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Heat Waves & Dance Raves

Being a teenager is all about learning to preoccupy yourself during the summer. Everybody has those days (Hannah Montana urge resisted) when they solemnly swear that they're up to nothing at all (Harry Potter reference used). It's so blazing hot outside and even the tar on the roads is melting. Team iPhone users are losing the smartphone battle and their phones can't function because it's hotter than the surface of the sun. It's absolutely unbelievable and totally unprecended. You've got to find ways to beat the heat. This is heat waves and dance raves. Beating the heat requires you to be a whole lot of creative and prepared to do whatever it takes to stay cool. The most obvious thing would be to stay at home in the sanctity that is your air conditioned house. When it's so hot outside that heat advisories have been issued, follow the suggestion and stay home at all costs. The likelihood of heat stroke, and dehydration is high. Listen to your local meteo

Throwbacks and Head Turners

Being a teenager is all about feeling a whole lot of nostalgic and kickin' it a little bit old school. The summer is the perfect time to rediscover the things that used to give you so much joy as a little kid. It's so crazy to realize just how old we really are, and to notice the things that brought us proud, bright and white smiles were so simple. Now our lives are perpetually complicated and unbelievably boring. Time to break the cycle, and do things like you used to. Throw it on back and turn some heads. The importance of childhood is immeasurable. It's where the good in people originates, in my honest opinion. Everyone has at least some good memories of their childhood, as long as you can hold on to those, you can always go back to those when you need to. Childhood is what makes us innocent, oblivious, and carefree. It's the times where we're free just to be ourselves, be a little wild, and sometimes even ridiculous. You can always tell when people are more

Trust, Truth and Traffic

Being a teenager is all about being honest with not only yourself but the other pepole around you. So many people are under the common misconception that withholding the truth does not constitute as lying. It's everywhere, little white lies lead to bigger deceits, scandals and soon huge coverups. The more you lie the easier it becomes, but soon you'll start doing it when it's not even necessary. Exaggerations, hyperbole and straight bull crap. We've all seen the recent political propaganda being spread (no going to say I support either candidate, but Obama 2012) *because it freaking interrupts my damn YouTube videos and it's just more evidence that honest is on the low. Let's get some truth, truth and avoid the traffic. First of all, I'm more than excited for USA Network's miniseries "Political Animals" - Sigourney Weaver is a brilliant actress and James Wolk always does great work; USA is the best at witty banter. Secondly, let's get t

Where I Belong

Being a teenager is all about figuring out where you belong. Life puts you in so many different situations, with random people, and it's up to you to find a place where you fit in. Then there's that one thing, like what happens when you don't fit in. Is that a problem, and if so for who? As teens, we're open to differences, but when we are stubborn, stuck in our ways, and closed off - we're the craziest people on Earth. Whether you like it or not this is where I belong. One of the questions people asked me a lot when I was at school was if I felt comfortable. I always thought it was a weird question, but as the year went on I became more and more aware of what it meant to feel comfortable. The other day my brother asked me if I've been somewhere and felt that I totally belonged there. It was a deep question, coming from him (lol, JK) and I told him that one of the few places where I've ever completely felt safe, secure, and free to be my total self was ou