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Do Not Disturb

The 20s are all about silence. It can be one of the weakest in some cases, and during other instances, the most powerful thing. Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet, to turn off the rest of the world, and to hear no one and nothing. College is unique in that it's a rare occasion that you're actually alone and disconnected. At any point in time it seems the solemnity of your solitude can be interrupted. There are reasons why we say do not disturb. One of my biggest pet peeves is people asking me how I'm doing. Let me tell you, if I look perturbed then almost every time your assumption of me not having it would be correct. Of course I'm going to say I'm okay - time what you're supposed to do. There's a time and a place and this is not it, so for now I'm perfectly fine. People love to ask me how I'm really doing or why I'm not happy and I'm just thinking if and when it's about you I'll let you know. Continue to operate und

Carousel of Shame

The 20s are all about growing up. Maturing is one of the hardest things that is asked of you in college. You're supposed to be off on your own, taking care of yourself and making moves but we live in a microcosm of young people with (relatively) minimal consequences and repercussions for our actions. In short, for four years we revert back to a childlike state, carefree and without responsibilities (to a certain extent). What is maturity? It's accepting responsibility for ourselves at all times. Let's take a ride on the carousel of shame.  Responsibility the key to maturity. Nothing else, in my opinion, signifies maturation more than being able to check yourself first and foremost, but also those around you (when necessary). We as people but especially young people have a tendency to distance ourselves from any situation turned sour. We place the blame on others, objects, or circumstances rather than own up to the part we played. It's hard. It's difficult. It&

Man Down

The 20s are about breaking boundaries, and knocking down barriers to progress. There are so many questions to be asked on college campuses and of us as young people. What is stopping us? What prevents us from talking about the tough things, the things that aren't so picturesque, but the things that are most real . Why is socially unacceptable to have problems, to acknowledge their existence and most of all to talk about them? Why does it make us uncomfortable? This is what happens when there's a man down. Fraternity /sorority life is an absolutely amazing community to be apart of. It's not for everyone, but if you find your fit - it can/will change your life forever. While it does foster camaraderie to certain extent, it is also problematic in the attitudes, ideals, and behaviors its members sometimes perpetuate. This past week was my college's "Greek Week" - a time for all chapters to get involved, celebrate together in the spirit of competition. Never hav

Chasing Silhouettes

The 20s are all about getting out there. It honestly takes a whole lot inside of you to talk to someone you've never spoken to before. There's a huge difference between actually knowing someone and knowing of them, the latter is problematic and while it's fine to look from afar, what stops us from taking that next step and striking up a conversation? All it takes is literally one spark. Saying hey, hello, or hi with a person's name is so powerful. It still freaks me out when certain people even address that I actually exist. Like you know my name? No more chasing silhouettes. * First and foremost, check out my Greek Sync performance! It's kind of the reason for the this post. Apparently all it takes is a few pelvic thrusts, a killer smile, and one hell of a raspy voice to become a legend ... I may never know why. This past week has been an out there one to say the least. Once you've watched the dance performance right there, this post makes a ridiculousl

Slow Down

The 20s are all about taking in the scenery of where you are. As young people, it's so very common for us to run around trying to squeeze every last ounce of life from each and every day we live. We're going to do as much as possible, and get the most out of it as well. Rest is for the weary, and the weak. Sleep when you're dead. Ya snooze you lose. Sometimes, we've got to press pause, look around, and notice what's going around us. Slow it all the way down. It's my third year of college and to say I've thoroughly enjoyed myself would be a blatant lie. There are bright moments throughout my years so far, but mere glimmers of true happiness amongst a generally lackluster time. This year is so very different from all the others and that my positive affect is almost a daily thing. It's so weird to genuinely be feeling good and hanging out. College truly flies by like nothing else. We spend so much analyzing what it is. What we've done in a day (focu