Out of the Ordinary

Being a teenager is all about doing something different for a change. College life can really get you stuck in this same sort of rut that gets old fast. It's repetitive, mundane, and frankly if you don't mix things up. It's up to you shake it up, break it down, and make something new out of your daily life. Try something random, completely different, and totally out of the ordinary.


Friday night always has it's ups and downs. I went to new member education class with Campy and Rob where we learned more about fraternal founding fathers and recited the creed we live by. Let's just say memorization of that thing is going to take more than just one afternoon. Night comes and I check online to see if Sam and I will be able to do something different for a change and head down to the hipster Merrill Roxy movie theatre. Nope, the showing of the Hunger Games we were going for is already sold out but we don't give up hope and start our long walk downtown. It's not too chilly but it's most deff not as blazing hot as it was earlier in the week, can you say global warming, Al Gore and his crazy self was actually right. We buy our tickets to 21 Jump Street instead and I can honestly say it was absolutely worth it. The movie is laugh out loud hilarious. It had some of my favorite lesser known actors like Dave Franco (James's little bro) and Spencer Boldman from "Lab Rats" along with hard hitting comedian extraordinaire, Jonah Hill, and a newbie to the world of the funny, Channing Tatum. Ice Cube makes an appearance as the hardass police captain. Undercover cops infiltrating a high school to stop a drug ring, sounds like an already done plot but this is totally different. It's fresh, new hilarious, and highly memorable. Twists, turns, and near Bridesmaids's style inside jokes will come from this movie, I highly recommend it. The movie finishes so Sam and I plan on catching the drunk bus but we saw a mob of people squeezing into it and we decide to walk, again. Y'all know I despise walking, it's so much effort. We pass by the bus stop and there's Paige our friend from IRA last semester selling PB & J sandwiches to raise money for outting club and I'm partial to friendship so I buy one. We then make the near insane walk up the far hill, past the outskirts of campus and onto central. Never have I ever walked so much in one night, it was like journeying to the center of the Earth or something. Back to the Heights, where I change into pajamas, shave my face, and have the earth to mop the bathroom. The cleaning power of Pine Sol floods the hallway and I'm highly embarrassed when Krabs walks in with me crouching on chairs OWL-ing, shaving cream on my face, and a mop in my hand. We let it air out and I was feeling all kinds of random. Bed time happens, and there's nothing more out of the ordinary.

Saturday morning I do the unthinkable and get up at 7am. It's like the apocalypse or some sort of dystopian society (oh wait that's the Hunger Games). I get dressed and Sam, Emily and I book it to the bus stop to head downtown. Hear me, hear me, the bus might be the worst thing, it just doesn't show up so we end up walking downtown, again, and this time almost to the shore. I was literally on the verge of teenage death when we finally made it to the Skinny Pancake. We met up with Emily's friend, Dzenan and went inside for a special treat. Crepes, eggs and bacon for me and we all just dig in and talk. The most random stories ever like Emily and I's inability to properly drive, high school drug scandals, and the misery that is the working life are discussed. We bond a little bit and are driven on a wild ride to this Yoga clothing shop where Emily is in love with this dog that she saw in the window. We're there for like a good half hour just petting it, observing it and being the weird college kids that we are. It's back to campus and we've made a new friend, Dzenan who fits right on in with us. The dude works at A&F, how could we not be friends, can you say discount? My afternoon is spent fighting off sleep, succumbing to a drool worthy nap and making my first official reconnaissance mission to the library for research. Night falls and it's round two of movie night. Yet again, the bus fails us, so Sam and I walk back downtown to the movie theatre. We wait in a long winding line and finally enter retrieving our prepaid tickets of the 9:25pm showing of the Hunger Games. The movie starts and it's like mind blowingly amazing. So much emotion, the passion, the drama, and the realistic violence is almost too much to handle. It becomes close to being like actually real. This movie is a must see, the casting is amazing, and the performances other than the major three are all great. Alexander Ludwig as Cato is both brutishly relentless and human at the same time, Jack Quaid (Dennis Quaid's son) as Marvel is hilariously awkward, and Amanda Stenberg as pure and innocent Rue do a stand out job as well. The movie is endearing, and I'm not going to lie I legitimately cried during one scene. The movie ends and we exit the theatre and I just can't stop thinking about it. It stays with you and lingers on in the back of your head. We catch the drunk back to campus where this girl is hardcore puking her guts out into a trash can and it's foul as hell. Like damn girl, it's only 11pm, you went way too hard. We get out at the Heights and make friends with the bros in the little vestibule before heading up to our rooms. It's sleepy time and I'm done being out of the ordinary.

Sunday it's another one of those early wake up calls that I just cannot stand. I get dressed in my most rugged of clothing (as in a flannel shirt and shady jeans) and walk over to Marsh-Austin-Tupper residential complex to meet up with my fraternity brothers, Derrick and Campbell. We walk to central where Rob drives up downtown to the "House." Everyone gets ready and we drive to North Beach for our community service clean up. It's drizzling and dismal but a relatively fun time. Campbell, Gabe, Rob, Bela (our newest member) and I walk to the right and pick up empty beer cans, banana peels and even a baseball. The amount of trash garnered is actually astonishing, classic crazy college kids. We throw the stuff in the compacter and I've got a mound of sand in my shoes. It's on to Leddy Park Beach where we're tasked with clearing out logs and sticks from a drainage pipe. The water/mud is like orange and it gets on everything and everyone. Y'all know I'm like crazy about my clothes but it's a good time just being a human conveyor belt passing twigs and rocks. Splashing on the beach, mud everywhere, and even some water logged splinters with Stan, and Phil and we're done just after noon. It's been a long morning but it was totally worth it. Giving back especially with friends is a great feeling. I hurry back to the Heights trading jabs at Campby along the way and change and realize I've missed my group meeting. Epic fail. No worries, a quick nap and I'm changed again to head to Magnolia Bistro for lunch for with my hall council executive board. Sam, Lilia, Ali, Carolyn, and our adviser Kristine go to town on some french toast and fruit. We talk about next year's plans and finishing the year off strong. More homework gets done on campus, and soon it's time for UVMtv club elections. I force myself not to run for anything and more positions are incontestably won. I have fraternity chapter meeting where I keep minutes and with more homework Sunday is just about over. Nothing more or less out of the ordinary.

Being a teenager is about diversifying your life. Nobody likes doing the same things over and over. We're too young to live and die by schedules, this is not Scrubs or the Cosby Show and there are no face masks or pudding cups anywhere. College is the time to go out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries but stick to your morals. Doing something new should challenge you not pressure you into something you're not ready for. Keep it young, keep it wild and keep it free, just out of the ordinary.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the most random thing you've done recently? I would say yelling at a seagull on the way back from math class both a ridiculous and highly embarrassing low point in my recent life, NBD.


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