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Politically Correct

Being a teenager is all about figuring out what side you're on. Some people like to say that life is black or white, but I like to think it's the gray area in between. Things aren't always what they appear to be and looks can be deceiving. They're always more than what meets the eye. You can never know everything about anyone. People are more complicated and deeper than the superficial reading you get off of them. College is about understanding others and keeping it all in check. We're getting politically correct. Monday morning was for sure the hardest time I've ever had getting out of bed so far in college. I just layed in bed from 8am to 10:10am listening to One Direction and depressed about how I was actually back at college. It was a dark time in my teenage life. I get dressed and looking hot as hell, like always (JK people, I understand I'm model good looking but don't when people talk about it) and head off to biology lecture. Everyone looks

Back to Reality

Being a teenager is all about hanging out in that little mind-boggling thing called reality. I don't know about you but there are many times where I just zone out and think "is this real life" (David After Dentist style). Usually when I'm in the shower, or after watching an endearing movie or TV show (as in all of them). I get sucked in and find it hard to escape the story that I just mentally partook in. Now that we've all returned from Thanksgiving Break, college is back on and it's been a shock to system (Static Shock). Classes are ending, finals are around the corner and it's all back to reality. Let me bring you up to speed on the whirlwind that is my life right now. Saturday afternoon, I get in the car with my second oldest brother, Eugene, and all of a sudden we've crossed the Ohio River, and we're at the CVG (Greater Cincinnati Airport). I close my eyes for like two seconds on the car ride, past Kings Island (our amusement park), Kenwoo

Giving Thanks

Being a teenager is all about realizing just how lucky you are in life. While we all have a ton of things to complain about, as in our daily lives on a an everyday basis, we still really have things to be thankful for. The thing about life is that there is always someone less fortunate than you. Someone whose situation is worse than yours. You think you have it bad, well someone has got it worse and your life could be so much different. It's time to reflect on ourselves, find some homely cheer and give thanks for what we have. Let me start by saying that Thankgiving Break was just what I needed. I'm talking about sleeping in all day long. Eating real food cooked by people I actually know and watching so much TV it shouldn't be possible. I watched that new Disney show, Jessie, starring Debby Ryan and Cameron Boyce and instantly got hooked, it's actually funny. Then there were the 7 full Lifetime Movies that I watched. So much Holiday cheer and pure female betrayal. T

Sky High

Being a teenager is all about those crazy stories that you have to hear to believe. It's another one of everyone's favorite blog posts, more airplane travelling stories from yours truly. Read up on my hilarious prior airport experiences with the Jet Set - Airborne - Up, Up & Away and get ready for more airline mishaps and truly teenage moments. Now boarding for your one way ticket to mile high club chaos. This is the true story a single teenager, picked to live in an airport, and have his life blogged and find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, the real world, airport terminal. We're going sky high. Friday morning was just out of control from the get go. If I could do a confessional I'd most deff have a shat ton to say. It all starts at 6:30am when Krabby Patty has to get up and register for classes. Soon everyone, as in Cullen, Jandro, and Sam are all in our room trying to add some extra classes. You know the system is ove