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Wet and Wild

Being a teenager is all about laying on the beach until your skin peels and the salt water runs through every crevice on your teenage body. Summer means shedding the jeans and the long sleeves, flashing some skin, and showing your beach body off. It means literally living in your local pool or hot tubbing until your blood starts to boil. It's about flirtatious games of water bound chicken, building extravagant sand castles, and spraying streams of water to create epic wet t-shirt contests. Summer times entails running around half naked, sprays of ice cold hose fights, and swimwear that never seems to be dry.  As for now we're going to slow things down, hype it up, and get a little bit wet and wild.

If you're going swimming you're going to need to get yourself ready before you strip and take the plunge. First of all start with your swimsuit, if you're a guy that means trunks or board shorts. Solid colors or funky plaids, something with good drawstrings that will pre…

Past, Present, Future

Being a teenagers means waiting for the summer to roll around. It's about counting down the seconds until the final bell of the school year rings, driving out of the parking lot bumping, sunglasses over your eyes, and a huge smile on your face. It's about looking back and reflecting over the long year you just left behind and about having fun in the moment, and looking forward to a great summer, and another school year after that. The end of the school brings anticipation, unruly behavior and most of all high tensions. Let me tell you, the end of the year is where everything and everyone falls apart. It gets too hard to pretend anymore, as in doing homework, studying for tests, keeping up appearance of people you don't like, and staying friends with people who you'd rather not be associated with. It's a time where people show their true colors, and the fakeness, superficiality and backstabbing comes in to play. If you've got something on your chest, now is the …