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Boiling Point

Being a teenager is all about reaching the climax. The zenith, the epitome, and the high point. Everything else after this is just falling action (literary terminology, it's neverending). In chemistry terms (BTW, I abhor chemistry, I detest it, and I despise it with a the burning passion of a thousand suns *it's that seriously - that class is a GPA murderer) the boiling point is when a substance is excited enough (energy wise) to change states from liquid to gas. In teenage jargon, that means the peak. Get ready for the boiling point. Let's start with the latest on the olympics. It's been a few days of high intensity drama, some awesome performances and some epic disappointments. This is one of the few times the whole country is rooting for the same team. Team USA, going all the way. NBC - first and foremost needs to be destroyed, and demolished for their insolence. This whole delayed playback thing for primetime ratings is truthfully just sad and y'all know I


Being a teenager is all about seeing people come together. In times, especially like these where conflict, arguments, competition, and general drama dominate our daily lives, it's amazing when people can set aside their difference and unite for one cause. It's heartwarming, it's empowering, and it's exactly what we need - here and now. This just doesn't affect us, but the entire world. Earth comes to a standstill. It's the 2012 London Summer Olympics. We're about to go worldwide. First and foremost, let's start with the actual opening ceremonies of the games. I can say, they were absolutely amazing. So many touching, heartfelt, funny, quirky, and totally British moments. So much overwhelming imagery, just plain beautiful and wonderful. From the olden days with the Maypole and country lifestyle, to the industrial age and the forging of the Olympic rings, to the tribute to the NHS (National Health Service) with Mary Poppins battling Lord Voldemort whil

Crunch Time

Being  a teenager is all about doing the impossible in the shortest amount of time possible. Yes, I understand that by definition doing the impossible is literally impossible, hence the word, and having something go from impossible would make it possible - but who cares. Summer is slowly winding down, it's picking up speed and heading for the bend before we're officially back to school. Now is when you've got to make your dying summer wishes come true, prepare to enter the battlefield known as school again, and get it all done with what little time you have left. This is crunch time. Let's start with the basics of back to school. First and foremost, you've got all those things you need to purchase for your room, plus school supplies, and most importantly clothing for yourself. If you're like me, and the word self-sufficient has no meaning to you (as in mom & pop magically supply your monetary needs) then this, my friends, might be the best time of the year


Being a teenager is all about inspiration. It's about being both inspired by things you see and hear in the world around you, and also inspiring others. It's a cycle, doing something amazing, standing out, and making a difference in someone else's life and having someone else do the same for you. Inspiration is what can lead a nation through it's darkest days, and shine as a light bright enough to hold on to. Light it up with some inspiration. Inspiration can take so many forms. It's not only just people that can inspire you, it's objects and things that you see around that get your gears going and those creative juices flowing. For example, this whole blog idea came about because I saw Keke Palmer (my future wife) tweet about how she wanted to start a teen talk show (homegirl, you could interview me any time). So I took her idea and ran with it, and a year and months later I'm still writing for teen and college advice. It's the smallest things that