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Shopper's Plight

Being a teenager is all about storming the mall. Those after holiday sales bring out the crazy in almost everyone. It's been like three days since Christmas and I thought the nonsense would have died down by now but no such luck. The shopaholic army is out in mass numbers ready to rage and reak havoc on all us innocent bystanders. The mall is just out of control. Tons of people with their rowdy kids, douchebag teenage guys trying to flirt with every passing girl and super fashionista women totting bags like it's their day job. It's a mad mad would out there. Get ready for ranting and raving on this shopper's plight. Second vlog for the week, get with the high tech program. My blog post question for the day is ... what's your least favorite thing about going to mall? The whole seeing old high school acquaintances, I'm not looking for a reunion just upgrading my swag.

The Day After

Being a teenager is all about being thankful for what you've been given. The day after Christmas is one of those crazy days where you just stop and wonder, "did that even happen yesterday." It's mind blowing to realize that another year has gone by. It's a time for reflection and understanding that you have so many oppurtunities in your life that shouldn't be taken for granted. It's time crackdown on the bragging, the facebook status like-a-holics, and twitter fiends. This is the day after. This is the week of video blog, enjoy! My blog post question for the day is ... what's your New Year's Resolution? Making new friends outside of my residence hall and showing people even more of who I really am.

All A Dream

Being a teenager is all about realizing where you are at all times. I don't know about you all but for me coming home for winter break has been one super weird experience. I like keep forgetting where the heck I am, and when I think about my first semester of college it doesnt' even seem like it actually happened. It's been totally odd to not be in a dorm room and live the collegiate life of books, dining halls, walking, and not knowing anyone. It's been a crazy experience so far and I really wonder what adventure next semester holds. For now, I'm wondering if it was all a dream. Do you want to know what I've been to for the past few days? I've been reconnecting with my high school friends and reacquainting myself with the suburbs. It was like I straight died, I don't know if people out here forget me or something but they're like shocked to see I'm still alive. I went to college, not shipped off to that no longer existent war in Iraq (#Oba

Down Time

Being a teenager is all about figuring out what do you with your life. Most, if not all, of us college kids are on winter break and it's going to be a relatively long time before we step foot back on our campuses. I've seen people posting all over facebook and twitter that they're bored out of their minds. These are total #firstworldproblems, you wanted to go home when it was finals week and now that you're complaining arse is home you want to go back. Hell to the no, I'm loving being at home and college can suck. Who wants to go back to the miniature prison cell known as dorm rooms, walking everywhere , being pretty broke, and overpriced, repetitive campus food ... not this guy, at least not until we're supposed to go back. It's time you do something productive with your home stay, you've got way too much down time. Let's start with what I've been up to in the days seen I returned to humble abode. I came back to my, apparently, massive hou

Tis The Season

Being a teenager is all about getting into the holiday spirit. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the end of December is a time for peace, joy, and harmony throughout the world, including the land of teenagedom. It's a time to bury the hatchet over petty drama, put down the pepper spray for in-store shop-a-thons, and instead of sexting give your sloppy hookup some face-to-face lovin' (ignore that last one). It's a time to get real, and real personal. It's a time for humanity and teens (because we're a different species or something) to unite to and come together. Tis the season to change the world. I'll be the first to say it, I'm am empathetic person, to the point that is someone else is crying I'm shedding tears right along with them. There is so much we as teens can do to change the world around us. I know we feel powerless and I'll even admit adapting the mindset of "if I can't do anything to change it, why should I care" (

Playing For Keeps

Being a teenager is all about going for the win. Some people will do whatever it takes to succeed and that's not always a bad thing. College is about proving that you belong here and blowing everyone out of the water. Whoever said that life wasn't a competition must have been losing because the rest of us are cutthroat at all times. It's like a freaking MTV Real World/Road Rules challenge up in here. Don't get it twisted, you ain't that big ( starts clapping ignorantly ). I don't know about but I'm playing for keeps. The invention of reading days may the a modern marvel in my opinion. A day to catch up on sleep and study until you just can't study anymore. I woke up and get dressed Wednesday morning with nothing but chemistry on my mind. It was weird and kind of cool at the same time. Did I contemplate creating deadly bombs and destroying the whole university, quite possibly, but the world will never know. I go downstairs and Jandro's working at