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End of the Road

Being a teenager is all about making it through your hardest days. People don't like to admit it but each and every one of us has deep dark fears, anxieties, wants and desires. It's the human condition where we repress the "bad" and only display the best parts of ourselves. What people see is not actually what they get, they just don't get to see the whole picture. When all else fails, it's when the most repressed darkest, and most real parts of ourselves come out. It's the end of the road. Failure is one of the hardest things you may have to deal with in college. Things aren't always going to work out the way you expect. It's just a fact of life. Things happen, ish gets cray, and stuff goes down. It's when you've reached rock bottom and you can fall no further, that things get as real. Revelations are made, and you have to deal. When you're pressed up against wall, you can either back down or breakthrough. This past weekend for me

Casting Call

Being a teenager is all about finding the cast of characters to surround you in this movie called your life. Everyday is chance to put out a proverbial casting call for people to join your unique band of misfits. Whether you've got a boybandish entourage, some Gangnam style backup dances, or a hilarious textaholic like Madam Hilary - your cast of people in your life is all up to you. Made some changes, get a body double, and direct your own media worthy life. The thing that makes college so different from any other time in your life is the people you are exposed to. You get a wide variety of personalities, beliefs, and ideologies from people from all different walks of life. It's mindblowing that literally everyday you pass a whole smattering of complete strangers who are all relatively the same age as you. Everyone is so different, but there's at least one thing that connects us all - we're here to learn. Whether we're studying just to get a degree or to broade

Washed Away

Being a teenager is all about handling your emotions. College is going to stressful situations you can go through as a young person. This is not the Carrie Diaries from Sex and the City or even Greek. This is real life, this is happening now, this is what's going on with you. Some people say that emotion is the driving force of all human beings, maybe I do, maybe I don't. All I know is that emotion is one of the strongest forces a person can have in their lives. Allow your body to be tantalized, let your heart run free and let your emotions wash you away. Some things and people just have this hold over you, and whenever you interact with them you just can't seem to shake it. Somethings you just replay in your head over and over again. It's crazy how we always seem to remember the bad an overlook the good. Have you ever really thought about all the things that are happening your life? In retrospect when you stand back and look at your life you realize that the good

Building Blocks

Being a teenager is all about making a fresh start. It's about laying a solid foundation, and having a sturdy base (Bring It On pyramid). If your very foundation is shaky, sketchy and a little shady, you can't even think about moving onwards and upwards. It's just like kindergarten (Gabriela Montez) where all you had were lettered cubes to construct magnificent imaginative towers of wonder. Go back to those basic fundamentals. These are the building blocks. Relationships . What a trivial thing? Who even knows how they actually work? Is there like a rulebook somewhere that I'm just not reading. It's like I'm socially smart, but I haven't had all the training necessary for this kind of thing. It's like those ridiculous commercials where the old people have fallen and they can't get up. (I hate those commercials). Sometimes you just fall behind and you have to make do. But, there's always time and room for you to grow and learn. College is the p


Being a teenager is all about sojourning. Every day of college is a complete journey. From the time of the sun comes up and you get out of bed too when you finally get to lay down in bed at night, it's an expedition. It's a chance to discover yourself and other people and really figure out where you're going in life. It's an opportunity to show the world what you're made of. It's up to you to captain your own ship and navigate the troubled waters. This is your maiden voyage. Every single day of college is an uphill battle. People come in and out of your life all day, every day. You have to create a map for yourself to know who to trust, and where to go. Some places are for bed in like secret caverns on a rare societies, as well as some people are off-limits. They can't be touched, they can't be known, and it's like to have a force field around them. It's like they have some kind of treasure, some kind of fortune, and only certain people have