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Color Blind

The 20s are all about pulling out all the stops and taking it there. They're about standing up, speaking out, and making sure your voice is heard. When you've researched, studied, and prepared properly to engage in real conversation, that's when you're ready to bring it. Then you combine your personal experiences, and what you've witnessed or endured and you present your undeniable, irrefutable, unstoppable truths for the world to see. But wouldn't we all be better off color blind? Oh hell to the no, black and white is were started beforehand, we all know equality is a gray areas (all 50 shades of it - Armie Hammer for Christian Grey; I had to get my pop culture reference in here). *Here marks the third and final leg of my journey to spilling the beans, letting the cat out of the bag, and getting so real it's like HD (excuse the terrible pun). Get ready for me to kick some more metaphorical ass, take names, and mark them on the figurative wall of shame.


The 20s are all about telling your own story. It's about getting fed up, getting angry, and making your move. When you can't take anymore, you've had enough and you're done with being held down, that's when you stand tall, proud and strongest. When all the bull crap has taken it's toll, you're tired of deflecting/avoiding/fighting, and you're nearly about to give up on the world, you hit your second wind and you just take off. Let the truth of yourself go out and be real. Out and about, fully colored - not the knock off, monochromatic version we pass as real (Versace, Versace, Versace - thanks Drake for those deep lyrics).    *This post continues my hard hitting, tell all, explicit week of baring my all (even more than usual). Read these words with yourself open and taking it in, it's not for show or for pity - this is real. Check yourself , the people around you, where  you've been and most importantly what part you have and will  play wh

In Living Color

The 20s are all about speaking up and speaking out about the things that matter most to you. One thing I cannot stand is when people think their cause is the single most important ordeal facing the world (case in point environmentalism - call me when all that Day After Tomorrow  stuff does  down). It's disrespectful, unnecessary and just plain rude to insinuate (whether knowingly or unwittingly) that what you're standing up for is more dire or pressing than anyone else's ideals (aka every group at my school). It's okay to be passionate but when passion puts down someone else's zeal, that's when we have a problem. Get ready for a week of super serious posts - it's that time of the summer again. I'm back, loud, proud, and in living color.  *Let me preclude this post by emphasizing how personal, explicit, and downright painful most of these experiences are to remember let alone write about. It's all about self awareness, look to criticize within b