Everything or Nothing

Being a teenager is all about taking things to next level. Everyday is a high stakes game of immense important. If you don't make everyday count, then why even bother, boom goes the dynamite right there. College is a time to grow, to mature, and to figure out who you are when you only have yourself to answer to. No parents, no rules, and no standards can lead to a some sort of hella sketchy mess. Roll the dice, raise those bets and give me everything or nothing at all.

College is just a wild place overall. Walking to class on Friday, there's just some kids strolling about in retro 70's attire blasting Rebecca Black's horribly infectious hit "Friday" - like how much more awesome can this place get. Sitting through biology, learning about water and all it's amazing properties, and all I want to say is, "Dear professor, water, it bathes me, it has no taste and it's clear, it's not that special, now Tite (patent pending) that's something to learn about." Buzzer questions and all, and I'm out of there, on to my honors college class. The debate just keeps heating up. My favorite thing to do in that class is just people watch, somebody will say something a little haywire or a whole lot of controversial, and you see people cringe or prepare to pounce. Hands shoot up like a warzone getting sprayed with bullets or people just through word bombs, grenading interjections like nobody's business. It's intense, somehow I brought up wisdom teeth and even if I didn't want to keep them, the doctor has no right to my pearly whites and to just study them for research, throw away my fricken trash you filthy animal. After that, it was off to lunch with a friend, tons of unnecessary advice about college (listen here peeps, I give advice, but taking it, uhm- that's not in my job description, okay but if I needed some, I'd ask for it). Eventually it comes time again for my massive chemistry lecture. Please fill me in as to why the dude I'm sitting next to farts, yup, kindergartner style flatulates just in the middle of class, and tries to act all inconspicuous. Close your legs partner, this is not the rodeo. Get an air freshener for your ass and skedaddle, don't even look at me, you've just demolished my nose with a blast of toxic waste. You know I dipped out of that class ASAP and I was finally free, another Friday survived. So what do I do, I get back to my dorm room and the floor wants to hit the beach, majority rules, so all of sudden I'm in swim trunks and flip flops, looking like a fool with my pants on the ground, but seriously riding a bus downtown to the bike path. The cross walk signals here must despise me, they are never long enough for me to power walk across the street, so we decide to be little daredevils and cross on the flashing hand, ironically directly in front of a lady cop. The diva pulled on over and we slowly back away, only for her to bust a blunt smoking hobo, and not us crazy kids. Crazy Jake met up with us, blasting party music from his suitcase speakers while riding his back, yeah it happened. Krabby Patty and Jakey Bear caught up with us and we walked for what seemed an eternity to this little beachy type thingy. Needless to say the water may been colder the White Witch of Narnia's heart, but we risked it all and went in anyway. Sammy Slamma Jamma and Mireille were just swimming away in the lake, while Shan-Dawg and I ran, David Hasselhoff on Baywatch style, into the kiss of death. Norio, who might be one of the coolest kids like ever, the dude is awesome, plain and simple, and our all around good at everything boss, Jimbo played until ninja, guess who finally got beasted. Shivering on a log with M-Abby and we decided to depart the beach, sandy and tired. This whole spontaneity thing, it may or may not be the death of me. It's everything or nothing.

We hopped off the bus at in front of the hospital and behind the castle, it's kind of a random place. The group went to dinner at Brennan's - BTW, WTE (in this context, who the eff) is Brennan and why does he make such good curry chicken wraps? After that, it was time to change into some more plaid and pay a visit to the westside crew and hang out. Our arch nemeses aren't that bad, Geoff (Jeff or Gee-Off) with Sharpie blue toenails, Lilia and her bubbly personality, Korin and her antics, and classy reserved David (Davey Jones in my book of nickname); it's just cool to sitting in the hallway and literally nothing. JaMocha Shake was feeling a top-turvy, as in shaken and not stirred, so soon to be Dr. O to the rescue. The amount of tea, ginger ale, and sports drink spilled in that 2 foot radius was the stuff of legend, major party foul alert. Soon, the coolest of the cool kids on the Eastside went out for a memorable time (oxymoron or irony- screw literary terms) and I had a good time Skyping the sister and complaining about literally everything, and everyone, it's like talking to myself but so much freaking better. Afterwards, Twilight, Sam and I had long talk, getting all deep and personal - it was almost a tearjerker. Hit the hay at like 1 am, long before shenanigans ensued and I wake up on Saturday morning to hangout with the Westside, but pretty much just JaMocha Shake. Xue, this funny girl who kind of looks like Stephanie Jacobsen (Melrose Place 2.0, please keep up) and her friend making friendship bracelets. Of course I braided one that matched perfectly to the plaid I was wearing, it's a lifestyle. The floor linked up again to hit H&M for dinner (figure it out kiddies). Oh, how could I have forgotten climbing the fire escape to watch the sunset with Shan-Dawg, Jakey Bear, Mireille and even ole boy JT was up in the sky there too. Climbed a tree to lay in a hammock only to be scolded by a bicycle riding cop-po-po #awkward. Then we climbed a tree The buffett was not enough, this kid ordered Domino's and all was well with the world. The cool kids got ready for a night on the town and the guys played some video games. While I may have gotten my digital buttox violated (these analogies get more and more out of control) it's just great to hang with the bros. Big Ben and I buried the hatchet on him failing to acknowledge my existence with a hey, and then the brat pack linked up for a midnight stroll. Norio, Jandro, Shan-Dawg and I, with an abusive mini-bball in tow, walked around campus, solemnly swearing we were up to no good. A ride on the drunk bus just to observe and make fun of literally everyone was well worth it. Late night fourth meal of liquor inspired B&J's or (Ben-Jay) ice cream and back to our humble abode to recall the wild events of the night. Pop in visit from Peter Piper and Pissing George (these nicknames are too much to ever explain) and Mabby, Indiana Jones (dude's name is Harrison, like Ford as in actor, so get the logic and go) and even Joelly-Bear for another late night talk. Beddy-bye time and everything or nothing occurred.

Another 3 am night, and somehow it was Sunday morning. I woke up and got dressed, all nice and what not like I was going to church, but oh wait, that's exactly where I was going. Shan-Dawg and I were going to get our religion on. We missed the bus to downtown, so we walked the downhill trek just telling familial stories. The chick is so cool to talk to, not going to lie, the best people in the world are the one's that listen and also talk to you back. It's never awkward with her around. We hardcore power walking through the middle of the city and we come to find out the bus we need doesn't run on Sabbath day, so epic fail. We grab a bus back to campus, and snag a ride with this chill photographer lady. Looking like well dressed illegal immigrants, as in 4 of us crammed into the back, we got to the church which is currently housed in a movie theatre. A small congregation but a very personal time, everybody was very welcoming and more than interested in us being there, so it was pretty awesome. Back to the dorm to adorn in more plaid and hit the town with the girlies. We journeyed to this place called Uncommon Grounds, where I ironically got peach iced tea. And then to Boloco, (rhymes with Four Loko) for a summer mango salsa infused burrito, different from Chipotle and Hot Head. Rode the back to campus and it was hardcore homework time. I put in work, with a little help from know it all Jimbo (the kid knows his stuff). Downstairs to get some pizza from our more than thoughtful RA. Random freeloaders ensue but a chill talk with our resident singer/songwriter Ky-Ky, (Kyle), he's so solid. Another one of our daily dance parties, Usher "More" is my song of choice as of now. That's right, I'm a beast, I'm an animal. Chemistry quiz homework gave me some trouble but Jimbo to the rescue, the dude's a superhero. Soon it was 7pm, and I was fashionably (decked out in plaid) late for the broadcast newsteam, UVMtv meeting. Everybody else wanted to do behind the scenes work, and literally only me wanting to to host. Possible co-host on the pop-culture show, you know I know my celebrities, but also taking the blog campus wide and in live-action to answer questions? The Youthful Life: Goes College: On Air? Jandro pulled some crap with me again just pummeling me while I sat cradlded in fetal position, only for me to yell at him pulling a Sammy Sweetheart on the Shore, it was monumental. A trip to the ALANA house with JaMocha Shake and Jandro, anytime spent with that girl is fine with me, mmkay. Off to the food store to get some grub and go on the hunt to set No Crap Carolyn, Hannity Insanity, and Model Abby up with some bf's - just call me doctor love. If I can be friends with the dude, then they're most deff okay for my friends to date, no d-bags or psychos on my watch, the doctor is in. Reading Descartes discourse on messiness and eating a huge lollipop before bedtime. It's everything or nothing right there.

Being a teenager is all about taking a ride on the wild side. Just because you've got morals, standards and personal values does not mean you can't have fun. Look at my life, uhm, I would say it might be a whole lot of ridiculous but that's because I'm always have the time of my life. As Eric Christian Olsen would say from "Fired Up" (one of my fave movies, like ever) "you gotta risk it for the biscuit and I love me some biscuit. Give it everything or nothing.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your fondest encounter with the police? The whole tree incident was absolutely outrageous, this is Groovy UV, and I can't climb a tree, uhm, bull crap but sketchtastic druggies can burn out in plain sight.


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