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Turn Down for What

The 20s are all about having some genuine fun. Contrary to popular belief, there's more to college just drugs, booze, and hookups. There's all the classes, your extracurriculars, but most notably the randomness in between it all. The "life" you live when you're not actively trying to "live life." It's not something you prep for, or ever what you expect - it's the reality of what organically happens. Step away from the bottle, drop the dutchy, and cover up the hickies. Turnt up on nothing - we say turn down for what? There's this idea in college that the only way to have fun is to get drunk off your ass, sleep around, and smoke anything and everything. While there's nothing particularly wrong with those things (do you - they may or may not be illegal and truly problematic) they're not for everyone. If you don't do those things it leaves little to do and few people to hang out with. Peer pressure is a real thing, and while peopl

Average Joe

The 20s are all about self evaluation. It's about taking a look in the mirror and coming to terms with who are. The facts of each and every one of our lives are different. Your life story can only be narrated by one voice, and that is your own. The baby boomer generation has told us we're special. We've been coddled and cared for. But what if we're just another average Joe? My facebook newsfeed lately has been covered in shared links (usually useless buzzfeed articles of gifs that perfectly coincide with a specific instance in someone's life) and most notably the "Why are Gen Y Yuppies are Unhappy." I read the article and it kind of infuriated me but then I reread and it really started to think about my life. I read the rebuttal article that kind of demolished the original but who cares (the journalist in me does ... way too much), the idea that I am nothing more than what your average careless, irresponsible, and frankly, apathetic student is a little

Hellos & Wheelbarrows

The 20s are all about getting side-swiped. You can't always expect the unexpected. Things change, people come out of nowhere and you can just never know all that is to come for you. Preparation is important but spontaneity also has a coveted role in society. Surprise has it's place and you have to just take it is comes. Hellos, there's a 50-50 chance they'll get you somewhere, and it's a chance that's more than worth the risk. Knock me over, pick me up and carry me away in the wheelbarrow.  As a junior in college I came to the conclusion early on in the year that I had no intention of making any new friends this year. Two years down and my friends along with all the random acquaintances seemed pretty much set. The characters in my college story are recurring, and new appearances were not about to be written in anytime soon. But then the script gets changed last minute and it turns out way better than you could have possibly imagined. New actors are cast, a

Media Games

The 20s are all about stepping up your social media game. Dominating the social scene is hard enough in real life, but online takes it's to a whole other level. Not only do you have to be socially excellent, but you have to find the perfect balance of everything (politics, social justice, quotes, lyrics, real updates etc.). Too much of one thing, and you could be marked as "that friend" (that's a title that doesn't blow away easily). Ready, set, let the media games begin! Lately , I've become really popular on Facebook. I don't know what it is about the stuff I post but people just really seem to like it.  No matter what status it is (an inspirational quote, quirky joke, or social justice related observation) the new minimum is 20 likes. I don't know if I all of sudden I have become really engaging or maybe my real-life notoriety is finally making it's way to the interwebs. Either way people are interacting with me more than ever before. Ever

I Choose You

The 20s are all about being the center of your own universe. There's nothing wrong with it, of course you are the center of your own life. The thing is everyone  else thinks the world revolves around them as well. What happens when two worlds collide or just people interact? Who's world becomes more important, who's world has more people, and what has society told us to make us think this way. Time to debunk some of societies affirmations. Prepare yourself, I choose you.  The most important lesson I've learned from college (outside of all the super-pertinent knowledge I've received from my professors) is that our experience is nothing but our own. That is when people (look I'm doing it right now) speak about almost anything it's in general times. They make grotesque end-all-be-all matter of fact, holier than thou statements when in reality you should not and cannot speak for a group. Bring whatever you're talking about down to Earth. Make it persona