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The 20s are all about adjustments. The thing about college is that every year, every month, every week, and every single day are different. You literally never know what will happen. For me it feels like a random compilation of horribly epic awkward moments, and naively innocent oversights. It's a place of novelty, danger, and knowledge. It's like some sort of twisted social experiment (like the Real World); late teens and early twenty-somethings picked to live on campus and find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. But what happens when you want miss home. This is homesick.

The school year has barely started and I already want to go home. It's like I dread every single day being here. Whether it's because this semester has come with the biggest changes so far, or that nonsense last weekend or a genuine distress over being so far from home, the world may never know. I would venture not very far to say that the feelings of homesickness w…

Race Relations

The 20s are all about processing what goes on around you, and figuring out what role you play in every situation. No matter what, we are participants in our lives. Things happen, for better and most notably, for worse, but in all happenstances we take part. Whether we are active in what goes on, stand useless as bystander, are the perpetrator or the person who has been impacted - what we do or say (that if we say or do anything) affects us all. Regardless of whether how little you feel the aftermath, the repercussion are real for us all. This is race relations.

Yesterday night I was in my residence hall room responding to emails for RHA (residence hall association) at like midnight, and it's been a crazy busy few days (physically strenuous, heavy lifting, tons of walking and stairs). The amount of exhausted I was cannot be even put into words, everywhere I went was falling asleep, public or not. I was just about ready to prepare for bed when of course, I zonked out (mid-email) on m…

Wash Out

The 20s are all about doing self work. Nobody's perfect, but we all try to be or at least, do the best we can (most of the time). We're going to mess up. We're going to make mistakes. We're going to fail, fall, and feel - whether we're ready or not. When it all hits you and it's a

Feeling washed up and out is like becoming your favorite pair of dark wash jeans through the catalyst setting on your super complicated washing machine in very hot water. Not only do you lose your color, but you become way too tight and generally just a colossal mess. In Ohio we call short jeans high waters, according to my friend Jaime, in Massachusetts they're called floods - either way, things just don't fit properly. It's just this overwhelming feeling constantly. I haven't even started yet and I already am done with this college life. Like who actually chooses to be in this weird wannabe quasi dystopian utopian land of twenty-something alternate reality? I don'…

Gas Pedal

The 20s are all about getting thrown into the thick of it and riding it out. Your circumstances and the situations that go down around you will always be changing, but the only common denominator through it all is ... you. You are the greatest common factor (let me stop with these math references) no matter where you are, and that's what you have to count on. That you are more than capable and able to overcome and persevere regardless of what goes on around you. Slow down, grab the wall, and wiggle like you're tryna make it all fall off, gas pedal.

*So college has finally become super busy (as if I haven't been that way for the past two years), and it's time for me to buckle down a bit more so that means, unfortunately, your favorite twenty-something blogger will be posting less often. It's been a tough decision to make but the decisive and correct choice. But that means most likely more video blogs instead, so you can see and hear me instead of reading my ramblings…

Missed Connections

The 20s are all about making your own way. It's up to you to determine the path you want to take in life, but at the end of the day you can't really help who you run into (or don't, for that matter). Things are kind of random. There are way too many coincidences and a whole heck of a lot of near misses than we all really like to acknowledge. Like what are the chances - who knows. We're all about those missed connections.

It's a been a random past few days for yours truly. I'm getting ready to head back to Vermont to start my junior of college at the University of Vermont. I've spent my time running last minute errands, packing my suitcases like a pro and trying to see my high school friends one more time before shipping off to the cold north. Thursday I went to Mimi's CafĂ© (who knew that little French bistro was owned by Bob Evans?) with my best friend Taylor, and my good friend Jen. I hadn't seen her since I went to the zoo with them right before I …

Let's Get Weird (500th Post)

The 20s are all about coming to terms win your inner weirdo. We're all a little quirky, slightly unstable and all kinds of geeky in our own ways. I hardcore fanboy when actors favorite my tweets or when I read casting news. Stuff that may or may not matter on the grandest scale mean a whole lot to me. Everyone has their thing. Embrace it and let's get weird.

*Every special occasion deserves a video blog post from yours truly, enjoy me being my goofy self and taking on the "Saltine Cracker Challenge" - subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!
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Prep School

The 20s are all about getting ready to head back to college. It's most ambiguous time of the year. Yeah, you're excited to leave home because you're not doing anything anyway, but school actually means doing work, going to class, being independent and above all dealing with people. There's a lot to do before you ship off to your campus. You've got to get your look down, plan your schedule out and figure out what you'll be up to. Time to head to prep school with yours truly.

Every school year is a brand new opportunity for you to dominate your campus. I like to think of myself of somewhat of a male fashion icon prime example of a well adjusted twenty-something with a keen sense for style. You're not in high school anymore and it's to start dressing like it. At any point in time I could go from class to a meeting or talk to a professor in his or her office hours with pride and dignity. I look good, I look great, and I've got this. It's time to stop…