Zero Tolerance

Being a teenager means counting down the days to the biggest nights of your life. For most juniors and seniors prom is right around the corner, and for my school that means this Saturday it all goes down. But the end of the dance is just the beginning for almost all of us. There are so many options in what you can do afterwards. Some kids are going down to a strip club for pathetic lap dances, others are camping out in the woods getting high, and even more are attending a classic house-party. For those of us who have morals and are not looking to lose our virginity or get sick wasted in a drunken stupor, there's the constantly corny school sanctioned after-prom and the worst alternative, calling it a night and heading home. Whatever you choose to do, you're going to do what you think is right. But let it be known that prom night does not always end the way you plan it out to be, we've all seen that Prom Night remake, Not Another Teen Movie, and even last season's Degrassi Prom Night where there was a pregnancy scare. The two most famous Prom Nights would probably be the old Beverly Hills: 90210 where Donna Martin got drunk out of her mind, and her classmates had to chant "Donna Martin Graduates" because she was caught being a little alcoholic - and the first season of the new 90210 where everything spiraled out of control and Annie ended up drunk driving and running over a man, eventually killing him. But here and now, it's all about that zero tolerance.

I'm here to warn you all about the dangers of post prom activities. On prom night, everybody knows the local police have been notified and they will for sure be on the lookout for teens, so keep off the roads whenever possible. They'll be cruising for dumbass teens throwing back brewskis underage or just throwing one of those raging out of control parties. Alcohol- we're like 17, and so we should not be drinking it. I don't know when it became okay for people to be complete alcoholics but it seems like it's the new thing to do. Some teens knock it back like it's water from the fountain of youth. If you take a beer, a martini, or a margarita mixer and you slurp it like it's a bowl of soup, good for your soul, you might be a major mess. If you can blend together club style drinks, and your friends call you the bartender, you might be out of control for your age. It's literally illegal for people to drink alcohol under the age of 21, and yet people feel it's necessary to do. It's not mandatory to be completely out of your mind to have a good time, not remembering your nights, and puking up a storm with hangovers is not cool. This season on the Real World: Las Vegas, Adam is the resident maniac and his drinking antics are already legendary. If you drink, lose control, and rage - you're a hazard not only to those around you, but to yourself. If you keep a flask in your socks, and you try and sneak your secret stash to prom, you might be super cheesy. It's time to put down the bottle and step away from the booze, we've got zero tolerance for bumbling alcoholics like you. Drinking does not make you cool, and just because everybody's doing it, does not mean you have to as well. You do not need to get a record for being caught with some gin n' juice, so not worth it, and it will totally ruin your prom night.

We've all seen the classic movies where after a perfect night of dancing till the world ends, prom dates take themselves back to their hotel rooms, strip and get their freak on. It's a mystical time where apparently everybody finally does the dirty and revokes their v-cards permanently. Uhm, that's a myth, I'm here to debunkify. Just because prom is over does not mean you need to go knock boots. If your date is pressuring you in to sleeping with them, let it be known that you cna always wield the power of no. If you're not ready, or you just don't want to, you can escape the situation. No means no, not even if you've said yes before. Sex is real and personal, and as teens not all of us need to have bone a warm body whenever possible. Keep your private parts to yourself and slow your roll. If you keep a stack of condoms in your wallet, for whenever a chick is feening to be a sloppy one night stand hookup, you might be a foul tool. If you're on birth control, I'm not going to lie, that's kind of weird. It's cool that you've got protection, but the best protection against unwanted teen pregnancies is to just not have sex. Do not put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up, and no island babies will be born, mmkay. After prom, if you are ready to give it up and put out, that's on you, but think about it before you rush in to something you're not ready for. It's not as glamorous as TV and movies make it out to be, the process is awkward, cliché and very intimate.If you're going to be getting it in, don't do it with your parents home, that's just plain nasty and disrespectful. Whatever you do with your post prom night is up to you, and if you want to do her/him, go ahead get some, but I for one have zero tolerance.

To have a good time does not require you to be smoked out on drugs. If you pop pills and swallow it with a swig of Mike's Hard Lemonade you might be an addict. Prom is something you want to be conscious for and getting high or snorting whatever druggies shove up their nose is so not the way to do it. As citizens of this like country, most of the narcotics teens use are deff illegal. If you get caught with them you can get charged and they will shove you're crazy ass in jail. And that's real, and for sure, the truth. If you go to a post prom party and everybody is taking club drugs like LSD and PCP to make it wild, you do not have to. Get yourself out of the situation and someplace that's way less sketchy. Doing drugs takes you out of it and a lot can happen when you're messed up. Degrassi, when Emma was date raped, yeah, that so happened, and it goes there. If you're hitting a party, don't set down your drink, if you do, make sure you get a new sketchy red or a fresh can or whatever you're sipping on. Just because you're living the night life doesn't mean you have to be stupid. Prom night, is a night unlike any other but the rules remain the same, be smart, and stay safe. The Po-Po has zero tolerance for your ludicrous teenage antics.

Being a teenager means making the most out your nights. After prom, I recommend going to just that, after-prom, even though it's boring as hell, and you just want to sleep, everyone will not label you as shady/sketchy. It's more secure and your parents can rest assured their naive little girl/boy is safe and sound. If you do make alternative plans that are less than legit, don't be surprised when you have to face the consequences. Zero tolerance people.

My blog post question for the day is ... what are you doing after prom?
I for one, will be hanging with my closest friends, playing carnival games at after prom and trying not to fall asleep. Totally legit for me.


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