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Taking A Break

Being a teenager means defining all your relationships. It's all about labelling and letting everybody know what you've got. Spring has sprung and love and at least hook up season has busted wide open. Everybody's looking to get themselves a main squeeze, a shawty, or a ride or die chick. Then there are people who have been dating for a while now and the new relationship glow is just about wearing off. Eyes start to wander and suddenly who you're with is not what you want anymore, but instead of a clean split you suggest "taking a break." WTE (what the eff, for all you new blog readers, get with the lingo) does "I think we should take a break" mean? Always wondered the rules of pausing a relationship, seeing other people, and mutually exclusive meant. Just call me your teenage dictionary. I wonder if we should take a break?

Looking the Part

Being a teenager means actually looking your age. Let it be known that I'm 17 and 5/6ths years old and I look my age. Not a day older, or a day younger. Recently I've been adding my future college classmates on facebook, and my biggest worry was that everyone was going to look older than me. That's not the case, thank goodness, for the most post, we all look like seniors in high school. But whenever I'm out and about, it's getting harder and harder for me to tell anyone's age anymore, and I'm like super good at it too. I'm like those people at carnival who guess your weight, but just with ages, it's a honed gift I've picked up from my time in the maternity ward. When I see a sixteen year old teen mom, I most definitely know it, and when I see a woman on the verge of menopause having her final child, I can tell also. But teens nowadays look way older than what they used to. I remember vividly freshmen year the seniors were literally massive, I ca…