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Super Awkward

Being a teenager is all about the unbearable awkward moments in your life. It's the summer and now that I'm done with high school, I'm all about looking forward to college. I went to orientation and I've still got questions. There's a ton of questions that still haven't been answered. Like can people handle me, and what is and is not okay. One of the questions I stupidly asked was, "So do you guys celebrate birthdays" and I meant like do floor throw parties, and of course everyone else in my little group laughed, but this one chick snidely answered, "No, unless you want your professor to bake you cupcakes, you're friends take care of that." It's a valid question and I for sure did not need the attitude. Time to answer some of your burning but embarrassing questions, this is super awkward. Dorm rooms. I don't know about all of you but I'm kind of expecting to be pretty good friends with my roommate. I've read on multipl

Keeping Sanity

Being a teenager is all about keeping yourself stable and off the edge of sanity. Let me tell you there are ton of times during the school year, and even the summer that I feel like I'm going crazy. I don't what is it but everything just piles up and you literally loose your mind. It's such a random thing but every week I go grocery shopping on Sunday nights (yeah, me by myself with my parent's credit card) and seeing as I lack the ability to drive my mom would have to take me. She's always busy and each week it would get later and later, sometimes it'd be at midnight, and I have school in the morning. It got to the point where I couldn't even handle it anymore, I was always a mess on Monday I just completely broke down, right in the kitchen. Sank to the ground and just thought about how ridiculous my life was. Some deep breathing and a reality check and I was back business. If I get time a make a list I can really get things almost obsessively organized. I&

Best Kept Secret

Being a teenager is all about the art of keeping secrets. Let me tell you, if you're going to be a teen, you need to learn to lie. While it may not be good in some situations, a lot of the time it' just easier and saves you the trouble of telling the truth. There's a major difference between little lies and one's that completely change somebodies life. As a young person, our parents need to know where we are at all times it seems. For me, I have no problem letting mom and dad where I'll be going, but if they've never met the person or would even comprehend the place I'm going, I just keep it super vague. Whenever I go out to any of those teen clubs, it's "I'm going out dancing with friends" no location needed, lol. If I'm going to a party, it's "I'm going to hang out with friends and eat." In their minds I should only have like 3 friends total. Sorry to disappoint but as a teenager I'm a quite social person. Some t