's about going out of your way to be real, upfront and open about the kind of person you are. Julius Caesar's buddies and Judas Iscariot the literal backstabber who sold old Jesus (shoutout to big J) are the worst friends of all time, hands down. Loyal friends know the meaning of infinity, eternity and forever because that's how long their true friendships last. Loyalty never dies, it lasts until the end of time.

Friendship is the most important thing in our lives as teens. Let me tell you, you are nobody, no one, and absolutely nothing if you don't have friends. You'll never make it if you don't have people watching your back. Friends and real companions keep you grounded and down to Earth. They set you straight, tell you the hard truths, and prevent you from going over the edge. If I'm hardcore tripping out on acid, my friends should be the ones to tell me to stop and prevent my imminent death. If we're about to drag race, my friend would be the one to not only sit in the passenger seat but let me know I'm dumb as hell for doing it. Friends can tell your emotions. They are there for you not only when you're high and mighty after being promoted with that cushy pay raise, but when you're critically ill and need someone to take care of you. They comfort you in times of sorrow, and celebrate with you whenever there's a party. Companionship is being able to just chill. Truly hangout, doing nothing really but eating, talking and sitting around. Friends who can see you at your unkempt worst, just after waking up, hair a disastrous monster, boxers/lingerie hanging out, eye gunk and drool abound, and laugh whenever you burp or fart, those are real friends. They're not afraid to hug when you're highly contagious with a foul as heck cold, nor share food whenever possible, and money is not a figure. Being able to share everything, both personal and material is true companionship. Mi casa es su casa. Friends until the end of time.
Friendships that do it on that little thing called time realize that nothing even matters. The greatest friends are ones who can go through any circumstance and still come out together. If we fall in love with the same dime piece, and you marry her, I'm not going to hold it against you if we're the best of friends. Nothing, no petty argument, no bills, and drama can ever tear us apart. We're in this thing for the long haul. If and your friends never fight and can handle the constant criticism, you're golden. It's when you are always at each other's throats, barely can tolerate one another, and cross the line way too many times that you should probably end that friendship. Friends are not frenemies, it's not a love-hate relationship. If you and your friend explode over petty things, and go your separate ways you may not have been real friends in the first place. High school is the perfect place to get your squad and have your entourage roll deep. Gather your few lifelong friends from high school, stay in touch and add some new ones from college, and you've got your ultimate clique for life. It's a bromance, a bestieship, and a slight obsession with one another. It's seeing one another and instantly smiling and reminiscing of old times. It's all the inside jokes, the non-verbal motions, the mouthing words,  and the hours of laughter. It's until the end of time.

Being a teenager is most definitely hard at times, but friends make it all better. It's torture to endure the hours of ridiculous school, especially when you're fed up with pretty much everybody. You need people who get your craziness, your insanity, and you're weird tastes. You gel, vibe and flow together and you've created a lifelong bond that can never be broken until the end of time.

My double blog post question for the day is ... how many best friends do you have?
I would say I have three, my bromance, my bestie, and my bffl. That's all I need for now at least.


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