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Being a teenager is all about making the most out of unexpected turns of events. You never know what can happen and where you'll end up my. Sometimes you've just got to go with it and figure it all out later. When you least expect it, you'll find yourself caught up in places and with people that are completely out of the ordinary, and you're okay with it. Not every aspect of your life can be preplanned, programmed or controlled. Sometimes throws you usually take is blocked and your forced to take a detour. Taking things as they come is so important. You'll be disappointed and frustrated when to you come to the realization that not everything goes your way. That's not the way life works. You can't control everything, actually there are actually few things you have any say over. You have to learn to be comfortable in any situation and do what makes the most sense to you. There will always be situations that take you out of your comfort zone but there's

Popular Vote

Being a teenager is all about running a clean race. It's about stick to your laurels and never compromising them, whether you're in office, or all alone. Being in the public eye can get super weird, really fast. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and in a few seconds, you've lost yourself and done or said something you promised you never would. Here's to staying true to yourself, no matter what and never changing for anyone or anything. The best candidates are the ones who show you who they are and keep it that way. This is the popular vote. First and foremost. I'm running for IRA (Inter-Residence Association) or as most other schools call it, RHA (Residence Hall Association) president at the University of Vermont. My campaign slogan is "the right kind of famous" and I'm keeping the whole thing viral on twitter, facebook, and YouTube. Vote for me Monday-Wednesday, April 1-3 at . Click the video above to hear about

Downward Spiral

Being a teenager is all about getting back up after you've knocked down. Diggy Simmons (uhm Rev. Run from Run DMC) has some quoteworthy lyrics (according to my younger sister). One of her favorite is "when you feel trapped, you got two choices ... you can either break down, or you can break through." Ain't that the truth though? When you've reached the bottom of the endless pit (is that an oxymoron?) you have nowhere to go but up. This downward spiral, it ends here. Life has this funny way of pushing you over the edge and letting you free fall. The thing about falling down is that there's a bottom to hit and bounce back from. You can't go any lower than your lowest low. Instead of moping about, complaining and blaming everything wrong in your life on other people and the world in general, take charge and make the changes you want ... happen. Control your own happiness, don't give other people that power - when you do, you've lost your self dete


Being a teenager is all about getting real. It's about making tough decisions, coming to realizations, and speak your own personal truths. We as people, especially teens are an interesting group. We always know what we really want, or what we really need - but we'll deny the truth, pretend it's not there, and force things to be a certain way, even though we internally know they should be different. Let the truth run wild, and screw fighting it. You know what you would rather be doing, do it. This is #realness. After rereading the opening part of this post it makes it sound like I'm coming out or something - whoops, sorry if that was super misleading - this huge reference is about changing your major. Dang, this is so big it's like the Sopranos ended and just cut to black, when Beyoncé killed the Super Bowl and shut the lights out, or when Teen Wolf season 2 conveniently (and freaking Avatar: the Legend of Korra) wrapped up with an unnecessary happy ending. Aw,

Taking the Stage

Being a teenager is all about being in the spotlight. It's about being the most memorable, and leaving your mark. What's the point of going through life or doing anything if no one is going to remember you for it? The ideals of being conceited, self-centered, or narcissistic always get a bad rep, but I'm here to argue against that. You've got to first take care of yourself and "get your life" (Tamar Braxton #catchphrase) before you can worry about anyone else. Almost ready to start taking the stage. Whoever came up with this idea that we're not the center of our own lives completely lied. Think about it, it only makes sense that we're the center of our own universe - who else do our own lives revolve around except ourselves? Think about this, every single TV show out there has a main cast for a reason. They can't tell everyone's story, and there has to be leads and then there's minor characters. Shows that takes place in high especial