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A Trip to the Moon

Being a teenager means imagining the biggest events in your life and then comparing them to when they actually happen. This past weekend was my senior prom. After months of hard work and preparation on prom committee, the night went off without a hitch. It was out of control, legit amazing. I was on prom court and when they brought all of us candidates up to announce who would become prom royalty, I'm surprised to say that I won prom king. Yup, me, you're resident teenage blogger. The ultimate status symbol of high school popularity has been handed to me on a silver platter. One of my life goals, that I never thought would actually be attained, has been just that, reached. When they said my name, my heart stopped, and I did a double take. There was no way that I could actually have won. It must have been some kind of a mistake. I was not expecting to win at all, I had some stiff competition and I was truly just glad to be elected to prom court. But this, this was over the top,

The Party's Over

Being a teenager means knowing when to live it up and when to put your head down and get to work. Everyday of our lives is a teetering balance between work and play. Do too much playing around and you fall behind and you end up messing up your entire life. Work too hard and you alienate your friends and become a social pariah. It's tough knowing when you should be taking care of business and when you can let loose and get completely wild. This past weekend was my senior prom, and now that all that glamorous, photography, dance madness, and the after party are over, it's only fit to see graduation as the only obstacle between the class of 2011 and scholastic freedom. But here's the thing, according to my countdown app, we've got 48 days left until graduation, and that means we still need to keep up our grades and especially our appearances and not fall apart. Now is not the time to lose control. The music has stopped, the limos are gone, and let it be known that the part

Have It All

Being a teenager means anticipating the moments leading up to the biggest night of our teenage lives. Tomorrow is my senior prom, and now that it's finally here, it's just now actually hitting me that this what I've been waiting for. See the thing is, at my school, I one of the many members of the prom committee, and we've been planning this night so many months, and all the hours of work are finally going to be seen by everyone. The excitement is almost unbearable and knowing that this is my last hurrah feels good. After this, the final step in my high school experience is graduation. But if for only one night, I'm going to have it all. I'm going to live it up, tear the place down, and create a memory that I will cherish so long as live. Having it all means owning the night. If you're attending your high school prom, it's your time to shine. One of the many reasons I love dances, other than getting to showcase some of my best moves, is that you get to