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No Good Deed

Being a teenager is all about realizing how lucky you are. We live in a world where we're unaware of just how good we have it. Something to keep in mind is that your life could always be worst. Someone has it worse than you, and people don't get the same opportunities, or chances, much less the same advantages that you do. Some of this stuff we work for, and others are handed to us on a porcelain (*cough white privilege cough) platter. No matter our status, we forget what we've got and that no good deed goes unpunished.   Good deeds. What does that mean to you? For me, that's the little things that make the smallest, most minuscule, and seemingly insignificant difference, but somehow make an impact. Like taking a card from the bottom of a pyramid and the rest tumbling down. It may seem irrelevant but it may be hugely important. You never know. Good deeds are knowing what's right and doing it, even when no one else is there to acknowledge it. I'll say that a

Playing Pretend

Being a teenager is all about getting comfortable and feeling right at home. College is a weird place because it keeps you on your toes but then also expects you to be okay with where you are even through you're being thrown into a new situation every single day. Have you ever noticed walking around campus during a change of classes that there are sooo many people that you don't know (well unless you're me and like no one everyone - JK but not really). If you stop and think about it, it's scary. You're surrounded by all these strangers and you're just supposed to pretend it's normal. There's a time and place to play pretend. So , here's another lazy Sunday vlog. Enjoy it all you can. Sometimes I just like to hear myself speak with my scratchy voice, I like to think it's super endearing and partially attractive as hell. Either way, watch the video to get your advice for this post. Sometimes it's importnat to pretend and other times it's

It's All Fun and Games

Being a teenager is all about taking a break. It's about maxing, relaxing and coolin'. It's about giving yourself time to just hang out and vegetate. Doing nothing and being content with it, every once in a while. It's normal and completely necessary. Living this college life gets to be overwhelming and sometimes you need a break. Call your friends, get silly and do it your way (but don't get crazy). It's all fun and games ... You probably know how I feel about hanging out during the middle of the week ... things that never happen. If you're not in my schedule, on the agenda or in the docket then you're barking up the wrong tree, ain't nobody (aka me) got time for that spontaneous fun crap. But actually though I've somehow become the perpetually busy kid who doesn't have time for fun. I've like aged a whole decade in the past 5 months, they call they presidential syndrome. Look at president Obama from the beginning of his term until n

Sex Bomb

Being a teenager is all about sex. Yes, I said it - S-E-X, sex. The bump and grind, the ride or die, hit and switch, cherry picking, v-card swiping an all the rest. The only one I don't get is that birds and the bees talk - uhm, I'm pretty sure they can't get it ok, beaks and stingers don't match. But seriously, so much of teenagedom revolves around virginity, sex and innuendos. Let's get down and dirty and drop the sex bomb. Here's how I know ally my readers must be freaks - last time I posted about sex, my pageviews for that singular post literally doubled. Like y'all mofos need Jesus, JK but actually though. I can't deny it, sex sells. It's what moves the market and people may say that it's not what they but we all know what a hot commodity it is. Everything is sexualized, commercials, lyrics, music videos, TV shows, movies, clothing, and other products. Everyone is supposed to be good looking and in your mind you can shag them like Mike M

Dialing It Down

Being a teenager is all about recentering yourself and getting your life back in order. It's so easy to get off the path and stray from the plan in college. You end up spending time or doing something that you hadn't initially intended. Sometimes it's great, but there are instances where deviation can lead to chaos or failure. When you've changed the course you can either right the ship and get back on track or continue until your sea liner crashes. Roll it back and reign it on in, this is dialing it down. Since I'm super busy like pretending to be a student or something (wait I go to class? It makes me laugh thinking about it because think about the shows like 90210 where they're all underage and drink excessively, PLL they never go to class or Vampire Diaries - who even remembers they're still in high school?) I can't really write you a lengthy post. This YouTube video will have to suffice, enjoy! Comment if you want more vlogs - next time I'l

Making Moves

Being a teenager is all about getting things going. It's about starting something up and making some progress. Our generation has a tendency to take a backseat (no New Boyz, you're not wanted here) to our own lives and wait for things to be handed to us on a silver platter. Sorry to burst your undeservedly privileged bubble, but it's to go to work and go after what you want (Cat Daddy - call me Spongebob). Have some ambition and take the initiative, make moves. College is one of your best opportunities whatever you want. The only person stopping you from doing something completely amazing. There's so much you can do, so many people you can get to know and places to go. What's stopping you from putting yourself out there and going after what (or who you want)? What do you have to lose (well other than your dignity and your reputation, awkward)? Think about all the emails we get on a daily basis from anyone and everyone has something to share. Job listings, intern