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Truth - sometimes we think we know ourselves better than anyone else, and other times we realize that we are still discovering who we are. I'm Joey, the Youthful Life Blogger. I'm the 4th kid out of a family of 5. I graduated from high school just outside of Cincinnati, OH as well as college in Vermont with a bachelor of arts in religion. Now I'm attending grad school  studying for a master's in education with a focus on higher education and student personnel (aka I loved college so much I never wanted to leave). I'm your average twenty-something who found writing as a form of expression, a passion for people, and a lover of anything pop-culture, social media, or social justice related. This blog is my life story and my personal truths.

Joseph Oteng - Blogger & photographer

It all began with my private personal journal in 7th grade where I would chronicle my time in junior high. In high school I took to newspaper and yearbook and found that writing was my best medium in addition to graphic design, and photography. I started this blog halfway through my senior year with an intent to give advice to teenagers back in 2010. From there I "went college" and told all the adventures of my college years. My blog became me in written form. Now with that saga concluded as of 2015 I've taken to writing about my personal experiences, reflections, and ideas of what it means to be me in the "real world."

As time goes on you can see how much I changed through the years not only as a person, but the way I wrote, presented myself, and framed my writings. Feel free to track back and read through whatever you would like. If you're looking for something specific, use the search bar and most likely I've written about it. I hope that in sharing my life with you that you gain something from it or that it least gets you to think. Love and appreciate feedback so leave a comment whenever you please.

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, and share. This blog is me raw, vulnerable, and unfiltered. It's my place to write my own narrative in my own words. It's the place where I get to be the most me - whoever that is. Do with it what you may but know that is my truth. X

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