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Pass Out

Being a teenager is all about pushing yourself to limits of adolescent sanity. It's about being able to stay cool under pressure, and exerting yourself past your known limits. This week has been, for sure, the most unbelievably difficult week of college by far, hands down, and without a doubt. I'm talking sleep deprivation in it's greatest form. Y'all know beauty sleep is essential to the teenage lifestyle, without it, we all wake up looking weird, wrinkly and old. Get ready for the wildest two days by far, I'm ready to pass out. Mystery Model's Look-A-Like, actor/model Wesley Morgan Whenever you attend the class after an exam, all you've got is that dangfangled contraption on your mind. It's impossible to listen to your professor drone on and on about nucleic acid brain juice or chemical reaction explosion boom-boom pows. I get to biology on Wednesday, and I really have no intention of accomplishing anything. I guess I'm going to class because

Crash and Burn

Being a teenager is all about keeping your life together. I think Greek had me thinking that college would just a be a rush, but hell no, it's kind of hard of hell. Let me tell you, this week has barely started and I'm already a major mess. This week is so jam packed that I literally don't even know when to eat, and we all know "the Rex" (my nickname for anorexia) has never been in style. The gun powder has been lit, and this place is about to blow. Brace for a rough landing, crash and burn. Waking up on Monday morning is just unbearable. I have no intention of going to classes, I don't even have the energy to get dressed to look good, and I'm not even feeling great, more like gassy and mediocre. But I get my big booty up and put in some work, I'm talking I put the team on my back, and kicked some homework buttox from 8 am until I had my first college exam ever at 10:40am. Biology, I had the gurgles, like when you feel like you could liquid shat at

Crossing the Line

Being a teenager is all about knowing your boundaries. It's about setting limits for yourself and never allowing yourself to cross the line you've drawn. Everybody has their standards for how they live their lives. Things that are coolio for some people may or may not be too legit in the eyes of other people. I live by the three rules, "No drugs, no booze, and no babies" so when the opportunity presents itself to combat my wall of squeaky clean, I laugh and move on. Battlers at the ready, hold the line at all costs. Friday was another one of those completely unbelievable days. The kind of day that makes you think, is this real life, David After Dentist style. I get all dressed in Vermont garb to be all festive for the day and I get on with my life. I head on over to Biology, where we're still learning all in preparation for our exam this Monday. Let's just say, panic mode doesn't even describe what we're feeling right now. Class let's out and I&#

Leap of Faith

Being a teenager is all about taking some risks. It's about going out of your comfort zone. Doing something spontaneous, a whole lot of crazy, with a pinch of wild for a concoction that's totally unbelievable. We're young and limber, so why not make use of it. Trying new things, conquering fears, and becoming a more worldly person is what we're all about.  Whether it's partaking in something you'd normally never do, talking to tons of random strangers, or eating new foods, it's all about you doing something novel. Load your parachute, brace yourself and prepare for the rush of your life, take a leap of faith. People used to tell me that Wednesday was the hump day, I didn't know if that was some sort of sexual innuendo or those whales sprayed water everywhere to celebrate the middle of the week. All I know is I wake up, because my roommate and brother from another mother, has the bright idea of doing homework at 7 am. Let's just say it didn't wo

Ranting & Raving

Being a teenager is all about blowing your top at the most deserved things. Teenagehood and college go hand in hand with flipping the heck out, raging and taking names. Just because we're out of high school does not mean there are still not people who will piss you off. I've only encountered a few people that have turned my volcano of rage from dormant to an eruption of epic proportions. Watch out down below, Mount Joteng is about to blow. Let's get to some classic ranting and raving. My biology class is pretty cool. The prof is his quirky self and the class is normal for the most part but there are few outliers that need to go. Specifically there's this kid who asks annoying questions. I'm talking the teach will spew off a paragraph of new information and he'll ask some dumbass question that vaguely has something to do with the topic. Dear random question poser, please disappear, you're unnecessary interruptions for your personal stupidity are slowing ou