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Brand New

The 20s are all about choosing your attitude. There's nothing more powerful than you deciding that you want something or that you're going to make something happen. We're a generation of stubborn ass game-changers. When we commit to something, we see it all the way through and go above and beyond what is asked of us. It's unreal the kinds of things we're capable of when we set our minds to it. We were raised by a generation of dreamers that changed the world (and effectively repopulated it) and it's just about our time. The best thing the baby boomers gave us (other than the benefits of contraception #toomuchshade - *sidenote, newborn babies are literally my favorite so I have no idea why I'm flaming my parents' generation so hard) was the encouragement to chase our dreams and the gumption to achieve them. It's time to make good on that gift and get brand new.   *S/O to 5SOS because they're debut album is perfect, shows range, and finally brok

Contact Hangover

The 20s are all about entering into a time in your life. Many a high school facebook friend has been unfriended throughout my college years but there are still a few hundred that I keep just to creep on and their lives are more interesting than I ever could have imagined. That's the twenties for ya. You never know what way your life will go. Some people are doing career-starting internships, some of pursuing education, some are dating, some are getting married, some are having kids, and some are exactly where I last saw them. The spectrum of what people are doing is almost unfathomable. For some it seems the party never started (*cough me cough ) and for others the party never stopped. Either way, there's this little thing I like to call a contact hangover, and I'm feeling it. Marriage . Pause, and just reflect on that really quick. That's a big freaking deal. Two people are becoming one so long as they live, till death do they part, forever and ever, and ever. I don

Happy Pills

The 20s are all about finding your own happiness. Happiness doesn't always look the same for each and every one of us. What makes you happy may not necessarily satisfy someone else. Every person defines happiness in a way that's unique to them. Happiness can mean time spent with loved ones, achieving success, or just catching the latest episode of your favorite show. People are complicated, let them be so. Happiness comes and goes, sometimes you choose to be happy, and other times you just can't. What happens if you're happy all the time? Is it possible to be genuine with it or are you just on those happy pills? Through so many social indoctrinations do we come to understand our society and the way we're supposed to act. In my college years I've learned to question and challenge those ideals. One of the biggest ones is how people express themselves, especially their happiness. The way people show that their having a good time, that their okay, and that their

Talk Dirty

The 20s are all about defining your own rules for how you carry yourself. The current most overplayed song other than the incessant upbeat diehard peppiness that is "Happy" is "Talk Dirty." Yeah the lyrics are demeaning and crude, but that beat tho. All I'm saying is our generation may be a little freakier or down with the taboo unspeakables than we like to let on. Every once in a while you have to shake things up, keep people guessing, and explore some other parts of your personality. There's always more to each one of us than we let on. Break the ceiling (screw the room without a roof) and talk dirty. This has been the summer of the lockdown. It seems like everyone I know is getting some or someone and I'm over here just like dumbfounded at what's going on. Maybe it's something in this unfiltered water everyone keeps ranting and raving about. So let me make fun of my generation's "dating culture" as if that's a thing. I

Trust Fall

The 20s are all about learning to trust yourself and others. Aubrey Graham aka Drake is known for all his sensitive sounding songs of heartache, betrayal, and bottle popping but most of all his trust issues. Trust is one of the hardest things to give and even more so to restore after it's been lost. People, including ourselves, are complicated as hell. That much I know. We're shaped by all our crazy messed up and completely phenomenal experiences. We're conundrum that may or may not ever be solved but still have to go out into the world and be bold, kick ass, and put our faith in ourselves and one another. You lean back, close your eyes, and take a trust fall. We all have trust issues. Some of our diagnoses are more severe than others but the reality of our insecurities in on ourselves and our relationships are present nonetheless. If I had to psychoanalyze how I ended up being such a colossal head-case of epic proportions I would have to throw it way on back to my chil