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Endless Depth

Being a teenager is all about making your college experience more than worth while. It's about getting yourself outthere, being outrageous whenever possible, and bringing some enthusiasm that gets you stand out from  the crowd. We all may be unique, but some people just add that special something wherever they go. My college experience so far has been literally one to remember, it's almost unbelieveable all the stuff I've already done in my short five days here at the University of Vermont. I may or may not be jumping the shark, but I quite possibly have found my new family (college fam-bam) and the people that will be standing next to me when I get married. It's all about friendship, making a lasting impression and getting that endless depth. Who knows why but I realized I blogged about the subsequent days of college before the most important ones, uhm, don't judge me. Read up on Mile High Club for the more airplane stories (it'll come soon) but I landed in B

Taking the Plunge

Being a teenager is all about making your way in college. Opening weekend of your freshman year like might be kind of a big deal. It's where you form your friendships, make a name for yourself, and find yourself some solid friends. I'm telling you, I might quite possibly have had the greatest weekend of my entire life. It's been completely epic, unbelievable and plain and simple mind-blowing. It's all thanks to the crazy kids on my floor and my awesome roommate. There's just too much fun and hopefully it doesn't stop. Get ready for another portion of the biggest blow out weekend ever, take the plunge. Sunday was another day in the life of the Eastside Gang, our unofficial name of our entourage of classy kids, and with Hurricane Irene freaking the freak out on campus, it was pretty much a state of emergency. We're explorers, we grabbed on the rain gear and literally ran for dear life to the nearest dinner hall to feast for Sabbath Day brunch (no religion r

Breaking the Ice

Being a teenager is all about starting over in college. College is a completely different place from high school, and I'm not going to lie, stepping on to campus is scary as hell. Let me tell you how overwhelming it is to go someplace where literally everyone is a stranger, no one looks familiar at all and you're constantly looking for anyone who looks remotely familiar. It's kind of crazy, if you think about, going someplace where everybody doesn't know your name. But I'm telling you, it gets better, so much better, hell, who am I kidding, it gets awesome. It's time to start college off right and break the ice. I should really start with move in day but the second day of college was so completely epic that I'd best get down to business right then and there. Waking up at 7 am to go to breakfast might be a mess. I looked glazed over, and uninterested. My floor of 32 people (16 above, and 16 below) marched together to central campus to grab some breakfast g

And Away They Go

Being a teenager is all about the moments that change your life forever. Leaving for college is one of the most dramatic things you'll have to do in your youthful years. It's a time filled with not only ridiculous fear, and deep sadness but of fresh starts, and new beginnings. College is your time to finally leave home, become your own person and live your life the way you want to. No mother and father dearest to tell you how and when to do things, it's all up to you to manage every aspect of your life. Leaving home for the first time is more than daunting, it may seem impossible, but when the game of life forces you to move forward, the gunshot goes off and away they go. I'm not going to lie, saying goodybe to my family, specifically my sister was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. The fact that I seriously contemplated attending an in-state school just to be near her demonstrates how close we are. That girl is my everything, and the person

Spark It Up

Being a teenager is all about first impressions. The summer has ended and school is about to start. Whether you're starting your seemingly endless days in the teenage prison known as high school or nervous as eff to take your first breath of collegiate campus air, your first day of school is one of those days that matter. You only get one chance to make your first impression, to stand out from everyone else, and make a name for yourself. People judge you on how you look, the way you talk and most of all how you carry yourself, so give them something to look at. Get ready to ignite some rumors and spark it up. Let me tell you, what you wear on your first day of school is kind of a big deal but it's what you wear the rest of the week that really counts. Everybody dresses up for the first day, unless you're the perpetual skanktastic hoebag who thinks booty shorts that show panties or the total douchebag and didn't get the memo that cut off shirts were against dress code