Sex Bomb

Being a teenager is all about sex. Yes, I said it - S-E-X, sex. The bump and grind, the ride or die, hit and switch, cherry picking, v-card swiping an all the rest. The only one I don't get is that birds and the bees talk - uhm, I'm pretty sure they can't get it ok, beaks and stingers don't match. But seriously, so much of teenagedom revolves around virginity, sex and innuendos. Let's get down and dirty and drop the sex bomb.

Here's how I know ally my readers must be freaks - last time I posted about sex, my pageviews for that singular post literally doubled. Like y'all mofos need Jesus, JK but actually though. I can't deny it, sex sells. It's what moves the market and people may say that it's not what they but we all know what a hot commodity it is. Everything is sexualized, commercials, lyrics, music videos, TV shows, movies, clothing, and other products. Everyone is supposed to be good looking and in your mind you can shag them like Mike Meyers (minus the bad teeth). Actors, actresses, musicians, and all the other entertainers just exude sex - they just stand there and smolder and it's all the oomph. It's like how can you exist, no one should be able to look like that.  Look at the Carrie Diaries how big a deal sex is on that show, on Awkward. and 90210, virginity is sacred to some people. On campus we have this "alternative" (aka hipster) newsmag (WTEff is a newsmag) called "the Water Tower" where they publish people's super explicit poems about who they "want so bad" - needless to say they get raunchy fast. I've come to understand that there's nothing wrong with being super sexual but damn I think there's a time and a place. If people are constantly on the prowl looking to bone, get it in and score, we're all in danger. Like who has time for that, or wants to be a waking STI? Keep your little mister to yourself and let's move on. Not everyone is trying to have sex with you. Those who "she wants the D" tweets and post are absolutely ridiculous and are a true testament to the over-aggressive male persona most guys take on when it comes to hookup culture. Just because a girl exists over the age of 14 does not mean she's some kind of naughty sex kitten waiting for you to deflower her. Show some self restraint, get over yourself, and realize that not everybody is looking for a one night stand. Girls, same goes for you, just because a guy doesn't want to blow your brains out (damn, the innuendos just keep on coming) doesn't mean he's not attracted to you or even gay - he may just have higher standards for when he wants to have intercourse or doesn't expect you to give it up on sight. Just because you lock eyes with someone, smile at them or grind a little does not mean you're going to be getting laid. Close your legs and have some damn dignity, drop the sex bomb. I'm going to take a second to mention contraception and preventative measures - it's both partners' responsiblity, no matter your sexual orientation - take care of yourself.
My inspiration! {Evan/Rebecca}
This past week in my religion and pop culture class we talked about the abstinence movement (purity rings and all - Jonas Brothers anyone?) and it was definitely an interesting conversation. The media in all mediums is oversexualized in my opinion. I would be embarrassed for an impressionable (what does that even mean) mind turn on Teen Wolf or the Vampire Diaries, hell Pretty Little Liars or pretty much anything and see so much skin, people swapping spit and the post sex, sweaty, sheet drapery scenes. It's not always okay. Everyone is walking around with their midriff showing, bobangas hanging out, and shirtless men trounce around like some out of work Abercrombie models. Yo, there are virgin eyes out there watching and what are we teaching them, that sex is the only thing that matters? I'd like to think our society is about more than that. Let me just announce to the world that abstinence is not dead. l'mma repeat that for effect, abstinence or the act of refraining for sex is alive and well. There's lot of people including college students who are pledging to save themselves for marriage or are willing to wait for a serious relationship before they give themselves away. It's not some crazy super freak Christian idea. It's actually pretty common, approximately 25% of college students on any given campus are not sexually active. Nobody knows the reasons, but people don't need a reason. Just because you're not having sex doesn't make you a prude, coy, childish or uninformed, it's a personal decision that's solely up to you to make. For some people sex really means a lot, it matters who they let be intimate with them. For me, personally, sex is a gift only shared between two people who wholeheartedly love one another unconditional. My sex will not be given out anytime too and not to every hoochie momma who makes advances at me. Respect my decisions for my body. So I'll give the flipside to that, people who are sexually active or sexually hyperactive like getting new sexual partners, sleeping around and making your way through the circuit of lusty lovin' are not sluts. People are not hos, whores, or harlots, some people choose to be more free with who they knock boots with. That's a choice, and the double standards that go along with that are outrageous. Girls are seen as goody-goodies is they are virgins, and skanks if they are sexually active whereas guys are congratulated for all their sexual conquests and ridiculed if they are virgins. No one wins. Let people take control of their own bodies, make their own decisions, ultimately our opinions on other people's sex lives are irrelevant. Back off and drop the sex bomb.

*Can I just say that I want a cliché cute relationship, like Giuliana and Bill, Shane Harper and Bridgit Mendler - stable relationship perfect love. Like holding hands, picnics, classically picturesque photogenic dates and a castle-type wedding culminating in passionate husband and wife sex.

Choe Bridges photographed by Claire Oring
Being a teenager all about that good old bed shaking, baby making (actually how about not - no children yet, ain't nobody got time for that), grade A fornicating neighbors knowing your name type of sexy time. Uhm, maybe, maybe not. The truth of the matter is not everyone is swapping bodily fluids and doing the dirty. It may sometimes seem that way walking around campus, but it's most definitely not the truth. Whatever or better yet, who you want to do is completely up to you. Do what feels rights and follow your heart. At the end of the day, no else controls your sexuality except you. Drop the sex bomb like hot nuke #boom!

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you view sex? You know me, the most intimate, personal and sacred thing a person has to offer to another.


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