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Out of My Mind

Being teenager is all about those things that you can never seem to forget. It's a proven fact that we as teens remember the worst of the what happens to us more than all of the good. It's so easy to bring up those embarrassing moments where you wish you were invisible, all the drama that goes down on the weekly, and those incidents that you just can't shake. It's like that feeling when you leave a movie or end an episode of a show and for next like half hour you inclined to act like one of the characters. Get out of my head and out of my mind. Sometimes in college you just want to be done with it all. There's no rest for the weary and not a break insight, except for the perpetual countdown to summer. This weekend I realized exactly how much homework I had to finish before Monday morning when the vicious cycle started again. It's like professors are bullies and this MTV's "Made: the Movie" - seriously, it just never seems to stop. Even with an

Out of this World

Being a teenager is all about figuring out where you belong. Coming to college has been an amazing experience for me, but there have been way too many occasions where I've totally felt out place. The staring, the weird looks, and all the awkwardness in between when you know you're standing out. Sometimes you just want to blend in with everyone else, and just be you. Time to board the rocketship, blast off, and go out of this world. Going to class means walking and you all know me and that mode of transportation, as in myself don't get along so well. Wednesday I was running a little bit late to biology lecture (as in I left for class on time instead of early #perfectionistproblems) and I get to the main street cross walk and the sign says don't walk. Literally everyone else just J-Walks, and I just stand there looking weird, and the amount of dirty looks I received was staggering. Sorry, I'm not trying to die, my life is valuable as hell, I have the potential t

It's High Time (300th Post)

* This is the 300th blog post. Thanks to all those who read "the Youthful Life: Goes College" - I greatly appreciate it. Giving advice with my own brand of humor and sharing stories of my ridiculous teenage life has been an amazing time. Continue to read up, and I'll keep writing. Yours truly, Joey O. Being a teenager is all about working hard and having time for fun as well. I'll be the first to admit that I really do not do much of that second part. With all the classes, homework, reading (does that count as homework) and club obligliations I have, I just don't have time other than sleeping or eating to relax. Is that a problem, uhm, hell yeah. All work and no play makes Joey a mess for the entire day. Get ready for how to destress, have some genuine fun during the school week and sweat it on out. It's high time we let loose a little. There are so many things I do that not only bring me stress like Annie's "90210" season 1 freak out mome

The Spirit Showdown

Being a teenager is all about making yourself known. Being in a new place surrounded by total strangers can be kind of a lot to handle, but when you realize that everyone is feeling the same as you, everything changes.  Having the chance to partake in something bigger than yourself is a humbling experience, and it takes seeing people who share your same aspirations together to understand the importance you have. Get ready for even more spirit showdowns, genuine pep, laughter, compassion and fun. *This is part 2 of 2 of the NEACURH Mini "No Frills" Conference recap, catch up on part 1 here - "The Spirit Stick" Programming is a major part of what we as our respective RHA's (IRA in UVM's case) do to make on campus students' experience memorable. My entire group split up and we were tasked with attending different programs that other schools put on. I started with "Bring On the Competition" from these super excited kids, Marcus and Joseph fro