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Going Incognito

The 20s are all about forging your own identity. Where else in life do you get to decide most of who you are? The details of your life and the back story that you share is all up to you. Give as much or as little detail as you would like. Who you are is up to you (to a certain extent). It's like being a superspy. Live under an alias, make up your cover, and have a fool proof alibi then do the dirty work. Disable the cameras, take down the guards and pilfer the prize like a pro, this is going incognito.  One of many irrational childhood dreams consisted of me becoming a spy. Reading the Alex Rider  series particularly as a teenager had me feeling like I could actually do school and kick ass under a different name on the side, cause you know casual right. I have always loved the Jamed Bond film series and pride myself on having seen every single one of them. Even the Bourne Legacy  and all the Mission: Impossible  movies (aka Tom Cruise doing what he does best, playing Tom Cru

Depth Perception

The 20s are all about connecting with other people. There's no time like the present especially when you're in such a transient period in your life such as college. People pass in and out of your life frequently, determining who's going to stay for a while and who's moving on through can be a struggle and a half. Some people are meant to co-star for  your full series run and others are guest starring for a few episodes before being written out the show known as your life. Now who gets hired and who gets the axe, that's a tough one. Impressions are crucial. Superficial or endlessly deep, check your depth perception. There's this thing in the whole job application process called the "elevator pitch" (no, not like Pitch Perfect that'd be acca-awkward). Basically, it's like if you were in an elevator with the president/CEO of a company/business that you'd want to work for, what would you say in the 30 seconds you had with them to make a me

Mic Check

The 20s are all about finding and using your voice. There is no other place more free for expression of your inner self and the truth of who you are more than your college years. Everyone jokes about all the experimentation and crazy things you end up doing (take note that not everyone does them) but it represents a culture of implied openness (how it looks in practice is always different). College is the place where you get to be the best most you . Figure out what you have to say about the world, your experiences and opinions and then speak out. Your voice has power and means something. This is a mic check.  Quite possibly the most important thing I've learned from college is that who I am, my experiences and ultimately my voice to convey those happenstances matter. I have value. What has occurred, is worth mentioning. College is an investment in human capital. I am that capital. I'm worth educating. People want to hear my stories. People care . You would think that i

Proof Point

The 20s are all about growing up. Growing up doesn't just happen overnight (okay puberty hits and all of a sudden your voice is deeper, your shoulder are broader and you've got all this annoying body hair). Growing up also doesn't have a definitive finale date. You can always grow and change as well as revert back to an immature or juvenile version of yourself. Growing up is hard as hell. It's easier to petty, to settle, to be stubborn. Growing up means having to take responsibility for your words and actions. To a certain extent it's about looking the part and carrying yourself that way as well. Think you're a grown up, well here's your proof point. Alcohol . It's one of those double-edged sword kind of deals. For some people on one hand it can help facilitate some of the best times of their lives while for others it's part of the some of the most destructively dangerous instances they experience. For some people, it's not part of their lives