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Being a teenager is all about getting your flirt on. Yup, I said it - every once in a while you've got to go out of your comfort zone and go after the cute girl across the way. When you see someone that catches your eye, it's that instant spark, the moments the surge of electric runs through you and it's like lightning. Then a few moments later you hear the thunder and that's the beating of your heart. It's about to go down, this is lightning. Going to the mall during the day is one of the weirdest things ever. I know it's like senior citizen time where they just go window shopping and browse around, but truth is - not all people in the AAA club are like Betty White. Some people love the oldies, but I'm a modern man and I prefer the kiddies - preferable days old newborns (that sounds really weird, I just really like babies). Anyway, my mom and I pick up my sister, Bianca, from her long day (an hour and a half exam) from school and we're off to down

Family Matters

Being a teenager is all about having the time of your life. Summer is a totally different time of the year and you'll mostly be at home with your parents and siblings, as in your completely and absolutely classically dysfunctional family (Dallas continuation anyone?). But you've grown up (I hope), matured, and now understand the complex dynamics that makes your fam-bam tick. You're home and ready to conquer your lovably-crazy familia. Who knows how, but family matters.   There's this notion about family that what happens in the family stays in the family, and there's a reason for that. Whatever drama, ridiculousness, and arguments go on, it's only for your family to know about. It's embarrassing to have other people talking about what goes on behind closed doors. Yelling, screaming, crying and all the crazy in between, that's no one else's business except yours and you're not obligated to let in on your private family matters unless you want

Publicly Private

Being a teenager is all about being yourself no matter where you are or who you're around. Life shouldn't be lived pretending to be someone else. You should and are free to be whoever you would like, that's implying to be yourself because frankly everyone else is taken. You are your own person, but there comes times when you've got to act - key word act like my favorite performers Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, or Jeremy Renner, just to get through it. This is the summer, but there's thing little called being publicly private. You know you're getting weird when you actually think about school when you're not even there. Since coming home from school I've noticed how different everything is. In my honors college class this past semester we talked about the separation between public and private identities (shoutout to Helga Schreckenberger "you da best" *Drake voice) when it came to integration into predominantly white society and ethnic cultur

Constant Contact

Being a teenager is all about staying in touch. It's now the summer months and everyone from your college or school has gone their separate ways. It's only been a few weeks but already those promises of staying close have been broken. It's a normal thing, everyone just kind of splits up and head back to the sanctity of their own lives. It's like ... - but no need to fret, or worry. It's just that they don't need the constant contact. " Two and weeks and counting" (Shane Harper "Rocketship" anyone?) - since I left college for summer vacation exactly. I can't believe it. It seems like a long distance phone call (do those even still exist) away or something. I'm just enjoying the home life and doing absolutely nothing, pretty much. The only thing that's a whole lot of weird is the whole not being in constant contact with those crazy college kids I grew so fond of. I know you all have your tear-eyed goodbyes, hugs all around and