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Live and Learn

Being a teenager is all about growing as a person. College is the time to dig down deep and discover who you truly are on the inside. With all the things that go on around you on a daily basis, it's up to you to stick to your morals or you can easily be lost in all the craziness. It's on you to preserve what makes you yourself, and to never give up on your values. We all need a little work done, like Joan Rivers or Dolly Parton style, and one of the things I've learned from college is forgiveness. Grudges are not meant to be held, and you've got to move on. Just like L&L, live and learn. I'm going to let you in on a major secret of mine, in high school I may or may not have been known as the most vile of them all. After a couple years left over bullying from middle school, sophomore and junior year, my reign of terror went on and the amount of drama I caused might be legendary. So much drama, and so many reputations ruined. I lived by my own quote "I d


Being a teenager is all about making memories that you'll cherish forever. I'm talking about the college stories that you'll be telling not only your kids, but your grandchildren as well. It's about forging those bonds of friendship, brotherhood, and acquaintanceship that make college totally worth it. I'm talking like Greek Omega Chi's and Kappa Tau's type of bonds. Good times so good that for only if a few hours, nothing else matters but who you're with and the ridiculous things going down. It's about living in the now, and creating those iconic moments. This post starts on Thursday night which included Carolyn, Hannah, Abby, Jandro, and his friend, Mallory hanging out and telling stories. It's what we do, we're in college. Come to find out Mall, is roommates with my orientation roommate, Chris, and his bromantic best friend - Ultimate Frisbee Mate himself, Blair. We wall watch Final Destination 5 - which I guess (spoiler alert) is tec

Judgement Call

Being a teenager is all about having control over your reputation. It'd be a total farce to say that other people's opinions of us don't matter, because they for sure do. It's one thing to not care what other people think of you and do whatever you want because you strongly believe you're just being yourself, but it's another, more naive thing to think that other people's perceptions of you don't have any effect. Whether we like it or not, we've all got a reputation, either to uphold, or change. Reputations are like finding out that Chris Brown and Rihanna might be collaborating again for music, as in tarnishing both their reputations for all that domestic violence. It's a judgement call, and people are making one on your behalf, pick up the phone. Let it be known that since we're in college drama should most deff be a thing of the past, but the truth is, drama is something that will occur no matter how old you are (or pretend to be). Re

Tears Dry On Their Own

Being a teenager is all about letting your emotions flow freely. As teens, and especially being a guy, it's a one of those things that are drilled into you that as a "man" you should never cry. Well, at this point, I can wholeheartedly say, I gives none when it comes to how people "should" act. I am my own person, and like the ridiculousness known as Southpark's "Cartman" says "I do what I want." Get ready for some timeless advice on dealing with racism, and joining a larger community on campus. Retreats, fraternities, and lots of emotion all around. All I know is tears dry on their own. The whole waking up early thing is for sure not for me, especially after a late bed time of 3:30am. 7:45am comes around Saturday morning so Jandro and I struggle to speed pack for our one night ALANA sponsored trip, as Jackie waited for us. A short walk to the student center, and a lightning fast, like Flash Gordon speedy quick b-fast, and we're