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Leaps and Bounds

Being a teenager is all about taking risks and making moves. It's about keeping calm and carrying on. It's doing something bold and being little courage. It's about having a little faith in the process and letting things work themselves out. It's having hope that things will work themselves out and that they'll turn out better than they started. It's about making leaps and bounds. This past week has been a crazy busy amalgamation of events. It's been a challenge, and definitely a test of my character. How far am I willing to go, how will I push not only myself but other people. What am I capable of and what can I expect from other people. I'm going to keep this post super short. Let's just say Monday can be summed up with freezing temperatures and a shat ton of walking around campus (the life of an RHA President). I also was doing double duty when I hit up my fraternity's recruitment pow-wow, and afterwards was walking down the stairs in the

Breaking Barriers

Being a teenager is all about knocking down walls and forming connections. It's all about relationships and how you interact with other people. It's about making meaningful moments with other people and showing your humanity. People get so caught up in this cycle of writing people off or letting one thing about a person define this as good or bad. One of my new favorite quotes (from CW's epic called drama "Hidden Palms" is "We're not all good or all bad; life is not an either/or proposition." You have to work with people and all believe that people will surprise you for the better. Break down those barriers. Interacting with other people is a fundamental part of being human, and especially a teenager, if not more a college student. You spend tons of time meeting new people and remembering names and faces. It's a bombardment of tons of different information but it's all important. I think the funniest part about it is once you've been

Nobody Compares

Being a teenager is all about understanding your role in the world. It's about being aware of your value and realizing that you're more than worth something. Everyone has a purpose, something that they are here to do, and it's up to you to use your life to figure out what it is, and fulfill it. I believe, each and every one of us has the capacity to change the world ... for the better. There's no one else who can replace you, nobody compares. One of the most important things I've learned from being a college student is the importance of community. Finding where you fit in, where people care about, and the place that makes you feel safe, wanted, and needed is the quest we're all (on some level) on in our college. When you've arrived at that highly desired destination - you're left with nothing more to do but find yourself. Lately, I've been seeing and reading so much envy. Don't people remember that episode of Sabrina the Teenage With when the

The Charter

Being a teenager is all about being apart of something larger than yourself. It's about finding yourself as an individual within a group (when you do that you've stumbled upon some extraordinary). It's about going through thick and thin and making it out even better than before. It's the big moments in your shared history, but the little things along the way that let you know you're right where you're supposed to be. Come along with me and know the legend of the charter. So you want to hear the epic story of Phi Mu Delta: Nu Gamma's journey to their chartering ceremony, huh? You've come to the right place. Here begins the longest day in fraternal fanfare none this teenage man (boy). Friday afternoon started with me splaying all across my bed in my residence hl room and watching Nickelodeon's "House of Anubis" (let me be 19 - oka)). Soon it was time for me to bundle up, because it was literally single digits freezing outside and make my

Ice Cold

Being a teenager is all about knowing your own personal temperature. No I'm not talking about playing doctor and shoving a thermometer up your arse, or under your tongue or the awkwardness that is under your armpits (those roller-head ons are cool, but weird because it's like applying nonexistent deodorant to your forehead). I'm talking about being conscious of your body language, which includes whether you're coming off as hot or cold to all the people around you. You've got to be aware of the levels your giving off or risk running a wild fever of crazy, complete with cold chills of bipolarity. This is ice cold. Knowing the temperature of a room is an important skill for sure. As soon as you walk into a place you can tell how people are feeling, whether or not your jokes will work, and if people are having it. There's always those awkward moments where you forget to brighten up and you walk into a room and shut everyone down. Your tone of voice, your body l