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Larger Than Life

Being a teenager is all about pushing yourself further, and harder than you ever thought possible. What you think you're capable of, scrap that - you've got the capacity to go past that and then some. When it comes to this school year, it's all about challenging yourself and demolishing all preconceived notions. Set yourself up to be bigger, badder, and better than before - put on that persona and own it. It's time to be larger than life.   Living larger than life means extending yourself, going that extra mile, and in layman's terms "doing the most." Everyone is capable of doing that smidgen more and showing people what they're made of. In college, the most notable people on campus are the ones that get involved and make themselves known. No you don't always have to constantly assert yourself and be obnoxious with letting people know you've arrived - but if you're campus renowned, and your name get tossed around like it's a househo

Turn It Off

Being a teenager is all about being the best you possible. It's about being aware of your environment, and what you need to do to get things done. Sometimes you've got to turn it on, whether that be the most outgoing part of your personality or that smile that makes everyone else feel good. At other times, you can turn it off, and just be mellow you. When it all happens at once and you've to pause, take a breather and turn it off. When you've got to be on you're A-game, you'd best bring it. When all eyes are you on you, it's only you can surpass expectations and do your thing. Sunday was a huge test of that for me. I woke up nervous and a little excited. I get dressed, and Sam and I retriever her car out of the parking garage to pick up Felicia to head off on a little adventure. We stop at the gas station for Sam to fill'er on up, and people were all over the place. Like follow the flow of traffic, that's how life works. Off to the grocery store,

This Can't Be Real Life

Being a teenager is all about being present wherever you are. You know those times where you just zone out and complete forget where you are and what you're supposed to be doing. Your mind is wandering somewhere else, and you're just out of it. You're sitting there thinking that this can't be real life - things like this just don't happen. That ish cray. I know what you're thinking, did I really just see or hear that - oh this can't be real life. *Video post Being a teenager is all about about being aware of your surroundings at all times. You can get knocked out, and just go through life not really knowing what's going on - but being in a constant daze is never a good look. You've got to conscious of not only yourself but whatever crazines is going on around you. Take a second, breath and push. Keep calm and carry on - this can't be real life. My blog post question for the day is ... when do you get knocked out of reality? I would have


Being a teenager is all about learning to deal with the chaos. These are just the facts of life, stuff happens, people get hurt, and things don't always go the way you plan. Things have a tendency to spiral out of control, happenings get blown out of proportion, and subsequently chaos ensues. It's a state of panic, fear, and uncontrollable stream of events. But when the dust has settled, the smoke clears, and you're alive and well - you'll know you've made it through. It's just utter chaos. Chaos can sometimes be a necessary evil. It's a part of life, while it may not always be wanted, it definitely does have it's place in the world. One of the few things I learned from chemistry last year (which was little, eff chem - that ish sucks) was things are better disorganized - that's the natural order (is that entropy, oh who knows - I'm not Bill Nye "the Science Guy"). When things take a sharp turn from the road you thought you were abou


Being a teenager is all about being flawless. It’s about perfection, not letting them see you sweat, and being sure to cover up every crack, scar, and unsymmetrical attribute. It’s the constant shrouding of everything different, weird, or out of the ordinary. That’s flawlessness, and it’s unattainable, unreal, and impossible to actually achieve. Teenagedom is about finding your flaws, being aware of them, and owning them. You’ve got this, you’re not perfect, but you’re as close as it gets – this is flawless. Flawlessness – it’s not something that’s actually tangible, it’s not a thing, and it’s not something you should strive for. Everyone has something to hid, everyone has imperfections, and things that they would want to change about themselves, but that’s for them to worry about – not you to add on to. People have enough going already in their lives and getting criticism about things like appearance or just being super judgemental is not going to do   anyone any good. Keep