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Countdown to Never

Being a teenager means that eventually you're going to graduate from high school, and move on. Whether that be to the huffing, puffing, gun twirling military to protect/serve our nation, enter the workforce and start getting paid, or continue your education either at your local community college or the full blooded, unbelievable experience that is college. It's almost time to go for those of us who are starting our lives over at that new place, a clean piece of paper to write our own story, and waiting to pack up and leave is both nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. I'm talking, palm sweating, heart racing, dream-having, stomach churning, brain-bumping expectations. It's just countdown to never. We may have all said that we absolutely couldn't wait to leave home, to get out of Nowheresville and to disconnect from everyone we already knew, but now that move-in is getting so close, we're not so sure. I know at least for me, I think about college all the

Foreign Exchange

Being a teenager means that you're going to meet some people that surprise you. One of the weirdest things I think, is when you see people who look like normal (as in American) and then they have a foreign accent, like woah, where'd that come from. Here's the thing, if you're going to go to another country, you need to know their language. It's rude and unbecoming for you to assume that everyone speaks your language. People shouldn't have to accommodate you and your foreign self in their own country. That's just plain lazy. So my problem with Spanish, why is it on all the products we buy here in the US? Spanish speaking people should learn how to read and speak freaking English like the rest of us, no special treatment. It's ridiculous, how can you go to a different place and not speak the language, that's just absolutely ridiculous. My parents may be foreign, but in Ghana, English is the primary language, followed by the local dialects. It's n

Paper or Plastic

Being a teenager means that you'll probably be getting a job over the , making some hard earned money. It can be a tough thing to balance having a social life with having a job, but a few weeks on being on the job you'll learn to balance it out. You can't always take off, and you're going to miss stuff, but at least you'll have the money to pay for things. If you're lucky, like me, and your parents pay for everything, and you're obligated to have a job, live it up, because entering the workforce, even for the summer, could be just around the corner. Get ready for some public placed laughs, uhm, paper or plastic? If you expected this post to be about getting paper, you must not have read that post. This one's all about some of the more ridiculous I keep seeing and experiencing whenever I'm not at home. So, the other day, I went out shopping for college stuff with my mother and my sister. We started at Bed Bath & Beyond and went from there. Tha


Being a teenager means that when you travel, you're going to have the most ridiculous time. One of my favorite blog posts was this month's " The Jet Set " about the outrageous encounters all revolving around air travel. Y'all know I'm on vacation in the nation's capital right now, and the journey to get here, even though it was a direct flight, could quite possibly be one of the horrendous voyages of all time. I'm talking dirty looks, tons of laughter, awkwardness, running passengers, rude businessmen, and ice cold temperatures. Get ready for another round of airport humor, we're about to get airborne. The airport is just a wild place. If you think about it, there are so many people that you don't know in this world, and the airport is a place for of absolutely unbelievable characters. So my sister and I are are CVG, and our cousin bought are airplane tickets so we go up to the United Airlines ticketing counter and ask to be served. The lit

Hot and Bothered

Being a teenager is all about bracing the heat. The past weekend has been one of the hottest on record like ever. It was so hot, and BTW, will continue to keep burning up in this heat wave, that the eastern seaboard was threatened to overload and cause a massive power outage. Like dang, some people need to sacrifice their air conditioning so the rest of us can keep dry, all I know is something's got to give. These days, going outside is like a death sentence, you can't breath, you start getting wet with sweat all over, and the sun is bright. We need to get back that damn ozone, Al Gore was right. It was so hot, this CNN reporter literally fried an egg - that's no joke. Sun screen my ass, if you're going to get, you'll be burnt. Who knows anything anymore, we all are hot and bothered. The summer means the longest days, and it's getting hotter and hotter. It's like literally hell on Earth, and there's nothing you can do about it. The other day I walked