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Being a teenager is all about living the summer life.  School is officially our for everyone and that means staying up late, sleeping in, tons of TV, bonfires, pool parties, bbqs, ice cream runs and everything in between. It's time to get a whole lot of rowdy, do it up big and make a mess out of your neighborhood. We are everywhere and Nowheresville, USA. The housewives are desperate, the kids are privileged and lawns are manicured. Welcome to suburbia *Rihanna disturbia voice.  Literally  being in disturbia can drive you up the wall crazy. Being in the same place, not leaving the house for days on end, and seeing the same people you know you're trying to avoid like every single day just gets to you. There has to be a way to survive this wannabe heaven on Earth, actually it's something more sinister. White picket fences, minivans and lemonade stands - something's got to be wrong here. Behind every family are secrets, little known truths, and random quirks. Nobody&

Till Death Do Us Part

Being a teenager is all about being present for the most important moments. I can't stress the necessity of showing your support enough. When people who care about one another come together, anything is possible. Life is so much more fun when you have people to share it with. That's why we're given families, and we make friends, and we search for our spouses. We're not supposed to make this journey all alone, we need people. Once you're connected, joined, bonded, and stuck together - it's till death do us part. It's been a while since you last heard from me, your favorite teenage blogger but it's been a crazy couple of days. Let me catch you up in the best way I know how - a vlog! Check out the epic weekend that was my brother's wedding celebration. Let me just say that it was an amazing experience and I was so happy and proud to be part of it and to add new people to our family and see my brother happier than ever before. One down, 4 to go for

Cold Feet

Being a teenager is all about marriage. Pause right there, no I did NOT knock a girl up and am trying to do the right thing and wife her up  (Maury would prove I was NOT the father anyway). None of that 16 and pregnant nonsense or psycho Lifetime women with bridal fever. Marriage, that is the uniting of two people becoming one, is a sacred thing (well not in this day and age). Holy matrimony, I do's and all the lovey-dovey smooching in between. It's about honesty, unconditional love, and true vulnerability. Wedding bells are about to ring, don't get cold feet.  So you're probably wondering what's up with all this wedding stuff, well my oldest brother, Rocky, is getting married to his fiancee, Kristen, this weekend! Yup, one of us five is taking the leap of faith and officially starting his life with someone else. Honestly, I can't believe it and I'm shock, and won't really come to terms with it until we're all getting dressed up in tuxedos and d

Another Life

Being a teenager is all about learning from your past, living in the present, and looking towards your future. Summer gives you time off (some might argue a little bit too much off, we should all do year-round school ) to just sit and think (and then act the fool). It's the perfect time to just vegetate and really answer those tough life long questions we all have. What's the purpose of what I'm doing? Am I on the right path? Who the heck am I? Who did I used to be? This is another life. High school - looking back, I can wholeheartedly understand why it's the most tumultuous time in people's lives. It's a hot a mess and a half of angst, melodrama, and longing to fit in. That place is a hot bed of disaster waiting to erupt. This week I went to visit my sister at school and to see some of my old teachers. I signed in at at the office and just walked in like it was NBD. Instantly, I was returned to those feelings of being sick to my stomach, unbearably nervous,


Being a teenager is all about writing your own epic summer anthem. That's the song that comes on and no matter where you are, you scream uncontrollably, act the fool, and then wild out in the most reckless way possible. My favorite places are at stoplights in the car, all over the house, and by the pool when it's blazing hot. Create your own amazing summer song and the story of this memorable vacation period. Time to get rowdy, get crazy stupid, and live the bummy teenage life to the fullest. This is your anthemology (oh and hell yeah I made that word up ... it's my blog, I do what I want).   Blasting music with the windows rolled down, throwing the Frisbee while running in the grass, and going out for ice cream like every single day of the week is what summer is all about. It's hanging out with your friends, dancing it on out, and playing it all as loud as possible. Time to properly plan out your summer and make sure it goes well. You've got to wing it but have