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Thirst Trap or Nah

The 20s are all about figuring out the randomness of the world around you. There always seems to be so much going on and it can be tough to manage it all sometimes. Somehow we do it on the daily. Life is a complicated thing with all it's various aspects. This semester in particular I've come to see life nothing more than relationships whether that be with a higher power, family, friends, or even potential partners. We're all trying to maneuver this complicated web of relationships. Is this is thirst trap or nah? This past weekend was the RHA end of semester banquet where I ended up giving a speech on what I'd learned through my time with the organization, that is the value of people and our relationships. Relationships are how create boundaries and shape our world. The reason why strangers fluster us so much is because we don't have a relationship and don't know how to orient ourselves immediately. That's absolutely terrifying. Every single person we

Not a Bad Thing

The 20s are all about taking things as they come. Every single day is a struggle. Honestly, more and more stuff comes up and life never really seems to give you some time to catch up. In the words of everyone like everywhere, the struggle is too damn real. There's something to be said about the nature of the struggle though, it has it's benefits. It challenges us on the daily and gives us something to overcome, albeit seemingly impossible, but still a challenge nonetheless. That may not be such a bad thing. The struggle is real may be my most uttered phrase. It's a daily thing because it's so damn true. Never has there been an easy day for as long as I can remember. Everyday we toil and put in that good work just to make it through. I don't know. When I think about it, it's kind of like we're teetering on the edge of destruction at all times. At any point along the way, we could fail, give up or mess up big time. Somehow, however, that has yet to happen.

Same Dumb Excuses

The 20s are all about figuring out how to be okay. We spend so much time trying to make everything perfect or to go a certain way when we could save time and effort in being content with things just being okay. Not absolutely amazing but not horrible either, just an average day. I know we're supposed to strive to make everyday worthwhile, but that doesn't necessarily mean being out of this world legendary. That's completely unrealistic and that leaves us pursuing an unattainable goal instead of relishing in the great things that happen to us each and everyday. Why then do find ways to complicate things? Why do we hold back when it comes to just being ? What have we got to lose? It's the same dumb excuses. This week was inclusive language where some of my campus's organizations challenged the community to examine not only the language they used but the effects of those words (ghetto, fag, gay, biddie, raped, retarded, A.D.D. etc.). Take it back to Tuesday (aka t

Running Out of Reasons

The 20s are all about finding the good in everything. It can be so very easy to become in college. It's hipster this, anti-mainstream that, and down with the government, anarchy rules, young, wild and free everything. Some people say that college is where you unlearn the social indoctrinations we've endured through our K-12 education. All the historical heroes that were once saints turn out to be patriarchy proponents with deep dark unsightly secrets and half the time were just attributed with an accomplishment as opposed to actually having done it. It's the world you've lived in for the entirety of your life is nothing but one big-ass lie. It's no wonder that some of us have trust issues, and yet we still have to go with it. How do we get back to that carefree optimistic outlook? What stops us from being happy? No matter how hard we try, we can't avoid it forever. We're running out of reasons. There are so many times where I just want to go crazy. I d

Spoonful of Brotherhood

The 20s are all about learning how to be part of a community. College is about figuring out how to exist in the world and live with other people. More than just getting a degree, college is the place where we are tasked with finding the best ways to interact with other people. Community building can be tough sometimes. Some barriers have to come down before a foundation can even be laid. When you've constructed your communal place, it can became your safe zone. Take a big ole gulp because a spoonful of brotherhood is all you need.  Whenever I tell people or they find out that I'm in a fraternity people are always shocked. They ask me if I'm kidding or follow up with which one. Fundamentally their stereotypes and the stigmas they associate with being in the fraternity/sorority life community do not line up with who they perceive me to be. It's a testament to what the community I get to be part of actually is about if they somehow got me of all people to join. Appare